Ain't no f*****g good war.

Ain't no f*****g good war.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry

Can't allow the hate and fear to overcome us. World been the same for a long time. Must dance and love. Never know when it is time to go.

Ain't no f*****g good war.

Old WW2 Vet  sat alone.
He raised his glass to the sky.
He looked at an empty seat.
"To the good war my friend."
He drinks his shot of whiskey.
"Whisper ain't no f*****g good war. "
He put his face into his hands.

Father had his ribbons and awards over the fireplace from the Korea war.
We watched war movies together.
He was the hero who always saved me.

On the weekend he would drink his rum.
Late at night I would sit with him.
He would talk to dead buddies left in the Korean dirt.
He would tell me.
"No war is worth a s**t."

Old Vietnam Vet was dying.
The agent orange had made him 110 pounds.
The VA won't see him anymore.
The VA told him nothing they can do.
I sat with him and listen.
He told me he volunteers and was proud.
He thought he was doing the right thing.
He looks me in the eyes and whisper "All my friends are dead.
I will see them soon."

 "What will I tell them?
Did the War have any reason?
Was it just a f*****g grave filled with hate?"

I try to put myself in the places where living another day is your goal.
 Being hungry and needing medical care.
 Watching their world fall apart around them.

I go to graves of good friends.
 They died in Iraq for the hatred of the Bush's years.
I whisper "f**k these wars."


© 2011 Coyote Poetry

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Author's Note

Coyote Poetry
I understand we need to protect our borders. You want a good story. Find a dark corner in hidden bar. Old Vets can make you cry.

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I was in Hamburg, one night. There was little local fair on the alstair. The fair ended at 2300, and everybody left. It was a coldish autumn night. I was bit lonely. I decided to run around the fairground once more.

So I did, and I bumped into the group of hispanics, who pulled me in there dance, because they thought it's summer (late september, north germany), it's spain (Hamburg). A lot many people, drunken, non drunken etc also encircled us.

Soon this had to end, because you are not allowed to shout in Germany after 2200 hours. I was alone again.

One man picked me up, a hopeless drunkard, and landscape garden designer. He grabbed my shoulder, and we patrolled the whole night in Hamburg suburbs till 0400 next morning.

The only thing apart from his intro to me he said is "kreig ist immer schiße" - That translates to "war is always s**t"

Why can't the aristocrats who runs the politics, and who's footsteps rock the corporate hamburg (and the rest of the world) learn from this hopeless drunkard? Why can't everybody learn from him?

Germans ww2 vets do not want to talk easily - but when they talk, I start feeling why do I even exist, tell you the story later :-s

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 9 Years Ago

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I had a really good 'older' friend for about four years who experienced these things in his younger days. I used to love listening to his stories.
I'm only young, so I admit I don't know much about the reasons for war, but war in general is just stupid. Stupid doesn't even cut it. There's no excuse for war, we send in troops who mostly have no clue what they're getting into (well, that's how it used to be). I don't understand why anyone would want to kill someone, even if it is to 'protect their country'.
But anyway, a very nice poem and story behind it. I love the rage inside it (:

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Ain't no F*****g good war. I couldn't agree more. I like this poem, and I like that you added the swear word in it but you used the word "f**k" or :f*****g" in a way that did not make it sound trashy, and it holds a neccessity to bring the point across. I have two friends who've done training and have joined the marines and one who is making a decision to do so... The thought of these wars that the governments are waging so pointlessly is one thing, but the fact that they advertise it like it's some kind of honor to these young men without thinking twice about whether they'll survive or not is disgusting. The fact that so many people have lost there lives in the name of peace, and then their friends and families and their survivors live only to see that peace was in fact not the motive, and was not achieved is disgusting. I can't imagine losing someone for a cause that never existed, and seeing people living so freely off of the materials that our governments gained after sacrificing thousands and millions of young people that were/are supposed to be out future. Great job on this work Coyote.


Posted 7 Years Ago

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And the day is coming very soon that we will lay down our arms in favor of our new weapons: boycott, strike, and embargo --but most powerful of all is the pen with a sound mind behind it. No more killing and fighting for reasons we do not even know. No more! And each day I work with the homeless verterans; each has a story; each has a mind to tell, yet this poem too says it all so well!

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Round-a-bouts or merry-go-rounds
Spin twist and turn inside a head
It may go on until I'm dead
Like War
Will it ever end!

The excuse of protecting borders wears thin, the killings never stop, in the Congo basin mothers scream as they are mutilated by orders, children carry canons and I can't stop the crying .......

Posted 7 Years Ago

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I was a Consciensious Objector who volunteered for alternative service in hospitals during the Vietnam War...I lived it and do tell many of my friends died and wondered if the sacrifice was for life given for peace is for Naught..only those lost in someone else's ...WAR...ty for writing this prose...

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I still have more to learn about the American culture and its history, but this poem left me nodding in agreement. I see no point in wars either. I sometimes wonder if it's really so hard to compromise rather than resort to violence. There is a difference between fighting as self defense and fighting for the wrong reasons. A good write that I really enjoyed♥

Posted 8 Years Ago

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John, it's me, Carla, from myspace. I'm so glad to find you here! I write here also.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

My dad was a WWII vet. He was the one they sent down to pull the bodies out of the ocean. All soldiers see hell on earth.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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This is really powerful (:

Posted 8 Years Ago

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