A Chapter by CharlyeMonroe

“It should have been pay per view that’s all I’m saying.”

“It should have been pay per view that’s all I’m saying.”
“Yeah, I f*****g know, we burned down the house afterwards.” “Someone’s got to take care of the evidence, it was pretty filthy.”

“I mean, if they can do it, we can erase m***********s too. No one gave a f**k about the Frys anyway, that s**t was community service really.”

“I’ve really never seen anyone like her before really.”

“The one on the stairs?”

“F**k no, the little one, the one with Barty on the dance floor.”

“I like tall girls man.”

“She had on heels inside but when she went outside, she’s like 5’5.”

“Nah man I mean really tall girls. You know Emmy Lee? Like her height, I could f**k with RVY too, but I’m pretty sure she just likes girls.”

“C***s for c***s, she seems like that type.”

“I like the blonde, she’s sexy.”

“You’d have a shot with Ren then.”

“When they were outside I sent up a bindle with my number but some f****t pocketed it.”

“That’s the only thing about parties like that.”

“Nah it was fine, I got his a*s later, more fuel for the fire.” “What did you do?”

“When he called I gave him a bindy full of broken glass and sea salt.”


“Hey, we’re on in two.”

“ Blood was everywhere.”

“All’s fair in love and war.”

“Who said anything about love, I just want her between my legs.”

“I just want to put the head in.”

“I just want to cuddle.”

“Then wake up and f**k her in the morning?”

“Well that’s a given.”

“I’d leave before she woke up, personally, I think she’d be angry with the hang over.”

“A little shaky in your manhood?”

“Damn right, Barty Ashby is a man eater.”

“And a womanizer.”

“You know, she killed her last boyfriend right.” “And we’re on in 5.”

“How’d we not get that covered?”

“Old news now.”

Hi I’m Alonzo Jacobs, this is Leslie Steele and Donald Curio and this is KKZP. At the top of our program today, the death toll continues to rise as the local fire department sorts through the rubble of the Fry Estate after last night’s party raged out of control and firebombs consumed the home.

No news to the whereabouts of the younger Fry brothers, Spencer and Sean, they are believed to have been victims of yesterday’s events at the Springs.

The fire began this morning before sunrise and firefighters have been battling the remnants that have stretched across the property into the afternoon. We have Mel Hoover on the scene right now.

You were live in the studio, your disembodied self‐leaning against the recording rooms giant window, you moved next to the camera and microphone station for something more intimate. You kept your intake of KKZP broadcast to the radio, but in the day of multimedia integration the KK conglomerate was key to capture all aspects of the experience from television to radio to the rest of the world wide web. The recording light on over a feed sending the moving image of Mel Hoover into the studio.

“Mel got Emmy’s number.” Alonzo

“Really?” Donald

“Why isn’t she in the studio then?” Leslie “Good point.” Alonzo

“She did break the Cliffson house fire.” Leslie

“Back on in 5.” The little bird proved its weight, the Cliffson and Hunters fires hadn’t sat well since you were shipped off on your little excursion, Emmy Lee sweetened the pot after filling your ear with the facts of the matter behind what they were hiding. Your brain went to yoke covering the flats as you drove by that day before you were taken, the ham hidden beneath cracking interference. Cliffson couldn’t keep that kind of thing a secret. It was exposition, a test to see if one was paying attention to plain sight.

And with that win, the Raiders have clenched third spot going into the playoffs series.

Lets hope they can carry that momentum into the next round; it was really a stunning victory.

Very impressive, I don’t think it can get much better than to start the champion series with such a decisive win. Next week the Raiders take on the Hawks in Athens. Up next we have interviews with O­Gasm, Death Ray Moon, and Dixie Lox.

The camera light cut. “You think I have a chance with Dixie?” Donald

“She’s taken now from what I hear.” Leslie “That doesn’t matter.” Donald
“Bold are we Donny.” Alonzo

“I mean, I think I’ve got a good thing going here. It’s a numbers game really on this front. I’ve got zero to loose, and what’s she gonna gain from sleeping with me?” Donald

“Nothing.” Alonzo

“Exactly. There’s a zero sum gain. I’ve got a big dick, especially for a white guy, its like porn star big.” Donald

“$100, whip it out.” Leslie “$200, I wanna see this.” Alonzo “I bet you do homo.” Donald

“I’m a girl.” Leslie

“Whatever f****t.” Donald stood up unzipping his pants, his little head hanging out, shaft veins in view when the red rolling light clicked on. He was all instinct.

Hi, I’m Donald Curio, and this is my c**k

That’s right Donald, that is quite a penis you’ve got there. We’ve got the stars of the Young, Hung, and Hopeless tour in our studio today.

Up first we have O­Gasm. This young man hails from New York City’s Lower East Side... Alonzo droning over the approaching figure as Donald put himself back in his pants. You left the stage area passing into O‐Gasm when something stuck; you had the reigns over the pop star. Behind his eyes, you were unable to make out just where his ghost had ended up on your invasion. You left it alone, disconnected yourself from the gangly creep, his body slumping against a hallway wall before coming back to full faculties, of course this wasn’t the first time he’d almost lost himself. You watched him loosen his cuffs and collar then stumble the final feet onto the stage area.

You focused, Dixie Lox’s dressing room, sure not to hone in too hard not wanting to pop into her body and leave her separated from self. She was laid across a tan leather love seat, cell phone glued to her ear, an oversized grey hooded sweat shirt covering her upper half, black bald head slick like a magic eight ball, intensity creasing her forehead, fussing loud over the earpiece. She flew up from the chair, disconnecting herself from the call. She threw off the sweater and barged out of the room, black romper keeping her body in, you brought yourself arms length from her face while she stormed through the hallways.

