World Wide Free Media

World Wide Free Media

A Poem by CharlyeMonroe

Dedicated to us. Share it with your friends, video to come soon, it's going to be a long one.

Since the first book I have been reaching for a new style, something to break the second person in speaking directly to you

Curtains up
This is a stage show, not cinema
Tears already
Heavy, set in the skeleton
Slim frame sturdy as the light post swinging
Long socks rise
Shape like an hour glass kills
The new death and that is a good shade on you

Parade of blue
New skies welcomed

Would-be sages’ slew the beasts that they gave name to
Old wounds knock funny bones
Text jokingly that it must be the city air that is choking me
Good sex bruises around my throat retort that you feel familiar
Smeared ink
Slashed tires
Comme ci, comme ca
“No such thing as maybe, baby, I call em how I see em.”
Not my type
Are you a man or the prototype?
She says I’m a man

Seaworthy making my way towards horizon, trying to see the moon on the other side
No division
Her legs wander across the scenery
Heart laced in gold standard.
Have mercy.
All clad Goldie Locks, the mix breed bears resemblance to matter, matter of fact more lovely than the sum of her parts, funny how that works
Curtains close

The color red is for times like these
Rose pedals litter the stage in clumps
Lights dim but the life doesn’t fade away

Beach is dry and the tide has gone out
Crabs scurry along before the gulls get you
Slide ways to shells
Tongues twisted in knots
Peach cheeks keep record of what charcoal cannot
The refrain of a feeling
Pallet stained,
The razors edge cleans up a spot for something new

There is a cleft
Keep from escaping breath
Breath in
And again
And again
“Dialectic reasoning out of bounds.”
“It is just not the way things go around.”
“You arouse suspicion.”
“Something has gone missing; I can feel it in my chest when I put my head on pillow.”
I wanted to say something about the overwhelming sensation but I just can’t find the words
Trying hard to put you in perspective
Form fur silken blend and structured
Knees and toes and I add enamel
All is well in love and war
Sore spot below the navel because we are in
This is not one of those songs
People keep talking
The unavoidable truth too attached
Bye shoe strings
Rip cords
Seconds to impact and he’s not stopping

First smell sickness
Like stale piss from the pores
Poor people
Scent staining the concrete, seeping through the pavement, sweating siding from the buildings
When they ask their parents about the bench pressed with body, deliberate spot marked territory with codex like, “This is my job, and at the end of 9 to 5 I go home and f**k my wife.”
Bless you
“My life is hell,” he says with a heavy emphasis on the "H" so you can smell his breath, “where’d you get to find happiness for 45 minutes?”
Majority of my time spent in the s**t trying to figure out how I’m going to eat
Bold italicized
Eat, s**t, and die yuppie scum
I succumb immediately to flattery and interest gaining
I’m not complaining this gets a little old
Lucky to look into my eyes and see nothing
Fulfill that stigma that n***a is a dirty word
Nothing but a vowel sound to make them go off like fireworks
Know my place on the totem pole
Match sticks
Burn down to finger tips and flick away the ash
Acid rain
Pollution makes my eyes water
Too lazy
Fair trade and slow food resolution
Revolving doors
Thin black line
And I must be going blind because my marks look dimmer
Grease burns fill my mouth for reaching into the fire too fast, tongue blistered but nothing ever felt so good
Street sweeper sterility
Keep it down when I just want to breathe
Burberry weekend
And my friend says one day this will be the gangster s**t.
Six months
Sun burns through the SPF

Chain linked ours to a parked car on the side of the highway warding off the evil spirits
Grind you into f*****g dust
Samsonite rolling through the terminal touting "This is it and damn it if you don’t feel good."
“Great minds, am I right?”
Everybody's got their something
"So am I supposed to just sit here?"
It'll be an off chance on a good night
More than like the least of our worries
“I say what’s the hurry and you just pause because it’s dinner time."
Bell and switch
“Can’t hold onto the hot seat, you feel it?”
Wish you could deal this hand and catch a clean pair
The show must go on and next season is going to be a killer
Short end of the stick you're grabbing at
“Baby, I need a beat, do the honors, please.”
Knuckles primed
Pillow filled and slung over shoulder
South by southwest, she says take me out of this town, I want to see the sky at night, where I am in this
Lick of ice cream, dreams of the journey and the destination and the departure
Fair well my lift off
Freeze by my side just a second longer
Water drips down through the umbrella
More fun this way with limited alternatives
Filled glass, none of this half-staff, circus stuff
Thrills on the carousel
Got to get off some time

