Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Catonia06

The Retribution

chapter 5

Outside, as both men got back in the car, Robert looked at Carl and asked, "What do you think about the Ashens?"

"I think it’s suspect. I still think that bar tender was acting odd," Carl replied, as he got back into the passenger seat.

"Yeah, well we can’t prove anything. I’m gonna drive back there and ask him his name. If it’s Ashen, I’ll believe ya with what you were saying about him. I think if anyone’s involved, it’s that family."


At the Tavern, Robert was alone, whilst Carl waited for him in the car. He was just going in to ask for that particular bar tender’s name, when he saw him stood behind the bar, so he went over and asked, "Excuse me, can I have your name please?"

"James Wilson. I live around here."

"Thank you. That’ll be all," he smiled, before walking straight back out again, then got in the car and set off driving back to his department just outside of Ravens Fair.

Carl asked him, "What’s his name?"



Much later, back at their department; half past 7 pm to be precise - both men were sitting at a desk in the incident room, which had a few desks and chairs scattered around and was quite a large room with a black board with writing and photographs attached to it. One was of Mary Shaw at one of her shows and one next to it, of her head and neck taken at the murder scene.

Robert got up and walked over to the black board, whilst the police officers along with other officials sat at the desks watching him and paying attention. "We have made further developments regarding the Mary Shaw murder. The Ashen family who had altercations with her before she died may have been responsible for firing up the townsfolk, but we can’t interrogate any of them without something. Forensics have found finger marks on her right arm which are not identical. We’re now looking at a conspiracy," he said, whilst looking at his colleagues.

A man sitting at one of the desks closest to the board interrupted him with, "But sir, there isn’t enough evidence to charge anyone. We were on the phone with Pathology yesterday and all day today. They have nothing we can use."

"Do they know for sure that the finger marks belong to two assailants?"

"Yeah, they confirmed that, but who do we arrest?"

Robert studied for a moment, took a deep breath through his nose and said - looking disappointed, "The Ashen family are the key to this investigation...And we've got nothin' so far."

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