Chapter Two : The Thief?

Chapter Two : The Thief?

A Chapter by Catheryn

"A haunting dream never leaves." He reveals. Secrets pounce along the ears of two brothers that lay under the frozen ground, Anticipation eating away at their desires and dreams.

Stephan walked past many dark hallways, sometimes glancing over at the window to stare at the little snowflakes dance with his golden-colored eyes, envying their short and sweet life. His steps echoed as he walked, his warm breath turned into smoke as he breathed and at times he would shudder at the cold. It was an odd cycle with him going past many doors. Sometimes his figure would be illuminated by the light from the window and at times he would be back in the dark, blending in like a shadow. He did not bother to grab a candle since he was accustomed to being in the dark.

He was used to being alone.

It was better that way, he always thought since he would have time with his thoughts. Stephan right then was puzzling over that dream and how recurring it became every night-----and it was not just night, sometimes it would haunt his naps, forever replaying at the back of his mind. It was pestering Stephan everyday to the point when he woke up yesterday from the dream to find himself verbally torturing the maid with his cold words. It needed to go away soon or his reputation would be hurt. Sure he could ignore it, but there was something about the way that girl smiled that reached his heart . . .


A loud noise echoed silently in the dark, Stephan's fist coming in contact with the wall, little shadows dancing upon it from being in front of a window. Stephan was leaning on the wall now, feeling frustrated with anger at how he started to unconsciously think of this woman night and day, even though he had a wife already. If someone was to know of this problem, he would surely be punished and his respect would totally be gone. 

"This isn't good."

He ran his hands through his hair and let out a hefty sigh, hoping to calm himself down as he slid down the wall and sat parallel from the window, his eyes tired from the countless of times he had awoken so surprised. Oh how he wished to be the little snowflakes that danced carelessly. Oh how he wished to be free from the chains of this job, for it was more than just the dream that frustrated him . . . .

- - - - - - -

Stephan was able to make it outside after a long while, when the clock struck 4 A.M. as he opened the two large doors that allowed him to enter the white, snowy world. He stretched his hand out to the outside and let a small snowflake dance upon his palm----and for a split second, he suddenly felt a warmth that made him abruptly pull his arm back, Stephan's eyes widening in surprise as he took a step back from the outside. 

It was the same warmth that was from her hand when she touched it, 

from the little snowflake? How absurd . . .!

An annoyed smirk placed itself on his face at the thought, his golden eyes looking around for any witnesses who could have seen what he had just done. There was no use though. He was alone, since who would be up at 4 A.M.? Maybe some of the maids would wake up early, but its usually the hour coming after, when his brother would be awake to take his morning walk. There was nothing to be worried about and so knowing that, Stephan took a step outside, a crunching sound coming from his feet with each step after closing the large door. The feeling was cold, but it was relaxing. Sometimes everyone needs something like this to wake them up and set them free. He walked along the path to the gate and a while as he walked, Stephan closed his eyes and looked up at the sky, so gray and cloudy as snowflakes fell upon his face lightly, soon turning into water and sliding down like tears . . .

It was then he heard another crunching sound off to the distance, a shifting one.

It made Stephan turn to the sound to the right of where he was, among the bare, naked trees that stood waning down on him. Was someone following Stephan? Could he had been so careless as to let someone see him at this early hour? No. He had made sure that no one inside was able to get out .  . . . so why?

Could it had been a thief? Maybe a band of the mongrels? 

It would be dark, but the snow was so bright and white that it acted as his light under the gray sky, Stephan's hand slowly being put in his coat to get a pistol out. The gun came with the coat that was bestowed upon him many years ago when he was young. He was quite the marksman, having killed 5 birds in one shot the first day he had gotten the gun. The golden trinkets shifted and made small noises as the pitch, black weapon was pulled out, his finger placed carefully on the trigger, ready to strike at any moment when the sound came upon his ears again, Stephan slowly taking steps with the gun placed in a position in front of him, a position that those spies would be in when they knew they were in danger. As if a thief would get past him.

Crunch, Crunch, Crunch . . . 

The sound soon became louder and louder as Stephan took careful steps, walking past the dark trees with brows narrowed in concentration. 

Crunch, Crunch Crunch. . . 

There it was again. He kept walking toward it closer and closer, his steps not making any sound as he ducked under a branch, slowly making out a pale sack-shaped object shifting around the snow. It must have been an orphan, for as he kept making his way closer, Stephan heard sudden coughs that came from the person's mouth as that person tried getting comfortable in his own blanket. What a pity.

But whoever they were, they were trespassing.

And Stephan was not fond of trespassers, man, woman, or child.

He inched closer and closer to find himself just behind the tree that the person was sitting against, and then suddenly, as if the "thief" could never expect it, Stephan stepped out in front of the person and pointed his gun at his forehead, suddenly finding that he was staring at two, bright, orange orbs that looked up at him. 


Stephan stated, surprised as he put his gun back in his pocket, looking down at his little brother, Richard Nightroad,

"Why, at this hour, are you here?"

The poor child was wrapped around a pale blanket, sitting under the barest tree of all with orange eyes so bright that it almost resembled the sun. His hair was rumpled as well, and little snowflakes were making their home on it, upon the boy's black hair.

"Hello big brother . . "

Richard responded with a smile,

"I just wanted to clear my head, that's all."

It seems as though Stephan was not the only one having trouble.


© 2013 Catheryn

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This is great I love it. I think I've figured that this is based upon an anime? Well eiter way awesome job! Your description of the snowing is amazing, loved it. I could feel the chill.

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Thanks 8D

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Of course.
STEPHEN is still mine! lol

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

so you type in black haired anime guy? or something?

8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

ooooh ok :)
I LIKE RICHARD~~~~~~~~~~~~

Posted 8 Years Ago


8 Years Ago

Hahahahahaha X3

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