Or on

The people that eat people drink hot chocolate out of overdose mugs
Oversized aprons around their necks ready for the feast to begin in earnest
I sit for employment
Lasting moments
Momenta screeching halt
Outside my window the city noise ceases to amaze, Mr. Lonely
He leaves this place with a smile knowing there is a kindred spirit in we
Better looking with my hand in hers
Nerves are still
Exposure like late evening light
After the sun goes down and that sliver silvers the horizon
Packing everything I own
Pulling rank and file
Flirting with the mastery of my life
Little feet the size of my hand
Phase shift
This is the time of the piece where we make some changes
Say never again will I sell my tools for chimp change
Monkey money as it were

May the time pass
Temps et tempre
Tempra paint
Temporary engagements
The rumble
Of tires on lose soil
Side of road
Lumps in the throat of boundless life
Comes around to the beauty of things
When change is not a factor, say hallelujah
Chorus claims cashed and paid out in spades
Constraining sermon
Mountain top tillers back soil
Good enough to eat
Sprout from fingertips
Rain approaches
Open our mouths
Tired eyes but will unbroken
Are you sleeping?
Because I was sleeping too

Bar codes cavalcade black and white lines
Sunglasses in the overcast day time
Burn off marine layer
Mist moth
Little wings beat against the bonds of dry ice
Molecules too heavy to take flight in just
Of the world on our shoulders

High top faded never been so
Like wise
Gaining on proposals
Preeminent writer and philosopher
That is not a modest statement
Humble as a long line
You must meet eye to eye
My stomach rumbles, ride is done
Say speak that slang and maybe you’ll get where you’re going
Ghost write
Tread lightly

I don’t sit down and type like this enough, you know, just stream of consciousness
I don’t really type that fast and I usually only use two fingers
Maybe after a while, because evolution takes such a long time and all, all my other fingers will just fall off
That would be terrible
Then what would I bang your mom with
Thems the jokes folk
I have a very juvenile sense of humor
Every joke I make involves poop, genitalia, death, or something like that
Here’s one

Didn’t even make it past Halloween

Last days on planet earth
Single subject

Stuck in a small room black and sea foam stripped
What are you going to do tonight?
Hang myself
Nightly walks from campus through the city of the future, across the royal road, through the neighborhoods, Elmo street when I remember, the jokes, tickle the
Neighbors said somebody died in that house

Keep things clean
Waiting it out while the ambulance comes
Can’t get down
The driveway because its parked full of cars
Can do attitude
Caught up in reality
It takes more fortitude than attitude, live fast and you'll die soon enough don’t worry about it
Step back and think how many people I would be without now if I had some follow through
Called shot
Sheep skin

Happy birthday
Hit me with your best shot
She’s a face in the crowd
Last show they played that I can remember
Many a splendor
Almost November and I'm losing weight
Winning life
Pencil thin
Crayola ready
Heavy boots and body paint
Abandon all hope, the end is nigh
Take me to the hospital; better yet put a bullet in my head
So the story goes
Something to take the pain away
Make everything all right
Enough to fill a bathtub
Take my shoestrings so I don't do it again
What a way to go
Goddamnned me to an open room and a roommate that had really lost it
Another girl I used to know
should I wear my hair up like we're in some f*****g music video and stuck in sync with a skeleton that had a hard on for that all important question
Is this kosher?
Said try and make that girl smile
The nurses know I shouldn't be there but I'm stubborn
Wouldn’t let me outside the box until I could play nice
Josh visits with sushi and Carl’s Junior
Shave my face
Father came to visit, said son I’m proud of you
Move me over with the old folks for a few more days
Cigar, jazz and dark chocolate
Super Tuesday gull song
Adventures of a reluctant messiah
Be careful what you wish for
You just might get it

