A Chapter by CharlyeMonroe

“Barty, Barty, Wake up baby, you’re cutting off my circulation...

“Barty, Barty, Wake up baby, you’re cutting off my circulation. I want to keep this arm” You buried your head under a chin. You weren’t budging. You played dead letting your body relax as much as possible into weight. Muscles flexed underneath you. You were face down on smooth skin. He was warm. You listened to the heartbeat. The rhythm was off paces every few seconds like it was trying to catch up to itself. Your arm lifted and dropped, a hand around your wrist checking the tension, you stayed still. It was safe here; you had dug in and didn’t want to go. “What are we going to do with you?”

“Trade places, I don’t know, this is a good spot.” Two arms repositioning you on top of bare chest, you were ear to ear with the body under you. You licked your lips pursing them, the skin dry and sleepy, you repositioned your legs over the sides of hips. Your hair brushed to the side, breath on the side of your face steady, lips against your cheek, fingers ran through your hair. It paused stopped to stroke your exposed temple. You snored a bit. Your tongue out, you flicked it on an earlobe. He mewed, giggled a bit. You sat up and opened your eyes. Thousands of hairs, two eyes, only, it was him. Billions of genes blinked out before your eyes and back again. You inspected fingertips the flesh around scars, breathed in a faint smell of sweat. You could see the blood flowing through his veins again. You kissed him on the lips, lightening shooting through your face. His eyes closed, skin tightening to a smile, he could see right through to you. You held his hand to your face, the callused ridges static cling making the tiny fuzz on your face come hither. You worked his palm up to your brow and into your hair. The muscles in his hand triggering, he scratched your scalp, mussed your hair, full smile, the tiger’s teeth friendly just for you. Both your hands entwined in black mass of thick hair, you pressed your face to his and squeezed tight as you could.

“I thought you were dead, Xxavi. I saw it, you were ash and sparks and I’ve never. I thought you just explode into mist when a train hits you. Your body gets torn apart and they have to scoop you up and put you into little bags. Volcanoes don’t go off like you did. I can’t believe.”

“I know right. Speaking from experience I don’t’ recommend it. It might kill you, well not you Barty, but speaking frankly this was the greatest failed suicide attempt ever.”

“You dick, what were you thinking?” You gave him a little head butt. You waited on a response.

“I didn’t mean it, at least not the failing thing, but I had to, and I mean, now I’m here. I didn’t want to leave you and I’m working to get back. You’ve seen the Easter eggs I’ve been dropping you Babe B?”

“I don’t care about a f*****g Easter Egg, I miss you XE.”

“You care too much Barty. Look at me.” You looked him in the eye. “I know you miss me, but you’ve got a chance to do something you really care about. You’re the salvation. I’ll be here when you’re done, maybe a little closer, hint hint. Just pay attention. Enjoy the moment”

“Easy for you to say from the magnetosphere. I apologize, I’ll stop being snippy. You’re really here.”

“I miss you terrible, you know that? As much as I can be, this type of thing isn’t a cake walk, I’ve been in a place that’ll make you say like what. It’s a reality that I can’t put into words right now. I’m certain I’m physically asleep right now, but I can feel this and it is not a dream.”

“But I’m sleeping, I can’t get any rest. I was in a coma. I’ve killed a lot of people.”

“And they f*****g deserved it.” XE

“I didn’t say I felt bad, I’m just giving you an update.”

“I don’t really need an update, I’ve the big picture right now.” XE

“When are you landing?”

“I have, my hands are kind of tied,” XE.

“Well isn’t that convenient,” you laughed and moved for intimacy.

“I know right, a foot in the grave and a hand in heaven,” XE kissed you deeply.

“You half dead hunk, you,” you ran your fingers down to his free hand.

“The grave isn’t the half of it” XE

“A fate worse than death.”

“Hold onto your head, Barty,” XE, “I know where you’re going.”

“Go to sleep little baby.”

“You’re still as sweet as you ever were.” XE

“I’m a horrible c**t, what are you talking about?”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” XE. “You’re in your prime, you’re not spoiled, you’re rare, fresh to death,” he kissed you on the cheek.

“Fresh to death.”

“Stop sleeping with your eyes open. You’re on the level. I’ll see you round cowgirl.”

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

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Added on January 16, 2013
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