A Chapter by CharlyeMonroe

“We have reached our cruising altitude...

“We have reached our cruising altitude. The pilot has turned off the fasten seatbelts sign. You are now free to move about the cabin as you please. The beverage cart will be coming along shortly. If you look in your armrest you will find our drink menu and the menu for today’s in­flight meals. We also have a full service bar for our of age passengers. My name is Seraphim, please enjoy your flight aboard Carter Airways. Your flight time today is approximately 10 hours into Bernal Intercontinental.”

“I’m going to get a drink.” Melody

“Make it a double, Mother.” Jenny Kryss flipped through the in flight movie channels.

“Mimosas?” Boo

“Yeah, seems about right.” Jenny

“I’ll have a whisky sour.” It was your homecoming.

“Well aren’t you the hard nut now? All that time in the hospital toughened you up.” You ignored Jenny Kryss’s quip.

“It’s 10AM Barty, just have a mimosa, you’ve got plenty of time to get blitzed.”

“Mom, can I get blitzed?” Boo

“I don’t see why not, you can’t get into that much trouble up here, Jenny help me carry the drinks.

“Woo, mile high club here I come!” Boo “Hahahaha, you’re special.” You

“I second that!” JK

“Well it is ratified and the motion has passed. Boo is special.” Melody

The Ashby women. The last time you were on an airplane you were unconscious but it was a safe bet that by air you would make it to your destination, no funny stuff. Your mother and Jenny in seats across from you and Boo, their places now vacant as they moved about the cabin to procure beverages. Boo pawed at you from the opposite seat, the armrest raised so she could wiggle against you, shiny and returned from the dead. She wore your jeans, white t‐ shirt and flannel with fur trapper hat and glasses. They picked you up from the hospital hours earlier. A drive into London and a stop over, Jenny demanding an authentic English breakfast before boarding the plane. Security check in and you set the alarm off, they waived you through with a full body pat down, you refused to take off your belt. The airline was privately owned, you had a class with the owner’s son, a nice kid with a funny name and really good drugs most of the time. You pulled Boo’s hair from under her hat. “You know that’s not what the mile high club means.”

“I’m redefining things constantly, Tholomule. Anyway aren’t you happy to see me? Didn’t you miss your little sister?” She held her head under your wing and batted her eyes at you.

“Of course, little scissor, of course. How was London?”

“Well just tea and crumpets. I got a new girlfriend, her name is Linda, she’s a bit butch, but really really good‐looking. She’s a really good kisser too, I think she used to model. Whatever, I’m keeping her as a pen pal, maybe she’ll send me naked pictures.”

“We can only hope. Have you been in touch with the get fresh gang?”

“They’re pretty well underground, but word is they miss you a lot, carrying on the good fight and all. They’ve got a kill count going. Reports around the town and abroad are that it’s some kind of cult war.”

“They’re missing the point.” “They’re real for real outlaws.”

“Anything else?”

“Lots of mystery abound, you know, there’s been a hell of a backlash as one might expect, it’s anarchy. Carl Bush got murdered by someone throwing around the moniker, KKZP has been having a field day with the reporting. That pretty reporter, um Mel Hoover, she disappeared, crazy right?”

“Sounds pretty on par to me.”

“Oh yeah, you didn’t hear. She was dating Dickie and then, ffffptt.”

“What? That sly boots. What’s he saying about it?”

“Mute mostly. He doesn’t want to talk about it, I suspect corporate intrigue.”

“Someone has to keep things legitimate.”
“He’s been holding the fort. Dad is never around anymore.” “Less than usual?”

“I mean never. The last time you saw him was the last time he was home. The Commission has him on the move constantly now. I talked to him on the phone a few times but that’s it.”

“It’s a balancing act.” Mother and Jenny returned with drinks in hand.

“Your drinks.” Jenny served you first. “The bartender said if you wanted to join the mile high club he’s taking a break in an hour, Boo.”

“What are my girls chit chatting about, hmmm?” Melody. “Boo’s new girlfriend,” you took a sip from your glass.

“Your sister is not a lesbian, and if she were there would be nothing wrong with that.” Melody

“I’m just trying girls out,” Boo crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue in Jenny’s face. “Anyway you’re just mad that boy in our hotel liked me.”

“You’re such an attention w***e. Brandon was gayer than the day is long, he was going to take me shopping till you came along.” Jenny scoffed

“Was he royalty?” Melody

“Somewhere removed, you know the old story,” JK. “They’re all inbred anyway.”

“Point is, I stole your boyfriend.” Boo finished her mimosa

“Companionship is companionship.” Your mother tried to keep things civil.

“Whatever.” Jenny brushed it off staring out the window instead of getting into a fight.

“We should have a television show.” Melody

“We’re not controversial enough. Plus I’m only taking on serious roles now.” Jenny

“You can play me when the movie comes out.” Melody

“I think that’s a conflict of interest.” Jenny

“I need another drink.” Boo

“Bring me one too,” you handed your glass to Boo as she bowed to the ensemble.

“Did the bartender really say that about the mile high club?” You watched her up the stairs.

“Gah, why? You want to make it a double?” Jenny

“Don’t worry, your baby is going to be fine. So, Barty,” Mother. “So, mother.”

“Did you find some great understanding while your days of rehabilitation worked themselves upon you?” Melody.

“Well when you say it like that,” you stroked your imaginary horns “Not going to change your evil ways, baby” JK

“Jenny just because I’m being civil with you now doesn’t mean I don’t reserve the right to f**k you up.”

“Yeah like last time.”

“You two are not going to fight anymore, so help me.” Melody downed the last swallow of her mimosa

“Yeah, Barty can’t take another L on her record.” JK

“You know I really, really like you, Jenny. You just don’t know how much bullshit you’re getting yourself into, so I’ll let these slide.”

“Oh, thank you so much for the favor big sister.”

“Daughters, enough. Barty go get your sister.” You made finger guns at Jenny stepping past the both of them into the aisle. Stripped carpet and wood paneling down the booths set against the window, the middle section reserved for centerpiece. It was a really nice plane, two levels, wrought iron spindles up the staircase leading to a dining lounge slash bar. It was crowded, Boo sitting at the bar, she saw you coming, come here fingers outstretched beckoning you, a boy and girl on her side, peeking over her shoulder. You made it over slowly, their eyes trained on each of your steps, eyes frosty blue white with black hair; they looked like brother and sister. You sat on the stool.

“Samantha and Alexander.” Boo

“We’re big fans.” Alexander

“We travel around making documentaries about the occult.” Samantha

“Is that why you look like vampires?”

“Its actually the heroin.” Samantha

“That’ll do it.”

“Can we get you a drink?” Alexander

“Whisky.” Boo

“On ice.” You

“Whisky on the rocks.” Samantha

“So, you’ve taken a shine to the friendly ghost.” You

“I’m a banshee.” Boo

“Banshee queen to be exact.” Samantha

“I was just informed of this.” Boo

“She’s the spitting image.” Alexander

“Morrigan.” Samantha

“Phantom Queen.” Alexander

“I’m up on my Irish mythology.”

“No you’re not” Boo

“These beings are all around us.” Alexander “Things?”

“Beings. Where do you think all those stories come from?” Alexander

“Are you sure you’re not Irish?” Samantha made eyes at you “Not a drop,” you smiled back.

“You should watch her. Someone is going to die soon.” Samantha took Boo’s hand

“Happens a lot around these parts.” Boo

“ You should be lucky to have her on your side.” Alexander

“I hope it doesn’t look like I’m taking her for granted.”

“To the deity.”

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

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