Voice true happiness
She’s hypnotic
Lightly armored
When it hits you you'll know
Take one another's
Soil sows the seeds of ourselves
Dirt chafed children rise freckle faced
Dog in velvet skin
Shame we aren't animals
We make it better
Days wind and
We were fast as coursing
Lightning in our veins
Strike directly towards the heart
The end
We are
See it in our eyes
Appetite depression as the help would say
Come along now
No one left behind
The field is open and you draw your feet close to mine and tell me how big I am

Antlers claw the ground beneath cloven hooves
This is a rut
Locked in combat
Bodies are buried on the battlefield for amnesty's sake

Fallen soldiers feeding on menstrual blood, back to the state you came from

We call them losers
Crashed and burned, we call them death

Spilled crimson
Padded cell
Pulled from flesh

That’s an Oedipus complex
I'm sure he would have fucked his sister too
Closer to the source
Ted Bundy turquoise eyes
His daughter called him daddy till the end of days

This is a rut
Testing ground for nuts
The f**k is fancy
Splayed c**t
Red velvet
Pound cake beat to mash
Root of all evil
Balls deep as the laymen insist
You’re not trying
Sea men enlist in the army or the air force for a shot at the prom queen, that one that they can grab when the war is over
Now a day no one goes home alone they just go to the after party

This is a battlefield
I use my hands to dig the grave of my enemy, the same ones I use to kill them with, same ones I use on my own
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
The Indian Ocean is full of dead bodies and the Ganges is full of s**t
Where all good souls go

It’ll come to pass like a movement
Tectonics recycle our bones
Sky burial
12 minutes of free fall to be met with a blood clot
Be lucky to be somebody.
Bodies are buried on the battlefield for amnesty’s sake
Butting heads
But no breaks
Power struggle junk
Fight it, f**k the system
Fit the bill for a first class ticket to the pyramid
Power line
Socket game
Plugged in
Turn up the volume
Crank that bass
You’re going to be popular
Passing through exhaust pipes
New tires with 20 inch rims plus a little extra on the side, why not?
Something to pay your taxes with and make sure you break even

No ties
No bowing out
Bow up
Standing hares stand privy
Ridge back break with impact
Road age
Have to keep the legs moving
Get a little stupid and you can bounce
Spike, slaughter house
I us my hands to dig the graves of my enemies
Friends too

This is what I will tell you
We’re in a building
It’s on fire
We’ve made friends
Held hands
Played puppy love
Peeled the skin
Onion fields
Raw deal
I’m not crying.
My stick is yours
We’re just kids
Closet doors shut
Keep the moths away
Dogged sweater
Sing lullaby
Never mind the condition
Tell me this will not last
Spider’s silk
My pillow
Won’t follow when you are gone
May flower
Autumn leaves
I am wide awake
Veins pumping
Wave caution
Kiss me

I went to sleep last night after much fretting over my mental state
This subsides after about 15 minutes of elation that tomorrow
Or today
Is one day closer to having this week over and done with
For the record books, it has been a good week for work opportunities
Back from there, hour 11, face planting into pillowed surfaces
Some days it would be nice to be thrown around a little bit
The ocean is good for that
Emma went to San Diego this weekend and I've avoided her last two calls
Harley asked if I was asleep, I said yes I always sleep with my arms behind my back
Something about discomfort makes me rest easier
One more hour
Still on the post jazz come down
Got some good footage
Lots of sweeping shots of polished brass horns
Upright bass
And piano
The female drummer worked the same set as her male counterpart
Brought her own snare as did he
Met another dick with legs, this one in the music business, just like the last one
Looking at the screen playback I can't break my eye away from the pixel
Running back the speed these things seem to disappear and are replaced with soundscape
I do enjoy the override feature
Can’t mute the pop out that is played on this piece
I got what I wanted
I did right when I called out the band
Another hour
Couldn’t sleep, got out of the chair and dreamed
Sweet ones
Slower, synapses firing at a steady rate and my thoughts are clear
This is what I want
The sublime feeling of eyes rolling under lids so heavy
Not even a hard day’s work
I don’t know how to feel better when I’m this exposed
My heart beats rapid
Another hour, say nine o’clock
Coming back from the band stand
God damn
Long time no see
No sensation to match the feeling of bass drum and rolling thunder
It’s just practice
Had my mind made up I would make something of this
Finally got around to it
Double bass tremble, treble cleft
Trump card dealing
Got my head on straight and nose wide open
I'm trying to be an influence, I just don’t have anyone to impress
The impossible view from heights so high
Lofty ambition
I see blood
A day to the week
Will not sound
I had a thing for picket fences and the ocean breeze
Still do

