Man, I Can't Stand Those Guys

Man, I Can't Stand Those Guys

A Poem by Chainsaw Enema

Man, I Can't Stand Those Guys”

I'll kill a rabbit, break its bones and drink its blood

Summon Lucifer from pentagons made of mud

Chanting quotes from my bible, the Necronomicon

I'm a true demon-spawned suburban American

I love my Jesus like I love my Creed

You filthy heathen put down that weed!

Just sit back and listen, gotta join my side

And it'll only cost you two hundred n' twenty-five

Full of emotions, no one truly knows

Black dye, black thoughts, black clothes

To be an outcast I must follow the color code

Gotta walk down the sharpened road

I do not like police, this is true

Do not like rules, sometimes say f**k you

Gotta color my hair to rebel against society

Don't really understand the meaning of anarchy

Bald head, combat boots and swastika tattoos

Beating down Jews into their black and blues

No not really, we just kind of say we do

So don't you dare f**k with our fantastic crew

Lookin' fly in my trucker hat and flannel tee-shirt

Yeah I screw my sister, sometimes I wear her skirt

It's all fun and games until comes the time when Sis is late

Maybe I'm not sure what to do, but boy this beer sure is great

What other stereotypes have I missed?

I'm sure a lot, oh well, go ahead and get pissed

Just don't forget the a******s who hates trends and cries

Man, I can't stand those guys

© 2009 Chainsaw Enema

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I love the satire and edgy of this piece. Very comedically done with great wordplay and poetic freedom. Good write!.....

Posted 14 Years Ago

This is a darkly funny satire on our society. I like it, even though some concepts get mixed.

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 2, 2009