Chapter 14

Chapter 14

A Chapter by Catonia06

The Retribution

chapter 14

In the governor’s office - that afternoon, Robert and Carl were sitting alone as they had requested to be left there in private, so they could make important phone calls. They were sitting at the main desk amongst lots of paperwork in the cramped room, which was taken up by shelves and stacks of papers.

Robert was sitting behind the desk with the phone in his hand, whilst Carl sat opposite writing in his notebook.

At that moment, Robert replied to the person at the other end of the phone, "He won’t say who the others were…We’ve got one name!… James Wilson - a bar tender at Ravens Fair…He won’t say who the ring leader is. It’s sworn secrecy. He’d rather die!"

Carl looked at him and whispered, "What?"

Robert ignored him and continued, "So we can arrest Wilson?…But we need to know who the ring leader is!" He then put the phone down and rushed out of the office, followed by Carl who asked, as they were escorted towards the exit by an officer, "Sir? Where we going now?"

"We’re gonna arrest this Wilson guy. Maybe he’ll be more use."


Both men had arrived at Ravens Fair by early evening and were driving through a street in the dim evening summer sunshine, where hundreds of towns folk were trying to surround the car.

Robert slammed the breaks on and jumped out, leaving Carl sitting in the car. "Piss off, ya bunch of vultures!" he yelled angrily.

He then signalled to Carl to get out of the car, so he did, locking it behind him, before joining his side and nervously pushing his way past the locals and the press.

A group of journalists and a couple of photographers fought their way through a section of the mob and one of them; a man with a pen and notepad asked, "What were her exact injuries? Do you have any suspects?"

"We are about to make an arrest now, so if ya don't mind!..." replied Robert.

"I need to know what her exact injuries were!" the man persuaded.

"We are not authorized to disclose that information!"

Both men continued to fight their way through the crowd and headed towards the Tavern, only about 2 minutes away.

When they arrived, they walked straight towards the bar, but noticed it was woman serving, so Carl asked, "Excuse me, ma'am, where's James Wilson?"

"He's out back having his break," she replied.

Robert just walked behind the bar, followed by Carl as they went to look for the man. They found him standing amongst beer barrels, smoking, so Robert caught his attention. "Put that out! You're in so much s**t, you can't imagine." He then knocked the cigarette out of Wilson's hand and restrained his arms behind his back.

"What, for smoking?"

"You're under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Mary Shaw!"

"What? I ain't done nothin'!"

"Then ya won't mind if me and my colleague ask ya a few questions." Robert then realized at that moment that the car was parked at a distance from the tavern but he knew he couldn't send Carl to bring it to them, as he would probably never return; with a mob surrounding it, so both him and Carl made their way back outside, dragging Wilson along with them.


When they arrived back onto the street, both men could see the car hidden behind the mob, so they made their way towards it forcing their way through, Carl shielding Wilson's face as the press photographers tried to swamp them.

© 2010 Catonia06

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