Am I Really Kidnapped? (3)

Am I Really Kidnapped? (3)

A Chapter by Celeste Park

Alice got into the limo and greeted her parents each with a kiss on the cheek. Alice’s dad, George, chuckled. She looked at him confused. All he did was shake his head and chuckled even more.

“Do I look funny?” Alice asked her mom. Her dad was too busy chuckling so she didn’t bother to ask him.

“No, you look great, honey,” she replied.

“So it’s true. Man, its great being young. You guys do the cutest things.” George finally calmed down.

“Who do you mean by ‘you guys’?” Alice asked.

“You and that Christian guy.”

“What? I don’t understand.”

“Just look at him.” George pointed to the front door.

Alice looked. Christian was leaning at the doorway staring at the limo. He was half smiling and half daydreaming. He didn’t know they were watching him. The windows of the limo were tinted.

Then Alice looked back at her dad. “Didn’t you say it was bad to point? And I don’t get it.”

“You will in time.” There was a pause. “Maybe.”

“You’re weird…”

“Laura, did you hear that? She called me weird!” Robert gently shook Laura’s arm like a little kid.

“Aww. There, there,” Laura said, patting Robert’s hand and shaking her head with a smile on her face.

Alice laughed. “Dad… You’re so strange when you’re not working.”

“If I can make you laugh I don’t care.”

Alice smiled.

“Okay, let’s get going.”

The party was at a beautiful banquet hall that was built based on ancient castles with a touch of modern design. The two story building looked amazing in the moonlight. It would probably look more amazing in broad daylight.

Alice carefully walked up the steps to the main doors with her parents, greeting people along the way. When they finally reached the foyer, a water fall that came down from the second floor caught their eyes immediately. Of course Alice’s parents were used to it but Alice was speechless. She’s been to many beautiful places and it still didn’t seem to fail to surprise her.

After greeting everyone in the foyer, they moved to the dinning area. Usually the Hall would be split into different sections for different parties but this party occupied the whole space including the second floor.

Alice and her parents greeted more people. It seemed like it would never end. Alice hated this part. She didn’t even know most of them and yet they talked to her as if they were distant relatives. But she had to endure it. Most of them weren’t bad anyway. That might be because no one had any alcohol yet. The men got a bit too close when they have alcohol in their system.

The party was getting crowded and hot so Alice went out to the patio. She was amazed at the beautiful garden. It was as breath taking as the building, definitely the best place she’s been to so far. Alice sat down on a bench facing the pond looking up at the sky, staring at all the stars. It was a habit of hers. Then Alice heard footsteps behind her and turned around to see a young man about a few years older than she was. There weren’t usually a lot of young guys at these parties. Alice ignored him and stared back at the sky.

“Hi,” he said.

Alice turned around. “Me?”

“Yes,” a young man around his early twenties said. He had gorgeous blue eyes and blonde hair.

“Okay… Well then. Hi.” Alice never liked to socialize at these parties. Most of the young men just wanted to get in her pants or her money.

“What are you doing out here alone?” he asked in a British accent. That’s weird... Did he always have an accent?

“It was getting a bit crazy in there so I just came out for some fresh air.”

“I know what you mean. May I sit here?”

I shrugged. “I don’t see why not.”

He took a seat beside Alice, keeping a good distance away.“You must be Watsons’ daughter Alice.”

“Yes… And you are?” Alice ran through her memories but couldn't remember ever meeting him. But there were always new people at these sorts of parties. It was usually because they want a higher status for their company. Or they started a business and need some back up.

“I’m Dave.”

“Nice to meet you, Dave.”

He smiled. “Aren’t you cold? It’s colder at night.”

“I’m good thank you.” Alice thought back to Christian. He had told her the same thing as well. She couldn't help but wonder what he was doing at the moment. Will he still be there when I get back? She wished he was here. It was comforting having him around.

“You don’t have to speak so politely. I’m just like you. I’m here because of my parents.”

