Am I Really Kidnapped? (1)

Am I Really Kidnapped? (1)

A Chapter by Celeste Park

Saturday, 12pm.

When Alice Watson woke up, she was alone in the empty mansion, which some would call home. However, it wasn't home to Alice. None of her family members were there half the time. Her parents were always busy with work. Her younger and older sisters were always staying at some guys’ house where they got banged. There wasn’t ever a night where they actually slept at home. Alice wasn’t sure if it was the same guy every night or a new guy every time and she didn’t want to know. Her sisters’ sex life had nothing to do with her. And she didn’t want to hear it. But her siblings still spoke of it. It was the only thing they talked about when they were actually home. It was scary how graphic they described it. Sex wasn’t something she wanted to hear from her sisters’ mouths or from any of her other family members. It was just too weird.

Alice walked down to the large kitchen and grabbed a bowl for breakfast. The maids were too busy cleaning and making lunch to notice Alice. After Alice poured herself cereal, she brought it to the living room to eat in peace while watching television. She flipped through the channels and found nothing she wanted to watch. She picked a random channel and Jerry Springer came on.

Gay,” Alice said changing the channel. Judge Judy. “What the hell…” Alice gave up and turned off the TV. With nothing to keep her entertained, Alice finished her cereal quickly and just left the bowl for the maids to clean. She didn’t like doing that but it was what the maids were paid to do. Furthermore, the maids didn’t like it when Alice did house chores.

As she walked through the foyer, she stared out into the sky. The foyer had an open ceiling and large windows with a long crystal chandelier hanging down. Alice stopped to open the customize stained glass double doors. She took a step outside taking in a breath of fresh air. The weather was nice, just what you would expect from a typical summer day. Alice was going to close the door behind her and head to the backyard when the phone rang. She looked at the caller ID. Mom. Alice sighed before picking up the phone. She knew what the phone call was about before her mom even spoke.

Hi, mom.”

Alice! Good, you’re awake. Don’t forget about the party tonight,” she said excitedly.

How can I forget?” Alice said sarcastically.

I know you don’t like getting all dressed up but please bear with it. I’ve already picked out a few dresses for you to choose from. They’re lying on my bed. Also, we'll pick you pick with the limo at 6:30pm. Do you know if your sisters are coming?”

They aren’t home right now so I can’t ask them. But they probably aren’t going.”

Yes, that’s what I thought… Well, your dad and I will see you later then.”

Okay. Bye.”

Bye, sweetie.”

After Alice placed the phone down, she went outside to the forest behind her house. She stood at the edge looking for a good walking stick. Alice loved the outdoors. She often explored the forest even though she wasn’t allowed to. She was a common target for kidnappers. But Alice felt safe in the forest. No one has ever kidnapped her from within the forest before. And there were the bodyguards. They kept a close eye on her, a very close eye.

Alice began to walk into the forest. No bodyguard yet. She hoped they wouldn’t find her too quickly. She hasn’t been able to go into the forest recently. The bodyguards were suddenly really keen and stopped her before she was able to get to the forest. It was her lucky day. She started her journey quickly before the bodyguards noticed. Once she was deep in the forest she relaxed a bit and took her time looking around.

Alice heard something move and stopped to listen. No bodyguards. But she did hear water running. She followed the sound and found a small creek. Alice has never been this far in the forest before. Then Alice heard another sound and turned to the direction. A deer! Alice slowly walked closer to the deer drinking water. It didn’t seem to notice her yet. Alice was glad. She didn’t want to startle it before she even got a good look. But unfortunately something else startled the deer and it ran away.

Alice listened carefully. It was no animal…and it was getting close. Alice didn’t think any longer and started to run in the opposite direction of where the footsteps came from. Before she was able to take two steps, someone grabbed her shoulders. She took a quick peep back. It was a man dressed in all black with a gun buckled to his belt. Alice remained calm and elbowed his stomach as hard as she could and made a run for it. She wasn’t a good runner, especially in a forest with uneven ground and roots sticking out. Her pursuer gained on her quickly. He tackled her and she fell forward. Alice kicked and screamed. Her pursuer turned her on to her back and pinned her arms and legs down. She had no idea how he did it but he did.

