Am I Really Kidnapped? (6)

Am I Really Kidnapped? (6)

A Chapter by Celeste Park

Christian’s cell phone rang breaking the silence. He stood up and walked to the other side of the room to answer his call. After he was done he slipped it back into his pocket and walked back over to Alice looking puzzled.

“Who was that?” Alice asked before Christian could even say anything.

“It was just a friend of mine. I have to go out for a bit so I’ll be right back.” Christian sighed before walking to the door.

“Where are you going?” Alice asked, making Christian stop and turn around.

“I’m just going to a coffee shop nearby. I’ll be quick, I promise. Please stay out of trouble and don’t leave this area. It’s dangerous.”

“Where exactly are we?”

“We’re in the basement of a club my friend owns. It-It’s not a place a rich girl should be. Just stay here until I get back and don’t open the door for anyone. The guys should have the keys.”

“I’m not twelve.”

“Trust me. You don’t want to leave this place. It’s dangerous,” Christian said. Alice could tell that it wasn’t just a simple warning. He was really worried about her. She could tell from his voice and his eyes.

“Ok,” Alice finally said. She couldn’t do anything but trust him at least just this once.

After Christian left, Alice felt incredibly lonely. When she was home alone, there were always the maids and bodyguards. She was never actually left alone like she was now. And she was left in a place she was unfamiliar with. Trust me. You don’t want to leave this place. It’s dangerous. Christian words played back in her mind. She sat on the bed thinking of what could be out there. She was also debating to herself whether or not she should go check it out. Her adventurous side was starting to take over her. Christian didn’t leave her locked up somewhere so she was free to walk where ever she wanted. But he trusted her to stay put.

Alice then decided to go watch TV to get her mind of the subject. Maybe it was best that she didn’t know. There had to be a good reason why Christian didn’t want her wandering around. It was a club after all. From all the action films Alice had watched she knew nothing good would happen if she left the room.

Alice was looking for the remote in the living room, if you could call it a living room. It was just a small room with a couch, coffee table and TV.

She found the remote in a bowl of chipped that was left on the couch. How it got there? She had no clue. While Alice was flipping through the channels she heard someone knock at the door. Christian had told her not to open the door for anyone and that they had the keys. So who could it be? Alice decided to listen to Christian and ignored the knocking. But it got louder and louder. She got up from the couch and walked toward to door. Alice put her ear to the door and listened.

“Hey, do you think they’ know...” a man said.

“You guys really think Christian is doing her?” said another. “Maybe he’ll share her?” Alice got angry when she realized that they were Dave, Jon and Eric. She swung the door open and glared at them.

“Is that what you guys are always thinking about?” Alice yelled.

“Why, hi there,” a tall man with black hair said. The other two men were identical twins with dirty blond hair. All three of them looked to be about thirty five years old.

Oh crap... Alice quickly slammed the door. Those three guys were definitely not Dave, Eric or Jon. They were all wearing black from head to toe and probably had a gun or guns hidden somewhere.

No matter how hard Alice pushed the door wouldn’t close. Someone was pushing from the other side. Alice couldn’t hold on the door any longer and was pushed back hard causing her to fall. The three men barged in and surrounded Alice who was sitting hopelessly on the ground.

“What do you guys want?” Alice said annoyed. Why was I the only one that gets into these sorts of trouble?

“We just wanted to see if Christian wanted to play,” said the black haired guy with a creepy smile.

Alice swallowed. “Play?”

He crouched down in front of Alice so that their eyes were at the same level. “Hmm... I saw Chris’ friends bring you in but I never got a good look at you. You’re prettier than I thought. You can come play with us too if you like.”

“No thank you. And Christian isn’t here. I’ll let him know you dropped by. Please leave.”

“That must suck. He left you all by yourself in a place like this. Come with us.” He grabbed Alice’s hand and pulled her up.

“Wait! No, I don’t-” Alice struggled.

He suddenly threw Alice onto his shoulder and began to walk out the door. “You’ll have a great time. I promise.”

The other guys chuckled.

“Hey! Put me down.” Alice tried hitting and punching him but nothing worked. The guy didn’t even flinch.

The tall, black haired man carried her into the hallway going left and right. Alice couldn’t keep track of it all. There were so many hallways and doors. Finally they stopped at a door in a very narrow and dark hallway. With one hand around Alice’s waist, he used his free hand to grab a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. He switched on the lights before putting Alice down on a chair. One of the other men took a rope and began tying her down. The last man blind folded her.

“What’s with the chair, bondage and blind fold if you guys want to play?” Alice said, annoyed.

“It makes things more fun.” Alice couldn’t recognize their voices, so she had no idea who was talking. But she could tell where they were standing from where their voices came from.

