Hi Susan!!!

Hi Susan!!!

A Poem by Chainsaw Enema

Based off a true story


Yesterday while walking down La Porte Avenue

I stepped in a puddle and soaked my pants

I cursed and threw a rock, my head now askew

I lay my eyes upon the new apartment under construction

The old tanning salon way past destruction

And that's when I saw the top of the building

Someone had hung a giant white cardboard sign

On it was a real simple hurried design

Written in black were two words that would forever

Make me tremble and haunt my sleep

The words said 'Hi Susan' and man, that s**t was deep


I stood there for two hours looking at that sign

From this stance I refused to resign

I was lost in a trance that caused me to inexplicably dance

To the Misfits song that was bleeding into my ears

It seemed like I did this for many years

I wasn't exactly sure what had happened

Or why I kept telling people I ain't no goddamn son of a b***h

I just knew that my eyes were stuck in a twitch

And I couldn't stray away from Susan's welcoming

Who was Susan? I wanted to ask

And who was saying hi? Who had fulfilled this task

But of course no answers came to me

So I humbly went home, my mind long from free


I lay in my bed starring at my rotting ceiling

Wasn't sure exactly what I was feeling

I was stuck in puzzlement and awe

I wanted something to say

I didn't want to feel this way

The need to find out

The need of closure

It was electrifying my brain

It was driving me insane

Who are you, Susan?

Please tell me

I need to know, I really need to know

All this oblivion is filling me with woe

So you better just tell me

'Cause I really need to know


In the morning when I woke

My dreams had forced my actions to provoke

So I got dressed and went to the site

And when I saw the building it caused my anger to ignite

The sign was missing, it was gone

Out of existence but still in my mind

What had happened to it? I needed to know

Needed to find out what this s**t was about

But I couldn't find anyone to ask

Who had had taken down Susan's sign

Which m**********r took it on the decline

How would she know when she arrived that she was welcomed?

She would think she was unwanted

Perhaps even insulted and taunted

I couldn't let that rudeness continue

So I decided to take matters into my own hands

I would climb up there myself, post a new sign

That even had numerous exclamation marks at the end

Her welcoming would be easy enough to comprehend

But as I began my climb I had to take a pause

For I just realized how tall this building really was

So I said screw it and went home

And played Zombies Ate My Neighbors


© 2009 Chainsaw Enema

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I agree with L......I missed something and I was at the edge of my seat! Who the f**k is Susan? I want Susan!!!!

Posted 14 Years Ago

Okaaaay! What did I miss? You had me until the end...
Great poem/story line, but suck-y ending! Still worthy of onehun&fiddy points!

Posted 14 Years Ago

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Added on February 5, 2009
Last Updated on February 5, 2009

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