Cal and Alson - Eternally Damned

Cal and Alson - Eternally Damned

A Story by Century

This came to me tonight while I was at my sister's concert. The one part where Calitan is trying not to laugh because Alson is so excited popped into my head and it was too cute not to write up.

“Cal hun?”
I narrowed my bicolored eyes, ignoring Alson, and continued typing up my history mid-term. It was due in two days, and I was almost done, but I wanted it to be perfect. I couldn’t help it. Call it a disease, call it what you want, but if I handed that paper in and it said “from” where it was supposed to say “form,” well…. Why continue on with life?
Alson… be quiet, I thought. I hunched my shoulders. Why did I do that. WHY, because I knew exactly what he would do. Warm hands found their way to the crook of my neck on each side. 
“History.” I said simply. 
“It’s my concert.” He replied, and I could hear the frown play out on his face. Alson was singing tonight with the school chorus. I hated gatherings like that… social interaction. I shuddered at the thought and he patted the top of my head. I continued typing. “Everyone else’s significant other is going.”
“Alsie, when have I ever been like any of them in the first place? Did you know I glared at my Dad the moment I came out of my mother’s womb?”
“Alright, first of all, TMI sweetheart. And babies can’t glare that I’m aware of.”
I did it.” I said very quietly and with a distinct his to my voice, narrowed my eyes again and then continued typing.
Alson groaned his cute little groan he does when he’s mad, kissed my cheek, and left to go to his concert. He didn’t think I was going to go. I wasn’t sure if I was. I should, but the idea of should never had much of an effect on me in the past. It was always would or would not.
Just not when it came to Alson. Damn Alson, slowly chipping away at my darkness -- interior and exterior. His damn bright sun-shiney-ness was putting blonde highlights in my hair.
Seriously. He made me do it last week and I think I look like a skunk. He says it’s cute.
I growled, hit save on my paper, and went to rinse off in the shower. I will go to the damned concert that is going to last for all of eternity. I just hope to Lucifer I can sit with the old people. At least they won’t talk to me. People above the age of twenty-two usually give me a fearful, disapproving look, and turn the other way. I wasn’t necessarily scary looking on purpose, my eyes did most of the work for me.
I wasn’t scary to Alson though. Believe me, I tried. I even painted my nails black the first few weeks of college to put him off, mentioned my fondness for Marilyn Manson repeatedly even though I actually hate the guy. Didn’t work. I should have known better, first of all, that I couldn’t hide who I actually was for a whole school year. Everything just made me more intriguing to him.
I have to say, I appreciate his persistence in some ways. I just liked him though, not the social gatherings he was always trying to drag me into. I could drag my nails across the linoleum all I wanted, but he would never give up.
After my quick shower, I slipped on my usual jeans and leather jacket, combat boots to extra-freak the grannies out, and made my way to our college’s civic center. There were people skittering in when I got there, but no empty seats next to old people.
God, damnit Alson. 
I sat down in one of the only empty seats I could find, and the girl next to me immediately recognized me.
“Calitan! That was so sweet of you to come!” She was one of Alson bagillionmillion friends. I couldn’t remember her name.
I nodded, but didn’t smile. But then Alson, he saw me. His face lit up like the forth of July, like a supernova, and he started waving frantically. A chuckle rose up within me, one I couldn't fight, it was so funny, and I pretended to cough and wipe my mouth so Whatsername wouldn’t notice and start thinking that I was a nice person. God forbid.
The concert was, as I suspected, eternal. I had hated these things since I was a kid, when my younger sister always played in them. My eyes always hurt from the looming fluorescent light, and the music was so bland. Blagh…
I was standing alone in the crowd at the end, waiting for Alson to find me because I knew he would.
He almost tackled me to the ground. 
“I didn’t think you were going to come!” He grinned. No wait… Beamed.
“I didn’t either. Come on let’s go.”
I’d given him something, so he had to return a favor. Instead of the usual post-event socializing hour, Alson linked his arm with mine and we walked back to our dorm. But it was never that simple, was it? Alson wanted to lay in the grass for a while.
“We’re not around people.” He insisted. He was right, and I couldn't fight him. I laid down next to him on my stomach and rested my chin on my forearms. 
We were quiet for a long time, too long for Alson’s comfort, so he started talking. Questioning, rather.
“You okay?”
I didn’t reply instantly, because, no, I wasn’t.
“No.” I said blandly.
“Why?” He sat up and rested his cheek between my shoulder blades. I couldn’t deny the comfort his warm weight provided. “Is it your mid-terms?”
“No… I’ve… You’re making me into a softy.” I complained. I felt his cheek squeeze into a triumphant grin.
“And they said it couldn’t be done.” He kissed the top of my head, but didn’t gloat.
Alson was annoying, overly persistent, so bright he hurt my eyes sometimes, but I’ll be damned if that wasn’t love.

© 2010 Century

Author's Note

Awww. Calitan's train of thought is interesting. It was so easy to write him.

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