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Coming to you live from Center City this is Alonzo Jacobs. The scene is fairly calm now, emergency response teams have closed off the blocks surrounding The Five Hunts tower...

Coming to you live from Center City this is Alonzo Jacobs. The scene is fairly calm now, emergency response teams have closed off the blocks surrounding The Five Hunts tower. It is not clear as to what happened this early in the events but we here at KKZP have been given information that the Mayers Family Church is responsible for the destruction of the Hunts Complex.

You cut the signal from your radio. The house was empty, your tank gone, the mother and sisters, all gone. You walked the kitchen, Jane, Kaite and Ren roamed the house while you searched for a sign of things, a note, something, you were still phoneless so no contact with the outside world coming over the airwaves. You paced around the kitchen table still steaming from the night’s terror, a fitting end to Hunters’ head, but the bombs? The destruction of the tower and the fallout. The Mayers Family Church. It was unsettling, the same misty blue seeping out of the blast as on the flats after the fire sale on those old family homes. The enemy of your enemy was your enemy. You tumbled it around in your head. The cupboard open, you fished out oatmeal and a few other things that crunched. You put a pot on the stove to boil. Who were these Mayers? The other boogiemen of the flats behind the Outlanders, they faded in and out of the stories of kidnapping and cult activity. It was never clear, it seemed like every kid went through a phase of claiming Mayers, most growing out of it, others shipping off to join the circus, none of them closer to the conundrum at the eye of the storm. You pulled a bowl from the shelf and emptied your meal into it. You moved to the fridge, tacked to the side was what you were looking for, somewhere a little less conspicuous you were expecting but it was clear the other team was still outside of your circle. This vacation was a clear sign something wicked was heading in your direction. The letter simply read ‘@ Zero Ridge’. It was probably for the better; Richie had a fortress for anyone trying to get in the keep. You hadn’t been in your room yet. You left through the cellar out into the backyard. A few steps and you were sprung on. Oreo knocked you to the ground nuzzling your face and neck with his furry head.

“Oh boy, I missed you Oreo,” you hugged your pussycat flipping him over to his side and burying yourself in his fluffy body. “You’re getting fluffier and fluffier boy,” your fingers tangling in his hair you worked your hands down to the skin. He let out soft whines, “Oh you missed me too.” You got up off of your knees, Oreo trotting by your side, and made it over to your hut. The door was locked. There was a trick to cracking the seal, you checked over your shoulder instinctively as your hands tripped the trigger allowing you access to your stronghold. Nothin

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Added on January 16, 2013
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