“I’m not f*****g talking about her, I f*****g refuse.” Her lips ivory white with matching eyeliner and teeth, “I don’t give a f**k if I’m in her back yard, I’m not going to do it.” Her phone rang, “Hello?” she paused, “I’m not f*****g arguing about this and I don’t care, it’s in my contract, I do not give a f**k, do you hear me? Not a single f**k.” She punched a hole in the wall; you knew you were the topic of discussion. Lightening ripped through you, your specter jolted back into your body before you could pick her brain on who was on the other end.

“Emmy’s gone to Rio, she said you’re welcome to come whenever, of course,” Ren, Jane, Kaite and Boo sitting on the four sides of the sunken bed, you caught Jenny Kryss standing with a glass in hand grinning down on you.

“What Jenn?” You squirmed to climb out of the pit, your legs failing, the bruises around your ankles a deep purple and green, you collapsed trying to escape, whole body weak, you sat up in the bottom of the hole leaning your back against one of the sides. Your eyes adjusting, dark stains covered the white linens where you had been, your face was sticky.

“Just take it easy Barty, Mom is in the shower, she’s gonna take you to the hospital,” Boo. You touched your face, blood on your hands and around your nose and covering your front.

“What did you get into Simpson?” JK “Jenny, what did we talk about?” Jane

“Help me out of here. I’ll take myself to the hospital,” you reached your hand out of the hole for Kaite’s aid.

“Barty, just relax, you had blood coming out of every hole in your head, lots of blood.” Jane

“We thought you we’re dead, again.” Ren

“Yeah, you’re like a f*****g cockroach,” Kaite laughed down on your plight; you weren’t amused even with the fitting comparison of your resilience. “More like a Twinkie or a Sno‐Ball though.”

“I think you got it right with the roach.” Jenny

“You’ve lost a lot of blood, look at the f*****g bed, B,” Ren, “It looks like you popped a tiger’s hymen.”

“I’m not in the mood, Ren. I’m not taking a f*****g competency test, just get me out of here!”

“No one is giving you a competency test, we’re making sure you’re safe.” Jane

“You know we can’t handle you 100 percent.” Kaite, “Please don’t play, you know we’re concerned.” Tears were welling in the corner of her eyes, she was always a crier, you weren’t having it. Boo stood up and walked over to rub Kaite on the back.

“Stop f*****g coddling this f*****g brat!” Jenny screamed, “Mom is gonna be here in like fifteen minutes, you can hold your f*****g horses, or I swear it, I will beat the living s**t out of you, then maybe you’d actually.”

“Actually what Jenny Kryss?” you were on fire, “What might I actually? I’ll put f*****g train tracks around your eyes. Maybe then you’d actually get some f*****g common sense and stop dick riding and be your own person.”

“My own person? You don’t know what the f**k I do you c**t. Dick riding? When is the last time you’ve seen a dick around me that wasn’t yours? Oh you must be talking about Richard, but oh wait, I didn’t f**k Richard, so that leaves one lonely a*s number.”

“F**k you,” it would have been more obvious if she had fucked him, someone would have said something, she would have let it slip. No, you wouldn’t entertain the thought. “Say it to my f*****g face.”

“Say what to you’re face? I’m standing right here. I’m looking right at you. I will f*****g ruin you and make sure you won’t be able to pull another f*****g magic act and come back from the dead. This is you’re third motherfuckin strike as far as I’m concerned. Now say another word. I f****n promise you, and I’m not gonna break that s**t. I will f*****g bury you.” There wasn’t an ounce of flinch in Jenny’s stance. She sipped the last swallows of her drink, eyes still locked with you.

“JK, just cool it,” Ren, “she’s hurt and you’re definitely saying something you’re going to regret.”

“I don’t need,” before you could finish Jenny let the glass fly at your head. You caught it, its weight stung your hand on contact, she was coming right behind it knees first. She was aimed right for your chest. You rolled your body sideways trying to deflect some of the contact. You took the hit, it wasn’t crushing but you felt it through your body, you were knocked down. You twisted throwing an elbow where she should have been, she caught your forearm, and drove her fist into your ribs. You struggled to your feet, a kick to your ankle put you right back down on the ground. She caught your hair, a sharp knee driving into your chest took you to the ground with half of her weight on top of you, blood shooting up from your mouth as the air exploded from your lungs. She twisted down on you, pushing off you to gain her footing. You picked up the empty glass and smashed it into her kneecap. It was too solid to break, but she buckled. You threw a punch, connecting with her stomach and swung again with the glass, missing the side of her face. Her leg coiled back, you caught a glimpse of her heel coming toward your head, you moved your arms up to break the force of the strike, your forearms smashing into your face and she followed up with another blow, your weapon flying from your hand. She mounted you, slapping the sides of your head in a taunt. It took all your strength, you sat up fast, the top of your head slamming into her chin. She barely flinched throwing you back to the bed and slamming her head into yours, she reared back, and again, coming down the third time, you spit in her face. She stopped and drove her fist into your eye, and one more time. Your vision starry, you could only make out her mass. You covered up again protecting your head from the blows. She paused and bounced on your chest. You felt your sternum crack and she hammered down with all her weight onto your chest. Every year, every scream, every taunt, and prod was coming out now. Your flight response finally kicking in, she would finish you in this state, you threw knees at her back trying to draw her off of your wounds, maybe she would take the breath out of you faster. She bit, moving to your stomach trying to pop you. You spun as hard as you could, she was heavy; you could feel your bottom half being ripped off while you struggled to get soft side down. Jenny’s laugh and a blunt thud were the last things you heard.

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

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