Am I Really Kidnapped? (2)

Am I Really Kidnapped? (2)

A Chapter by Celeste Park

When Christian got back to his post, he couldn’t stop thinking about Alice and smiled. Joe was teasing him earlier. He’d seen right through him. It wasn’t hard to notice that Christian was interested in Alice when he stared at her all day. Wait a minute, I sound like a stalker...

Christian first saw Alice when she was getting into the limo for a party. It was his first day on the job. He could still remember the beautiful red, halter dress she wore that night. It matched her hair because it was also red but it was a much darker red than her dress. She was so elegant and beautiful, so different from all the other girls Christian have met. In the beginning, Christian didn't notice that he was starting to fall for her. But slowly, he began searching for her where ever he went, always wanting to know more about her and always wanting to look into her brown eyes. It took him a while to have the courage to admit he had a crush on Alice and to talk to her.

After finally talking to Alice, Christian couldn’t stand to just look at her from afar. He couldn’t concentrate on his job at all. Eventually, Joe told him to take a break and get a drink of water to calm down. Christian wasn’t the guy to mix his job with his emotions but Alice had changed him. It was strange because he never got to talk to her until that afternoon. Just one encounter with Alice had made him lost in emotions.

In the kitchen, Christian got a glass of water. The phone rang before he was even able to take a sip. Christian ignored the ringing. It wasn’t his job to pick up the phone. The ringing stopped only to continue again after a few seconds. Christian looked at his watch. 5pm. The maids were probably having their dinner so they couldn’t pick up the phone. But Alice…What was she doing? The ringing stopped again. Then Christian heard the television. Alice had fallen asleep while watching TV, again. The phone rang for the third time. Christian finally picked it up.

“Watson’s residence,” Christian said as politely as possible.

“Good evening. You are?”

“I’m Christian the new bodyguard, Mrs. Watson.”

“Oh. Yes, I remember. Where is everyone? I called three times already. Is Alice ok?”

“Yes, she’s sleeping in the living room again. And the maids are having their dinner so that’s why no one picked up the phone.”

“Okay. I’m glad Alice is ok. Can you let her know that the limo is coming to get her in an hour?”

“No problem. Is that all?”

“Yes, thank you.”

“Have a nice evening, Mrs. Watson.”

Christian took the glass of water with him into the living as he looked for Alice. He was right. She did fall asleep watching TV again. He was going to wake her up but noticed how cute and peaceful she was in her sleep. He didn’t want to disturb that. Christian kneeled down by her head and stared at her sleeping face. He finally brought up the courage to kiss her gently on her lip. She shifted in her sleep and Christian thought he had woke her up but she was still asleep. If she had wakened up when he kissed her, Christian would have had no idea what she would have done. Maybe she would have enjoyed it? Maybe she would have kissed him back? Christian knocked himself out of his trance and gentle woke Alice up.

Alice didn’t even notice that she had fallen asleep with the bunny on her lap while watching TV until Christian woke her up. She stretched her arms and legs then sat up. The bunny was still quietly asleep. Alice looked up at Christian and he was smiling.


“Sorry to wake you up when you’re sleeping so cutely but your mom just called saying that the limo will be here in about an hour.”

“Okay, thanks.”

“I’ll take care of the bunny while you go get ready.”

“Thanks, again.” Alice gently picked the bunny up and gave it to Christian. “By the way, is the bunny a female or male?”


“I see. Maybe I’ll call him Christian then.”

Christian chuckled. “You can. But are you sure you want to do that? You’re going to get us confused.”

“I’m sure. Well, I should go get ready. See you later, Christian.” Alice kissed the bunny before she left.

She was teasing him. She knew he had some feelings towards her. What a cruel girl. But Christian liked it. Alice was always full of surprises.

Alice went up to her room on the second floor but realized that the dresses her mom picked out were in her parents’ room. She walked to her parents’ room on the other end of the hallway. She found the dresses lying on the bed just as her mother had said. Her mother had picked out three dresses. Luckily her mother had narrowed it down to three because she had about fifty different dresses for different occasions.

One of the three dresses was a beautiful, simple white spaghetti strap dress decorated with shiny beads. The next dress was peach coloured and was more fancy and elegant than the white dress. The last dress was dark blue halter dress. Alice stood there staring at the dresses for a while before choosing the white dress. She put back the other dresses in her walk-in closet. Afterwards, she grabbed the white dress and went to her bathroom to shower and wash her hair. After doing so, she styled her own hair and did her own make up. Her hair was curled and half of it was tied up. Her make up was natural. She didn’t like over doing her make up.

Alice went downstairs after she grabbed her purse. She spotted Christian sitting at the end of the staircase playing with the bunny and started to run down. Christian stood up and smiled when he saw Alice. She nearly tripped when she got down the stairs. Luckily Christian was there to catch her.

“Whoa. Where’s the fire?” Christian joked.

Alice blushed. “Umm… Thanks.”

“No problem. You should be more careful with those heels on. Oh, hang on for a minute.” His arms stayed wrapped around Alice.

“Chris?” Alice felt his hand slide up her back and shivered. Not that it felt bad but she wasn’t used to it.

“Your dress came loose when you tripped.”

“Oh… Thanks.”