“This is how you play?”

“It’s one way of playing.”

Alice heard them all laugh. “Really? This seems really fun to me,” Alice said, sarcastically.

“You’ll see.”

Alice heard their footsteps leave then the door closing behind them. S**t. But now that they were gone, Alice was able to think properly. First she tried to remember how the room looked like when they had brought her here. She remembered that there was a chair in the middle of the room, the same chair that she was tied up to. The walls and floor were all white. And nothing else was in the room. Alice then tried to loosen the bonds. They had tied her up tightly but she kept trying until she got tired and her hands were blistered. That led Alice to do nothing but wait for them to come back. And who knew when that would be.

After who knows how long, Alice was nearly bored half to death. She didn’t want to let her guard down and fall asleep. But there wasn’t anything to do. How was she going to find something productive to do in an empty white room while she was blind folded? Alice groaned. Got to figure something out. She tried loosening the rope again. This time it came loose a bit. But it didn’t help since she still couldn’t get her hands free. Alice struggled and tugged some more. The ropes finally came loose enough to get her hands out of the ties. She quickly pulled off the blind fold and untied her legs. Now to just get out.

Getting out wasn’t easy. The door was locked. Figures. Alice placed her ear against the door. She didn’t hear anything or anyone. That meant they must have left the door unguarded. Boy did they underestimate her. She looked at the lock, inspecting it.

“So it locked from both sides...” Alice mumbled to herself. She took out a bobby pin from her hair. Luckily she had it. Alice then crouched down so that her eyes were at the same level as the lock and began picking it. She wasn’t an expert at it but she was better than a normal person. Being kidnapped many times paid off. Even though Alice was trying to pick the lock she didn’t really know what she was doing. It was mostly just trial and error. It was better than noting though. Since she had done it a few times before she thought that she might be lucky and be able to open the lock this time as well. That was until she heard footsteps coming toward her. Alice quickly put the pin back in her hair and ran back to the chair. She tied her legs back loosely and put the blind fold back on. The door opened just as she put her hands behind the chair and into the loosened rope, pretending to be asleep.

“Where’s Christian? I thought you said you contact him!” one man said.

“He said he was on his way,” someone replied.

“I guess it’ll be worth the wait.”

“Man, I can’t wait till he gets here.”

“Well, we better put on our masks before he gets here.”

Moments later Alice heard more footsteps come in.

“F**k. What do you want from me?” That was Christian’s voice. Alice was surprised that she actually recognized his voice.

“We were bored and just wanted to play when we met this beautiful women. So, we decided to add her into the game.”

“I’m the one you want so let her go!”

“I don’t think we can do that. I want you to watch what we’re going to do with her.”

Alice suddenly felt a hand brush up her thigh and gasped. “Stop!”

“Alice!” Christian groaned. “Let her go now!”

“No can do.”

“Don’t make me,” Christian warned.

“Ohh! I’m really scared,” he said sarcastically. Then there was punching noises and the sound of people gasping and groaning. Alice wished she knew what was going on. She hoped it wasn’t Christian getting beaten up.

“W-wait, Chris! It’s me,” one guy pleaded.

“Robert? Don’t f*****g scare me like that!”

Alice was confused. Was it all a joke? Alice got out of the ropes and took off her blind fold. Everyone was staring at her in disbelief making Alice’s cheeks go red. There were three men, not including Christian, and they looked terrible with harsh bruises on their faces. They were the same men that had kidnapped her. When Alice looked at Christian he was fine and she sighed in relief, glad that he wasn’t hurt.

“How did you do that?” the black haired man asked.

“I-I don’t know... I get kidnapped a lot?” Alice replied shyly.

The man laughed. “I don’t believe it. She actually got out of the ties.”

Alice just stood there confused. “Um... What’s going on?”

Christian sighed dreading the question. “He’s my friend I told you about. The one that owns the club...” Christian pointed his thumb at the man with black hair.

“What?” Alice said in doubt.

“I know... Let’s just go back. I’ll tell you more then.”

“Right! Let’s go,” said the black haired man excitedly.

“Where do you think you’re going, Robert?” Christian glared at him.

“What? Aren’t we hanging out?”

“After what you’ve done? No!”

“Don’t be so mean! I’m sorry. Don’t be angry at me,” Robert whined as he tugged on Christian’s sleeve. Christian gave him another glare. “Okay... We’ll talk later then.”

Christian took Alice’s hand and led the way back.

© 2011 Celeste Park

Author's Note

Celeste Park
Please ignore any grammar problems.

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You Should Continue It!

Posted 11 Years Ago

This is really good! I love the way that you play everything out! It catches my attention strait away! Please Message me when you update it!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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