W-what-” Alice tried to speak but she was panting, trying to catch her breath.

Calm down. I’m one of the bodyguards. You probably don’t recognize me because I just started a week ago.”


And that was one hell of an attack. My stomach still hurts.”

You scared the crap out me! Besides, don’t you have a bullet proof vest?”

Yeah. I was kidding. Of course a puny girl can’t hurt me. And was it really necessary to elbow me? All I did was tap your shoulder.”

A tap? Umm...So did you need something?”

I came to get you because you wandered off into the forest again! How many times do we have to tell you to stay away from it?”

Right. About that… I’m sorry?”

He smiled. “We saw it coming anyways. The least you can do is notify us before coming out here. It’s dangerous.”

Umm… Why are you still on top of me?”

Sorry.” He stood up then helped Alice up.

How did you find me so fast?” Alice asked, brushing the leaves off her clothes.

I used to do a lot of hunting and tracking.”

Oh. Well, I guess we’ll head back to the house.”

Yes, that would be a good idea.”

Alice and the bodyguard walked back to the house together. Alice noticed that he stayed a step behind her. Suddenly, Alice stopped. She realized that she had no idea how to get back to the house. She looked around trying to find something familiar to her. Nothing. Alice heard the bodyguard chuckled and looked back.

I’ll lead us back.” He took her hand and started to go in a totally different direction. He must have known that they were going the wrong way the whole time. Thank god he came to get her or else it would have taken her a while to find her way back to the house. But still, he could have said something instead of just letting her wander around aimlessly.

They stopped at the front door. The bodyguard looked at Alice clothes and chuckled.

You know…it was pretty funny when you thought I was a kidnapper. You should have seen your face.”

It wasn’t that funny.”

Well, anyway. Here.” He handed her a little bunny.

Alice hesitated before taking it. “Where did it come from?”

Found it in the forest. It was alone and looked fragile so I took it. Also, you’ve been looking kind of down so I thought a pet would cheer you up.”

Thank you, umm… I don’t know your name, sorry.”

It’s Christian.”

Christian. Well, thank you.”

He smiled. “So what are you going to name the bunny?”

Hmm… Don’t know yet. I’ll just call it ‘Bunny’ for now.”

He chuckled. “That works.”

Then another bodyguard came over to join them. Joe. He was a short muscular man in his late forties.“So you found her. Good job, new guy. Alice, this is the new bodyguard. He just started a week ago. I’m surprised your parents even hired him considering how young he is. But he’s doing a great job.”

Really? How old are you, Christian?”

I-I’m twenty four.”

He was pretty young. In fact, he was only five years older than Alice.

Well, we should get back to work,” said Joe.

Yes, that’s right. Sorry for holding you back.”

It was my pleasure,” Christian said. He even did a little bow before leaving. Afterwards Joe and Christian were playfully pushing each other as they walked away.

Alice immediately went into the kitchen to find some food for the bunny. In one of the three fridges, Alice found just what she was looking for, carrots. She took out a bag of baby carrots and poured some into a small bowl with the help of a maid. She placed the bowl on to the ground then put the bunny in front of it. He happily chomped down on the carrots. Or maybe it was a she. Alice wasn’t too sure. She was going to ask Christian the next time she saw him. And she hoped it would be soon.

© 2011 Celeste Park

Author's Note

Celeste Park
I re-wrote it so it should be better. Please ignore any grammar problems. Ignore the strange indents too.

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I think the back story starts too soon. When you give that kind of information up front it might make some readers move on.

The word gay and stupid are not inter-changeable. For a person who is 19 she seems kind of immature. I suggest changing the age to fit the character.

Posted 11 Years Ago

Great Cahpter one! It catched my interest in continue reading it! I love the detail on Alice's escape and every details you have given! I agree, you are very talented

Posted 12 Years Ago

Great first chapter! It captured my attention and kept it. Also, i liked the desciption in it. You are a very talented writer and I wish I was as good as you!!


Posted 12 Years Ago

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