Chapter One : Night Before Day

Chapter One : Night Before Day

A Chapter by Catheryn

"Don't worry brother, everything will be fine." is what he said. But on this cold, winter's night, can't you feel the foreshadowing and the anticipation? Can you not feel the bitter cold?

Stephan shot up from his bed, a troubled sigh of relief escaping from his mouth as he ran a hand through his rumpled hair. 

"It's . .  It was just a dream . . . "

He reassured himself as his golden-hued eyes darted around the dark room, starting to wake up and realize where he was and wasn't. Stephan was in his bedroom, surrounded by dark furniture and by a large window which mirrored the cold night, showing pure, silver crystals fall from the sky. He was sitting up on a large, luxurious canopy bed with his wife, who lay sound asleep next to him with her face that was before, so close to his. 

But, he wasn't on the flower field where he was a few minutes ago. He wasn't being surrounded by the warmth of Spring that seemed so far away. Stephan was not looking upon the strange woman who was laughing at his direction, showing a smile that he wished he could treasure forever. He was not standing in front of her as her hands wrapped around his, looking up at Stephan with her innocent, red eyes. He wasn't doing any of that. It was all just an illusion, a faded reality that haunted his mind. Something that wouldn't come true no matter what would happen. . . . But what he couldn't figure out was why-----

----This had been the third time in a row he had that dream.

"What the hell is going on . . . ."

He mumbled to himself as he narrowed his brows, looking to the side at the window in thought,

"Why now . . . ?!"

Stephan scratched his head in frustration, the sounds awaking his beautiful wife, Marian, whom had been sound asleep before she heard his cries. She had short, green hair and grassy-emerald eyes that slowly fluttered as she sat up, the blanket sliding down her body to reveal a long, pale nightgown in match with Stephan's white ruffled top. 

"What's wrong, did you have that dream again?"

Marian asked as she put a delicate hand on his shoulder, only to pull it away when Stephan gave a sharp glance at her, telling Marian not to even try to comfort him. He wasn't in the mood to even try and humor her, it seems. Stephan didn't even care that he hurt her, for he never even bore feelings for the woman, even though they were married. She knew as well, but continued to love him either way as she thought over her decision to do so . . . . .

Afterward, he cast his eyes back out the window, paying no heed to his wife who gave a sad smile, looking down at the bed sheet as a gap of silence between the two passed. She wasn't going to go to sleep without him and he wasn't going to do anything unless she fell back asleep. It was a situation that was filled with awkwardness as silence continued to go on.  Stephan only continued to stare outside the window as he clenched tighter on the blanket, his mind rushing with frustration and anxiety. 

This timing couldn't have been more wrong, for the next day was the ceremony celebrating his birthday and that day would consist of him getting a chain, the creatures that the Duke households held to keep in peace with the other world that was besides theirs. If he was weak or deprived in doing so, he would probably perish. Stephan had to be strong enough or else the thing he is soon to own would tear him apart.

"I'll be going outside." 

He then stated, crushing the silence and removing the blanket from himself as he stood up, not realizing at how surprised his wife was at his decision,

"I need to clear my head. Go back to sleep. I won't take long."

Stephan walked over to the closet and took out his coat, embroidered with golden chains and emblems that symbolized the Nightroad family, so stained with blood, knowing their past. The coat itself was black, and it marked him, showing that he was Stephan Nightroad, Duke of the Nightroad family as he put it on, each arm going through the sleeve of the jacket. 

"It's cold though . . . Stephan . . !!"

Marian shouted, soon getting off the bed herself before he heard the pattering of her light steps running toward him. And before he could move, he felt her arms around his waist, her body pressed against him, her warmth trying to reach his cold, dead heart. She had hoped that doing so, he wouldn't go and that he would stay here with her. She had hoped that he wouldn't leave her, for she loved him even though he not her. She didn't care that it was cold or that she was being unreasonable and he knew. So Stephan could only let her do so, letting another silence pass between them in the dark room.

"Let go."

He ordered, not moving and only letting his voice do the action. He would already feel her tears slide down his jacket and he was annoyed at how unnecessary she was being, so very annoying. Stephan ran a hand through his hair as she started to whine a little and then turned his body around so that she would be crying on the front of his shirt rather than his coat. You would be amazed at their height difference without Marian wearing her heels like now. 

"Stop. You're being annoying. Let go."

Stephan said it more harshly now as he peeled her off, Marian stepping back as she looked down, her hands forming fists clenched with anger and frustration. Why was he always like this to her? As a wife, shouldn't she be cared for? Shouldn't she be loved? The thought seemed so far away that it allowed for more tears to slide down her cheeks and down to the floor, and before she knew it, the sound of an opened door entered her ears. 

He was leaving already.

And she couldn't stop him. 

Was it because she didn't love him enough? Was she impatient? Marian didn't want to believe that it was him that was at fault in the relationship. She knew that he was always like this. Everyday she always had to stand his personality and bluntness in hopes of opening his cruel heart one day. Was it her fault? 

Yes, shouldn't it be?

She thought like she did in these situations, suddenly stopping him as Stephan started to close the door, her hand getting in between, using all her strength to put on a fake smile even though he saw tears pour down from her grassy eyes. 

"Don't stay out too late . . .  I'll be here, okay?"

She smiled, or struggled to, seeing him nod before she removed her hand, the door then closing and separating them from each other.  It was then Marian fell to the floor and sat there, weeping silently and wailing quietly at how much she was suffering in love with him. She truly did. But how long could she stand before she would explode like she did now, but only in front of him? This was the first time tears ever started to flow down her cheeks in his presence, so what would he think of her now that he's seen her do that? It was a lady's rule never to cry in front of men. They always had to stay naive and beautiful, never letting a flaw slip through. 

He was her only flaw. 

But she didn't realize that as she cried alone in that dark place. Marian was alone. 

And she hated, hated being alone.


© 2013 Catheryn

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this reminds me of when the guy i liked wanted nothing to do with me. i was always smiling around him. and i eventually fell in love. but he didn't like me, and he was always using words like little puns when we had small talk
if u read my poem A Love Far Away you will understand more.
but i love this chapter and i can relate to Marian

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Not Tellin :3

8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I really like this one. P-Please send me a review for the next ch-chapter i-i-if you don't m-mi-min-mind

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

I'm glad I caught you with this one. 8D
Luna Kusan

8 Years Ago

^-^" I am too

8 Years Ago

Ah! So many feels in this chapter! ;A;

Keep it up!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

this was so full of feels it was like a fruit smoothie lol but like...feels. Wonderful job!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks 8D
Aw, I feel a little sad for Marian. But this chapter was filled with overpowering emotions. I love it. :) Great job!

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks 8D!

8 Years Ago

No problem! This was awesome!! :D

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