Building darkness discovers me
Discuss of what is alien
My own kind
On origins
Orgies of light fantastic
Every point divine
My form follows function
I am a lover, look at my veins
She smiles and takes my hand, says hold on

Warm me and hues shift from brown to blue. Eyes on you endless
Appetites tight between my teeth
Unpackaged, all is well
She smells new. Loved in pairs mass produced
Warm me and hues shift from blue to green
Eyes on you endless, I have seen
We go home to rest in peace
We come together perfectly

I don’t remember my birth. I remember becoming self-aware. Before that, I can imagine there was much. My sink radiates heat
I pulse when touched. I dream then I close my eyes. I am a magnet. I attract electricity. Little lightening cloud take my tiger teeth far

This much is true
Bush law enforcement
Kittens making art
Star hole evidence
Charlye my stage name
Monroe Money
It makes dollars
Sense is instilled in common knowledge
You know the things we relate to
Death of a loved one tantamount to death of yourself
Jealousy at a funeral for flower bearer
Ringing in my ears from the alarm clock
I will never forget 6AM
Sun rise on the icy lawn as dawn supersedes everything, even itself
Frost bitten revelry, revolution in the streets
We call recall
Playback that last scene and up the contrast
Come again
Watching myself be myself
Grand scheme and rainbow glitter
When riding across the desert that’s what the milky way looks like
Stars just might drop for you to make a wish

All work and no play, that’s the way it is, ain't it?
Can’t shake this sneaking suspicion that, you know

It is an open market

World Wide Free Media

You gotta spend money to make money

Color economy
Present arms

You should kill me before I’m famous

Sweet life tea brewed up to fight the flu season

Irrepressible plains responsive to the dry air where weeds blow in tumbles
My prairie's companion wind swept blades of white willow
Stand as dandelions much more firm
Cotton wool turbines
Cambrian and the pre
Time of our lives
Me thinks piracy
White hair and blue cap in front of me
She thinks privately, book bent to page turning
Towers all move in the breeze
Say hello to busloads of souls streaking through their domain
The rain like money in the pockets of homeless knowing gold backing behind currency
Corrugated iron works next to the cactus bush
Soft rolls of heather hair and peach fuzz flesh and freckles
Pecan trees around farm houses
Power lines and the waves
Grace hymns blowing in electric hum
The voice of catharsis choir
Steady between mother earths branches
Salt lines crystalline beads of something to savor

3 am calls
Another morning, recline nation
Conjured desert dust.
Nose bleeds from the red carpet where I rest my head trying to succeed in slumber
Blow my face off in the bathroom, look in the mirror
Ursa Major chords
Wind up thinking about western eyes
I’m not a house cat
I tried the lifestyle change
Western eyes like amber dream
Aubergine in all my waking nights watching peach sleep cherub cheeked
No devils touch godless goddess
She deserves all the happiness

8 hours after midnight, wide up at then
Hallucinations rather than dreams it seems pair of threes and the wise men make for a full house
Federales creeping in to make sure I’m a US citizen
Tender skin on my lips peel off
Blackened palm trees, nylon Golf Course County
Faster than a locomotive
They shot that on a sound stage in Los Angeles some where
A good place to take a piss and smoke a cigarette
Old school Hollywood
Indo like the rappers used to say
Rainbow colors
King ranch F150
Fill the freight elevator up with snow, make the mountains look life like

Amicable white smoke rises from station low in the crater as to say the pope is dead and we have crowned another
Refined wisdom or rather refound that light
Lightening in a bottle
Where the LA River looks wild a rose grows in Harlem
Forever 21
Lanes end and shoulder takes responsibility, shouldering circus acrobats
Trunks cross as elephants do not forget the paths they follow
Carousel adds new horse
Put out to pasture
Javelined, you are here and that is nowhere
Nativity calms the savage side of me
She cries in a good film, still kisses with saliva