“Oh. Pardon me?”

“Never mind, it wasn't important. Would you like to go back in and dance?” He stood up and held a hand out for her.

“Sure.” Alice took his hand and they walked back in to the party. Luckily people were too preoccupied to pay attention to them or else it would have been weird. Rumours would start to fly immediately. And Alice didn’t want any more unneeded attention.

Dave and Alice danced together talking about school and their interests. He was actually a funny guy, quite handsome too. She never realized that because it was dark outside. He was also tall and well built. Alice blushed as her thoughts wandered off. Then her dad walked over. Dave noticed and took a step back.

George nodded to Dave. “You don’t mind if I take over do you?”

“Not at all,” Dave replied with a smile. He nodded to them both before walking away.

“Hi, dad,” Alice said. They started to dance.

“He was quite handsome. Who was he?”

“I just met him. He said his name was Dave.”

“Well, are you enjoying yourself? If you’re tired let us know.”

“I’m okay.” They danced for a bit longer before Laura called George over.

“You’re okay by yourself?”

“Yes, you go ahead.”

Alice walked over to the buffet and bumped into Dave. He smiled at her and passed her a plate. She smiled as thanks. Alice didn’t know why but Dave seemed very strange. He didn’t really fit in. Now that she thought about it he didn’t even mention his last name.

Alice took her plate of food and walked over to an unoccupied table. Dave followed. The guy was definitely strange. Why haven’t she seen him in other parties?

Dave took a bite of his food. “It’s delicious. You should hurry up and try some.”

Alice did. And he was right. The food was perfect. “You’re right.”

“Would you like to take a stroll out in the garden? They’ve turned on the lights and it’s even more beautiful,” he asked after they had both finished eating.

“I’d love to,” Alice said, even though she had a feeling she really shouldn't.

Dave and Alice were alone in the garden. Everyone else was inside. She was surprised because the garden was truly gorgeous, especially with the lights on. Alice shivered when the breeze finally hit her. Dave immediately took off his suit and placed it over her shoulders.

“Thanks,” she said.

“No problem.” They reached the end of the garden where the pond was and Alice was going to ask Dave what was his last name when she felt someone grab her suddenly. Alice was ready to fight off whoever it was. She got a bit paranoid since it was dark and she was alone with some strange guy. But then she realized that Dave was trying to stop her from falling into the pond.

“That was close,” Dave said, “Watch your step. It would suck if you actually fall in.”

“Thanks.” Dave let go and they stood there staring at the water.

“So I heard that you get kidnapped a lot.”

“Yeah…” Alice didn’t like where this was going.

“I can understand why. You’re gorgeous. Even now I feel like kidnapping you.” Dave took a step toward Alice.

Alice wanted to take a step back but she would fall into the pond. “W-well, good luck with that. I’m not that easy to get.” She decided to go with the game.

“No, you’re not.” Dave brushed her cheek with his thumb.

Alice put her hand on his chest trying to get some distant in between them. “I-”

Dave leaned in for a kiss. Without a second thought, Alice pulled on to his tie and moved out of the way so that he would fall into the pond. It worked. He fell into the water with a huge splash.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry. I-I reacted before I was able to think,” Alice said lending him a hand.

“That’s my fault. I shouldn’t have done that.” Dave finally got out of the water. He was soaking wet.

“Seriously, I’m really sorry. Let’s go back in so you can change. I don’t want you to catch a cold.”

“Yeah. That sounds good.”

Alice led the way with Dave a few steps behind. She could hear his soaked leather shoes-Wait. Sneakers? Alice looked back at Dave’s shoes. They were sneakers. Black. That was why she didn’t notice before.



“Which family are you from?”

Suddenly, he flashed light into her eyes and she couldn’t see anything. Then someone from behind grabbed her by the waist. She didn’t even get a chance to scream or fight back. Everything blacked out at that moment.

© 2011 Celeste Park

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Celeste Park
Ignore any grammar problems.

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