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“So you blew up MAGS Six and Seven, what’s the big deal?” Richard

“So you blew up MAGS Six and Seven, what’s the big deal?” Richard

“No big deal, Richie.“

“No. I mean, it was a great idea, but there wasn’t anything in those, you know the gist of the story.” Richard


“I’m following,” Richard crossed his fingers and kicked his feet up onto the coffee table.

“What will happen if we blow up eight through thirteen?” You changed the channel on the screen in his office.

“That’s interesting, that’s very interesting, B. Well, first I’d have to ask you, why not five to one?”

“I think you should retrofit them with whatever you’re doing.” Nothing worthwhile was on tv. “What are you doing?”

“Science stuff,” Richard took the remote from you.

“Fair enough.”

“So eight through thirteen, well you should start with nine, I don’t think you’ll kill yourself there.”

“Wow, have a little confidence in your sister.”

“Bart, it’s not that I don’t have confidence in you, it’s just not my thing, I kind of want to stay here, or at least in this general area. Blowing up those will bring the hounds. I mean I can’t tell you exactly what to do, but I’ll give you a map. I’m not into speculation on this. If the word comes up, you’ll be in the know.”

“Where’s dad at this week?”

“F**k if I know man, talk to Bianca, my secretary.”

“Look at you Mr. Fancy.”

“Shut up, she used to babysit Boo, I figured I’d do her a favor”

“That was Bianca Satterthwaite? Damn she’s really.”

“Got a monster a*s.”

“Yeah a monster a*s.”

“It’s because she just sits on it all day, she’s f*****g useless as a secretary, I’m never in the office and everyone has my direct line”


“So I’m venting to you sister.”

“Word, I forget”

“You want a drink?”

“So did he ask about me?” Jane

“No we mostly went over how to get in and out of the MAGS and science stuff.”

“You Ashby’s and your science.” Kaite “F*****g nerds.” JK

“JK I’m really biting my tongue in having you around these days, just settle the f**k down.”

“Yeah a*s hat, Jane, you want some of Dickie’s, you know.” Boo

“Jane?” JK

“Yes.” Jane

“Just start ignoring him, he’ll come around.” JK

“That’s terrible advice.” Boo

“Shut up Boo, you like girls.” JK

“I love people, and I love my brother, and I’m f*****g telling you that’s a terrible idea.” Boo

“Wow, language Boobie.” You

“I’m just saying if you like someone what’s wrong with a little pda?” Boo

“And I’m telling you, Richard is a gamer.” JK

“Richard is a man.”

“What does that even mean? It’s not like he’s an a*****e.” Jane

“He has to be handled appropriately, if you leave an opening he’s going to exploit the f**k out of it. You have to choke the life out of him so if that means crushing his confidence then that’s what it means. If that means stripping all affection from your courting him until he breaks down, resentment only lasts so long.” JK

“You are f*****g poison.” Boo “I know this.” JK

“Jane you’ve got a good head on your shoulders and you know Rich has a soft spot for you.” Kaite

“She’s got a soft spot for him.” JK “One time.” Jane

“I mean just talk to him and actually say you’re interested, none of the p***y footing around, it’s not like you’re in love.”

“Yeah and if somebody better comes along, I don’t think he’s the settling type” Kaite

“And if I really do like him?” Jane

“It could be worse.” Ren

“Yeah like your boyfriend could f**k your sister.” JK

“Jenny.” Boo

“Yeah yeah yeah, we’re not incestuous, so you don’t have to worry about any of us getting it on with him.”

“Well that really was what I was worried about.” Jane

“Ren do you want to date Boo, I think she’s available.” JK

“What the f**k Jenny?”

“God, I’m just kidding. Do what the f**k you want Jane, I think you and Dick will have beautiful children.” JK

“You’re not gong to poke holes in his condoms?” Jane “If you’re lucky.” JK

“Well I think it’s a wonderful idea.” Jason “Our little girl is growing up so fast.” Melody

“My little me. I’m still not comfortable with calling Barty a girl completely.” Jason

“Shut up, Jason.” Melody

“I love you honey,” Jason. “I really did break the mold when I made you.”

“I haven’t said anything, but do the other kids know?” “Know what?” Jason

“That we’re artificial.”

“But that’s just not true.” Melody

“Open your lexicon up some, you don’t have to be so correct around us Barty. No they don’t know that they’re all just my DNA. I mean the manner of conception shouldn’t really matter that much, it’s not like we love you any less than Jenny Kryss.” Jason

“Actually, Boo knows.” Melody


“And I told Jenny,” Jason. “What the f**k?”

