Cal and Alson - Universe

Cal and Alson - Universe

A Story by Century

Aww. From Alsie's pov.


Look deep within thyself to find strength. The universe has a plan, one must act in accordance.

Yoga class had been getting a little excessively philosophical, but relevant nonetheless. My guru had also once said that the universe speaks to us through our hearts and our souls. So the universe was telling me that I was supposed to be with Calitan... I think. Well that's how I felt so I assumed it was the grand plan. I hoped it was the grand plan.

Ali, my best girlfriend, thought I was misinterpreting the universe's message. Ali was usually the happy go lucky love everyone type of person, but Cal tended to subtract that part of most people's personalities. Ali didn't like him, although the only time she'd spent with him was when she visited me in the dorm. He mostly just did his homework in silence, but Ali seemed to find that offensive.

I couldn't convince her that he wasn't all ice queen... ice queen. If I called him that he'd scalp me. Anyway, Calitan had sweet-spots, I liked to call them. Like when he'd get me Chai tea randomly, or help me through tough history readings and papers. There was even the one time he actually hugged me. That was amazing.

Back to the universe's grand plan...

It was one of the few, rare, nights I had managed to get Calitan to come hang out with me and my friends. He didn't seem like he was enjoying himself but didn't seem completely unhappy either. Neutral. I was okay with that. I turned my gaze away from his eyes to pay attention to the conversation at hand. My friends were gabbing endlessly, mostly about campus gossip. I was usually plenty interested in such going-ons, but not tonight. I felt a little off, mostly because of my plan to catalyze the universe's will.

I was pretty sure, too, Cal had an idea of what was up my sleeve. I'd been a little hyper-affectionate lately, and for some reason, the first time since I'd known him, it didn't bother Cal. Normally, his shoulders tensed, he glared, something along those lines. It didn't seem to bother him anymore. I'd played with his hair for almost half an hour a couple days ago before he even said anything.

“Do you wanna go?” I leaned over and said quietly to him. There was enough people at our gathering that they wouldn't hear us. His eyes popped open a little wide, making the odd-colors all the more noticeable. All the more pretty.

“Alson you spend like half an hour trying to get me to come. You want to leave?” He replied, just as quiet.

I shrugged.

“If that's what your heart desires.” Cal returned the shrug, and stood up with me.

“We're gonna head out early.” I told Ali and Carrie, and they narrowed their eyes a bit.

“Why?” Ali whined.

“Kind of tired. Not in the gossiping mood tonight.” I kissed their cheeks, and waved good-bye to everyone else. Cal kept his hand in his pockets and kind of nodded. We walked out of the east dorm and in the direction of ours, which was on the other side of campus.

“You feeling okay?” Cal asked when we were a few feet away from the dorm. He tried to sound indifferent.

“Yeah I just... kind of wanted to hang with you tonight.” I replied, looking at the ground moving in front of me. How in god's name was I supposed to bring this up?


“Do you want to hang out on the common for a bit? I don't really want to go in yet.” I said quietly, not really expecting him to go along.

“Well, I suppose since we abandoned your friends early it's the least I could do.” He sighed, but I could see the small quirk of the smile. It made my fingers tingle. It was so rare that Calitan smiled I had to savor it when he did.

We found a secluded picnic table. Cal sat with his feet on the bench and I sat on the bench itself, just inches away from him. For a long time we just sat quietly, Cal probably thinking it was a waste of time and me going practically insane trying to figure out how to put the moves on him without pissing him off.

“Alson, I know somethings up. Spit it out.” He said abruptly, and I physically jumped a little bit.

“What? Well. Yeah. I don't know.” I stammered, and pretended to be very interested in my hands. He nudged me with his knee. This was one of those rare moments that I couldn't get Ali and Carrie to understand. Calitan cared about me. We were like yin and yang, different but you couldn't have one without the other. I could barely remember who I was before Cal was in my life, even though it had only been a short two years since we moved in together.

I looked up at him, and he was looking straight down at me. Insistent. I'd either have to lie to get out of the conversation, or tell him the truth. He'd know if I was lying, so I didn't have a lot of options.

“Well...” I started.


“I... Cal you know I like you right? Like, not as my buddy but, something more?” My heart thumped. I thought he could hear it banging against my ribcage. I suddenly wished I had kept my mouth shut.

“I had an inkling.” He replied. His tone was... neutral. That was almost more painful than flat out refusal. Like he didn't care.

“Sorry I just felt like I needed to--” I was cut off as his fingers slid across the back of my neck. I turned my head to look up at him, eyes wide.

He touched my bottom lip with his thumb. “My little motorboat.” He said, I smiled, we kissed.

It was short, but sweet and perfect. So perfect. I couldn't believe this was happening.

Later, we laid on Cal's bed and watched a movie. He didn't say much, just petted my hair a lot. I knew a week ago if I had tried to crawl in bed with Cal he would've thrown me out the window.

Or maybe he wouldn't have? There had to have been something going on before I confessed to Cal how I felt. It's not like he fell in love with me the instant I told him I liked him...

“Stop speculating.” He said blandly, reading my thoughts.

“What? How did you--”

“I can see your face in the laptop screen.”

And then he smiled again.

The universe has a plan, and one is rewarded when they act in accordance with this plan. 

© 2010 Century

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Awwww, that one was cute ;3

Posted 8 Years Ago

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