My Googleebooh (Pronounced Google-E-Boo)

My Googleebooh (Pronounced Google-E-Boo)

A Poem by Chad Hollingsworth

Just a poem I wrote for my kids about sharing their gifts with others.


I wish googleebooh was okay to say,
For then I would use it in all sorts of ways.

I would googleebooh on my computer at night,
And googleebooh with a pen as I write.
I could googleebooh my thoughts to you,
And you could googleebooh your thoughts too.

With a googleebooh there is much you can do,
Only limited by excuses and of course Elmer's glue.
For everyone knows that no one should use,
Glue for any reason when you googleebooh.
Because it only makes your googleebooh sticky,
And googleebooh sticky becomes very icky.

And so I sit here with my googleebooh,
Not saying a word while thinking it through.
Catching myself wanting to share it with you,
This beautiful thing, my googleebooh.

If you can keep a secret, I'll say what to do.
Douse it in water, but make sure it's cool.
For one, like a gremlin, will soon become two,
And then we shall each have a googleebooh.


© 2009 Chad Hollingsworth

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you would make a great children's fiction writer. have you thought about this? Totally serious, you should really make it a goal of yours. You are in touch with an un-smudged sense of good/hope/faith that would translate VERY well into children's books.

Suggestion, challenge, invitation...whatever. You should set a goal of writing a children's book.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on October 22, 2009
Last Updated on October 22, 2009


Chad Hollingsworth
Chad Hollingsworth

Fairview, TN

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