“Oh you don’t care and you two pick on her so much she deserves to know she’s special.” Jason

“Boo figured it out on her own, you should really talk to her, I haven’t been able to see as much of her progress as I would have liked.” Melody

“Well I’ve been tutoring her.”

“Good girl.” Jason

“I thought she would have said something.”

“She really is something.” Jason

“Like I said, I don’t know why you’re bent over this, you don’t really care, you know Richard wouldn’t care.” Melody

“Point taken.”

“So all those news reports have been you and your friends?” Jason

“Yeah, the news is definitely disconnected on this, I’m pretty sure its on purpose too, but yes, I’m a murderer.”

“You’re too hard on yourself honey, you’re a killer, died in the wool, cold blooded.” Jason

“Was that slang?” Melody

“Oh I don’t know, what are the kids saying now a days?” Jason

“Jason, When are you coming back to Bernal?”

“I don’t know I’m heading to a conference in Paris, then Berlin, then Tokyo, Istanbul, Ibiza.” Jason

“Look at you globe trotter.”

“You’ll see soon enough Barty.” Jason

“I have been feeling a bit of wanderlust, I think you’re doing it the right way.” Melody

“There’s no wrong way to succeed, it’s like being pregnant, no body cares how many times you get fucked.” Jason

“Where’d you get that little gem from?”

“Saw it on the internet. I’ve got to go my dearest, they sprung for a masseur at this conference, I’ve got this stitch in my back under my shoulder blade that’s been killing me.” Jason

“Get it baby.” Melody

“Just make sure you come back in one piece, okay? You’re my best friend. I’m kind of attached.” Boo

“Sure thing Casper.” Wafer rooted around in your shoe, Oreo pawed it away from the little tuft. You sprawled out on the bed of a suite. Boo’s new room in Fort Dick was lavish. She had already started to outfit it to her specifications. She stood in front of a mirror flipping open and closed the swing out cylinders, draw quickening, she flourished holstering one in a jean pocket the other barrel scratching the side of her head.

“Your guns are a little off balance, this one, did you hit someone with it?”

“Nah that ones a new one. It did feel a bit off though, you can’t ride along.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it Buster Brown, not my kind of showdown.”


“A little o, big c,” She fired off rounds that weren’t in the chamber. “Till the wheels fall off I’m hoping.”

“Till its not interesting anymore.”

“I’ll be around.”

“When you want me to come just holler.”

“If it gets interesting, I’ll let you know.”

“You know my tastes” She watched you in the on the bed rolling over onto your back through the mirror.

“I don’t think it’s going to get that interesting.” “You’re too good to me, Bubbie.”

“You’re my little baby, Boobie.”

“Are you taking Oreo with you?”

“No. He...”

“Can I give him a middle name?”

“What is it?



“Deddie for short.”


“Please.” She stood over you holding the a chrome pistol under her chin, the other held out by the barrel, the grip ready for your grasp.

“Sure, Oreo Edward ‘Deddie’ Ashby,” Boo sent herself horizontal, you moved to the side, her body landing on her back next to you. The two of you head to head, you held the sides of her face and kissed her on the lips. She hugged you around the neck, her grip like a bear trap, she sighed a little bit and eased up.

“Don’t die Barty.” “Wouldn’t dream of it.”

“You said your piece?” You ashed your cigarette.

“Yeah, I called my moms and dad they’re not too concerned, Papa Yoshida says, hello.” Ren

“Where are Jane and Kaite?”

“Swag,” Kaite. The two of them came carrying black canvass body sized bags slung over the shoulder. “Richard likes her, like more than friends,”

“You do too.” Jane

“I was getting to that.” Kaite

“We’re dating.” Jane

“The royal we.” Kaite

“He’s a lucky man.” They dropped the bags at your feet.

“There are two more.” Jane. Ren went to work opening the bags and checking the contents.

“F**k all, I’ve never seen some of this s**t before.” She pulled heavy machine gun, assault rifle, shells from what looked like a bottomless stash.

“There’s some experimental stuff in there, ummm, magnetic pulsars, simple set up and break down kits for the ride, got to give it up for the military industrial complex, it helps to have a nice portfolio.” Kaite

“This is really pretty. Damn does Dickie want another girlfriend? I’m a sucker for shiny things.” Ren

“Let’s get the rest of these. Set up shop at your place?”

“Yeah, we’ve got gear.” Jane

“We’re heading into occupied territory.” Kaite

“The better to see them with.”

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

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