Christian laughed, letting go of Alice. “Here’s the bunny.”

Alice didn't take the bunny from Christian. Instead she pet it as Christian held him in one hand. “Thanks, again.”

“I’ve never got thanked by the same person so many times in a day before,” he said with a sincere smile on his face as he watched Alice pet the bunny.

“Well, next time I won’t thank you then. By the way, what time is it?”

“You still have about five minutes before the limo arrives,” Christian replied, looking at his watch. “I’m surprised you got dressed so fast.”

“I wanted to see Christian.” She gave the bunny a kiss. “The bunny, Christian.”

“Since you don’t want to see me, I’ll take my leave.”

Alice grabbed onto Christian's sleeve. “What? No, wait! I didn’t-” Alice quickly covered her mouth with her free hand.

Christian chuckled.

“You did that on purpose.”

“So?” Christian smirked.

“You’re starting to annoy me.” Alice was going to sit on the stairs but Christian stopped her.

“Don’t get your little white dress dirty. And if I might add, you look stunning.”

Alice blushed. “You shouldn’t flirt with your boss’ daughter.”

“Oh. Was I flirting? I was merely complimenting you.”

Alice started to walk away from him, annoyed that he was teasing her so much.

He quickly grabbed her hand and spun her around. “Hey, I was joking.”

Alice was just inches from his face and she was left speechless. She wondered why she had never noticed how incredibly gorgeous he was. His faux hawk looking like David Beckham’s hair that helped open up his handsome features. Now that she thought about, he did kind of look like David Beckham but younger and he had pitch black hair. He may even be hotter than Beckham. Christian was also taller than he looked. Now that they were standing so close side by side, Alice saw that he was at least a foot or more taller than she was. And not to mention, he was well built.

“Alice? You ok?” Christian asked, putting his free hand on her shoulder.

Alice blinked at him finally coming out of her trance. Just then Alice’s little sister came home with her mouth wide open staring at Christian and Alice hugging each other very closely. At least to her sister it was how it looked. Christian quickly let go of Alice and he went back to working mode. It didn't quite work when he had a cute bunny in his hand.

“V-Victoria, I thought you weren’t coming home,” Alice said.

“Well, mom and dad aren’t going to be home so I though I’d bring him home.” That was when a tall, handsome blonde stepped in. Alice had to admit he was handsome but with the rapist looking facial expression he was more creepy than handsome.

“Hi,” he said in a flirtatious tone.

Alice glared at him and turned her attention back to her sister. “Are you stupid?”

“I can share him if you want.”

The blonde took a step toward me but Christian immediately stopped him. Alice was thankful for that. But she sort of wanted to kick the guy’s a*s. He looked like he was Alice’s age or older. And Victoria was just fourteen.

Alice took a step toward Victoria looming over her. “Victoria! Stop this nonsense. I don’t want to share that man w***e with you. Get him out of the house right now. And stop all this…sexual behaviour. You’re only fourteen. I don’t want you to turn out like Kristina.”

“Fine, we’ll just go to his house then.”

“Victoria, that’s not what I meant!” Too late, they were both gone.

“That son of a b***h,” Christian said, clenching his fist. He turned toward Alice. “You okay?”

Alice took a deep breath. “Yes, I think so.”

“Why don’t you go sit in the living room while you wait for the limo?”

“That sounds good.”

Christian smiled and led Alice to the living. He waited until Alice sat first before he sat on the ground. He saw that Alice was trying to calm herself down so he didn’t say a word. He only watched her painfully. If only she knew how that guy was looking at her. Christian would have killed him if Alice had not been standing there. The blonde looked like he wanted to just eat her up. Christian punched the marble floor, which startled Alice.

“Y-you okay?” she asked, confused.

Christian stood up and straightened his uniform. “Yeah, I’m fine. Sorry I was just thinking about something. Excuse me.” And he left out the front door.

Alice wondered what he was thinking. It had made him angry enough to vent out his anger on the floor. Strange how fast they had connected. They haven’t even met each other until that afternoon. Alice looked out the window seeing Christian pace back and forth trying to relax. It didn’t seem to help because he was still clenching his fist and he looked like he wanted to kill someone.

With the bunny, Alice went out to see what was wrong. He relaxed at her sight.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Alice asked.

“Yeah, it’s just that…”

“It’s just that...?”

Christian took a deep breath. “The way that guy looked at you. I couldn’t stand it. He looked at you as if you were- Never mind. Get back in the house. It’s colder now that the sun has set.”

“Okay…” Alice hesitated but went back in the house with Christian not far behind.

“Maybe you should bring a jacket with you… It’ll be even colder later on.”

“I’ll be fine. The dinner is held indoors and the only time I’ll be outside is when I’m going in and out from the limo.”

“Okay, if you’re sure.” Then there was a honk coming from outside.

“Guess my ride is here. I’ll see you later.”


© 2011 Celeste Park

Author's Note

Celeste Park
Ignore any grammar problems.

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Wow, Christian is really protective of her. But I guess he should be, since that is one of Alice's bodyguards. I loved this chapter, there was so much emotion.


Posted 12 Years Ago

I'm loving this at the moment!
cant wait to read more...moving on to next chapter

Posted 13 Years Ago

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