Chapter 8

Chapter 8

A Chapter by Catonia06

The Retribution

chapter 8

At late afternoon, Robert was sitting alone in his office going through some paperwork, when there was a knock at the door. He put down his papers and shouted, "Come in!"

It was a young ginger haired man being escorted in by Carl, who asked, "Is he OK to see ya? He’s here to make a confession. He says it’s urgent."

"Yeah, it’s fine," Robert replied. "Sit down," he then ordered the man, who was still wearing his police uniform, as Carl shut the door and left them to it. It was the same young officer who had been hysterical at Ravens Fair department. He’d driven all the way to see Robert Cowan. "Marvin Hacking, Ravens Fair Police. I’m here to confess to the murder of Mary Shaw," he said shakily, as he sat down opposite Robert.

"Are ya prepared to write out your confession, and sign it?" Robert asked him, with a serious look.

"Yeah. Anything. It was me."

"And who were the other assailants?"

"No one. It was me. I was alone."

"Then what about the god damn finger marks?"

"They were mine. I did em both. They must be just different sizes because…"

"So you’ve got two different sized hands, have ya?"

"They’re mine! OK!?" Marvin snapped impatiently.

Robert handed him a pen and paper, and the youngster began to write. His writing was wobbly and hard to read, as he was trembling, whilst writing his confession out frantically.


By early evening, at around half past 6: Robert was stood in the incident room discussing the latest developments with the other officials sat around the desks watching him, the atmosphere thick with cigarette smoke. He informed, "Hacking’s admitted to killing Mary Shaw. He’s written the confession and signed it. He’s now being held, but he’s keeping his trap sealed about anyone else involved."

Carl asked, sounding confused, "But what’s he got to gain from his silence?" looking across the desk.

"Maybe he just doesn’t wanna be a snitch. Understandable. He’s been saying over and over, that she killed the Ashen boy, but there’s no proof of that, so I’m thinking that the Ashen family fired him up until he popped and killed her. I’m thinking that the Ashen’s were running the show...maybe even had an involvement in the killing it's self, I don't know. If we can prove that they were involved somewhere along the line, it might crack the case."

Another man butted in with, "But there’s nothing to suggest that the Ashen’s had any role in this. It doesn’t even make sense; it's slander, sir."

"Simmons, get in the car," Robert ordered Carl. "We’re going to stay in Ravens Fair for a couple of days, so we can ask questions and do a little spying."

© 2010 Catonia06

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Added on August 18, 2010
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