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A Story by Centipedle

another thought process gone through

I took a deep breath when my hands pressed against the cold surface of the table. It was your average wood table, but it had been such a long time since I’d been to a nice cafe I couldn’t help but to look funny feeling it up. My blue eyes taking note of its black color, turning to make sure nobody was watching me. The citizens seemed to be doing their own thing which was well enough for me. I smiled and pulled my hands closer to myself again, I had come with pocket change considering I stole it from Claire. My fun was interrupted though when I scented her bursting through the front door of the cafe.

After hearing the slam of the door open I tried to turn my face away, knowing Claire was here to ask why I was outside of the castle grounds. I practically tried to hold my breath - hearing the muttering behind me until I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and smiled at the dark haired police officer. Her uniform brightly standing out from the rest of the room with its blue color.

“Kurt! I leave for two minutes and I find you gone. What the hell?” I felt hot embarrassment heat my cheeks now. Having an officer come and yell at you in public didn’t exactly look well. Claire’s badge however, had people being even more wary. The crest of Lyre’s kingdom wasn’t exactly taken lightly in these parts given the king’s reputation.

“You act like I’m not an adult - why can’t I go outside?” I asked a little disappointed. I crossed my arms before standing - putting up a fight would just make things worse. Claire seemed to noticed the distress she kept her hands on her hips and gestured with her hand to exit. I followed her out onto the street and huffed.

The streets were brightly decorated at the moment - with soft snow scattered on the ground. This country was similar to how humans were back before the collapse. This was the town right near the castle - visible from where I was standing up on the hills that were backed by mountains. Regardless for my eyes wandering Claire grabbed my wrist and started pulling me against the sidewalk.

“Don’t treat me like a child.” I protested pulling my hand gently away from her, I now noticed her tail unmistakably poking out from the bottom of her pants. I couldn’t help but to bring my right hand up to hide my laughing. She turned to face me, anger shown on her features.

“If you don’t want to be treated like a child then don’t act like one. I told King Lyre I would keep watch of you. Someone doesn’t just miraculously recover a month after being kidnapped.”  She hissed at me as I stood rolling my eyes. I crossed my arms and tapped a finger against my arm.

“I don’t know where you grew up Claire but kidnapping is COMMON in our societies these days.” I muttered half to myself. I felt the creatures frustration growing.

“My point is that no doctor has cleared you to move from the castle grounds. Think of what would happen if you got more injured. President Shoe would be disappointed!” I looked at her and sighed. Rubbing my hand behind my neck.

“I’m fine, I haven’t had a coughing fit since last week and all my bandages are gone.” I rubbed my shoulder and uncrossed my arms. “Let’s just go, I already look weird in front of those people. You wear your Crosswood badge like it’s your prized possession. You should be more wary, Shoe might like Lyre but he’s got the worst reputation of most of the country leaders.” I walked past Claire and she quickly followed to my side. Heading towards the train station that would head towards the beginning of the castle grounds.

© 2017 Centipedle

Author's Note

Another novel to be presented, this time something I'm more comfortable with. I'm sorry for my absence!

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Not bad, and nicely written on people having a hissy fit lol.

Posted 6 Years Ago

I admit, I haven't been reviewing consistently in recent months, so I've lost track of your characters in my feeble old brain! Still, even when I come at one of your chapters, not remembering anything else about anything in your story, I'm amazed at your smooth, clear, compelling, articulate manner of storytelling, so that it's interesting to read about your characters, who always come to life in your writing. Good job of mixing well-constructed sentences, with realistic dialogue & original descriptions.

Posted 6 Years Ago


6 Years Ago

It's alright, sometimes it's easy to get lost. This novel I'll be working hard at, world building an.. read more
Hmmm! interesting story;-]

Posted 6 Years Ago

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Apple Valley, CA

Hi, my name is Pedle as an online handle. Don't be afraid of my username! Note about reading your stuff. I try to review as much as I can if you are on my list below. But the best SURE way to get .. more..

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