A Poem by Chandini Hemdev

Free verse, and free thoughts



The frivolity of the act, the frailties of the person;

The abducted situation, and a happy perception.

Glamour torn, shackles outlorn,

Reality steps in, amazement drops still.

Unaware, yet mesmerized;

Awakened and stupefied. 

The feeling, emotion, person or persona,

What caught your attention? 

The character or the fasard that was a mask worn so true!

Walking past, feeling light;

A cowards way of getting over a fight.

Face it, talk about it, deal with it, so you learn the art of making sense of arguments that have no base to run the race.

To see it all, experience and talk, 

Fight the psychedelic monster, for the magistrates offer. 

You take it, win it, enjoy it and then own up,

Those acts of injustice seek an end that no one can discover.

Fly high, with the pun on a still thistle that moves each way and through,

Your heart weeps just as you pass through.

 Loose it, yearn for it, 

Turk in a negative sense for that nostalgia that breaks you into pieces and your world into shambles,

A state you rather not be in.

Bold, tall, witty, hot, stand by yourself, and high headed all along.

You've been there, faced that, the anguish pain, gruesome specialty; 

Makes you return, to that feeling or that regret you want to sweep through. 

Run, speed, suppress, crush, yourself, the memories, and poisons that sum up your life in words so untrue.

Love, hate, like, await, words you disdain,

In your life they dare not dominate.

A quirky something, you cannot recognize,

A feeling or nausea you cannot despise. 

Disifer between the aspect of alone and love, hate and together, 

What makes you choose the latter?

Confused, yet smiling, a piece you never figured while riding, 

Read it to make sense out of it, 

Or listen to it, to get some sense from it.

© 2014 Chandini Hemdev

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Added on November 8, 2014
Last Updated on November 8, 2014


Chandini Hemdev
Chandini Hemdev

Bangalore, India

Chandini Hemdev is a graduate of Media studies from CMS, Jain University, and has been voicing her feelings in poetry for over 4 years. She hosted a poetry recital and launched her first book of poems.. more..


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