A Chapter by CharlyeMonroe

You woke up to a cold nose muzzle in the palm of your hand.

You woke up to a cold nose muzzle in the palm of your hand. Your eyes peeled open. Oreo’s shaggy head licked the inside of your hand. Your grip was weak, he rubbed his fluffy skull nudging you to respond. No more breathing tube but you were stilled hard wired into life support, the IV pumping fluids into you. You sighed. Oreo’s tail swung low, he moved you down his back, he looked at his master sadly in her hospital bed. You remember when your dad brought him home, the black ball of fluff stumbling into chair legs and stair steps, he fit in the palm of your hand, tiny purple tongue licking at your bare ankles while you stood on the lawn and watched birds flock into the horizon, the seasons changing. He was weightless bouncing at your heels over the grass a shadow on the green sea, the nights were warm, you danced over him netting lightening bugs, sure footed not to crush your pet. He grew quickly, waking you in the night for walks around the property, you would sprint the desert leaving little Oreo in the dust. It was hide and seek; you waited in caves for him to catch you. Every time he sniffed you out, pulling at your hair and dragging you back home in time for breakfast. You responded to his touch running your fingers through his hair, he responded body turning his head back into your hand, the warmth of his coat brought life to your skin.

“Oreo, I love you, what would I do without you?” You tried to roll over but you were still semi restrained and weak. The door of the room opening, you could make out three silhouettes on the outside of your canopy. They moved quietly, Oreo passed through the curtain; hands pulled it back in his place. Jane, Kaite, and Ren filed into your nave. “What time is it?”

“She speaks,” Ren, “Every other time we’ve been here you’ve been dead to the world.”

“You’re looking better though. Thin. Your face looks good. How do you feel?” Kaite

“I can’t really move, but I appreciate it, how long have I been in here?”

“This is month three,” Jane, “Jenny beat the s**t out of you.”

“Good for her,” You.

“How has she been?”

“Well.” Jane

“And Boo?”

“She’s well, but Barty.” Kaite

“What?” You were tired suddenly. You could feel the medication filling your bloodstream. Your head nodding out, lids heavier and heavier, your friends voices fading out.

“We’re not safe. You’ll be alright here, they can’t get in here, no one can really.” Ren

“There’s been a hostile take over. Cliffson and Hunters have mobilized, we’re underground, but you’ll be alright Barty, we’ll make it alright.” Jane

“We brought Oreo here to keep you company.” Ren

“We’ve got to go Barty.” Kaite, “Take care, we miss you very much, you’re our leader. Get well soon” Ren and Jane nodding. She kissed you on the forehead goodnight, Ren mussing your hair and Jane shaking your toes through the blankets. You let your eyes close on your parting friends. You slipped down into the prescribed sleep, fantasies running through your head, it didn’t hurt so much anymore, the puzzle pieces falling into place, the clay was still wet for you to fix, make it smooth. These were the lumps, your heart beat strong in your chest, the battle scars self inflicted so far. You smiled the first time you could remember, your face content, restlessness would wait till the waking hours, hell was on the horizon, the wolves at the door, the devil was on your shoulder, angels walked the earth, abominations too only a stones throw away from one another. You caught a snore, the lights behind your eyes flickering and fading to black.

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

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Added on January 16, 2013
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