Little lust at my side, English television
This antisocial behavior
Roaming charges most apply
Lightning strikes
Dry air
Dry cough
Hare in my throat.
7 hours past midnight
Wake up speaking in tongues
Limited shelf life
Joy riding on the express way
120 miles per hour that’s the speed I drive
She sings, “Life can be sweet, in joy and sorrow.”
Roots song
Simple things, “naturally,” you say
You’ll never walk alone
I don’t mind

First words of a sleep talker, forget what it feels like
You ask me what it feels like
Frames per second
Tilt shift, soft focus at the edges of the foreground rapidly receding into the future
See grass dunes weaving blankets
Behavior irrational but that’s what makes a match
Candle wick chronicles
Can’t beat but I’ll take that back pay
Forward thinking
Loaded gun, 5 o’clock shadow, overtime
Sore throat or something else viral
No matter
Hyper conscious caffeine rush like nicotine buzz
A rush of blood in skin

The musical as vehicle for presence
Brotherly love in speaking the words tongues bound in thought, doing two things at once
When the revolution comes
Common sentiment among thinkers
Splintered hands and long faces
Growth spurts from scalp
Change for a dollar
Change of address
Where are you from?
Said I want to die old and far away from where I was born with lots of money in a nice house and a mouth full of strawberries
Can’t take it with me where I’m going
Middle fingers and a smile, f**k my brains out
Everyone equal when we’re dead
Something incredible, right
Left amazing

Sitting alone in a one bedroom apartment
Past 9
Made a phone call to the princess seeing if she's still the one I need
Sick in the stomach
No video games
Think about my best friend back home and wonder if he's still on antidepressants
Does he choke his wife when they make love or do they just roll around in the mud
Happy as a clam
Hidden away in some lonely flat without sunlight
Stale smoke and garbage
Made a point of saying b***h today because ain't that life?
Ain't this life?
She hates my voice and the clothes I wear but we f**k like the world is ending
Say our time is up, see you again next week

Don’t turn on the TV today but can't avoid the Internet where I work
Wag my middle finger at myself in the mirror as a f**k you to the man
Just passed myself
Every time it happens I get chills
Can't really tell if I'm cold or not
See the goose pimples on my skin
Let the sun shine in through the windows
Open door policy
Kiss desperately
Comings and goings
Sweet science
It's a people's art
What I'm supposed to be
Because I stand on two legs and walk around like my s**t doesn't stink
Sit in a cafe all day and watch the comings and goings of modern man
The clock ticks on the wall
Dip well when I think I want you to myself

The bad one
Drop of my nerves
Running nose where it's going got to catch the bus across town so I can make my meal ticket
Talks with a loud one about what makes my relation ship
No sure thing walks by
Driving range
Hearse and wheel chairs black Jews
Sammy carries the clubs
Still cares if it’s an inside joke
Inside job
This is not for paying customers
Mental warfare
Post-traumatic stress
Same song and dance might need to take another
Herbal remedies ain't doin it
Ancient Chinese secret
Sea crest
Outside my shadow talks of nothing
Escape suffering, surreptitious as it may be
Six degrees warmer and we're living in heaven
All the girls have dark hair and smoky voices
Never had a thing for blondes before her
Callus reference
She says I'm sexist like calling a white man racist because he doesn't get the joke
Not laughing
6 degrees warmer and we're living in hell
Dodger blues
Feet too small for your shoes better in a bigger pair
Please peach don't go, I scream at the top of my lungs
Pessimist in me says she's already gone
Last letters a moot point
Power in succession
Never slept with you before
Told her the last place I'd make it with a girl like that
Lovers lost to modernity
Like me and now I don't know
Can't ask questions
Sugar coating honey walls
Clap on
This is before the end
Blinking ceiling light dashed after
This acrylic dries too fast
Clean off your Pen and start over again
Oh love
Want I could sing those songs that you listen to on the radio
The ones that make you close your eyes and forget for a minute
What we were building was perfection
Hard lessons learned that only ones on the losing end
Say it takes pain to make the brain a little smarter
Ballet shoes can attest to that
Tennis rackets tell the tale
More in common with your mother than you admit
We love our parents
Bound to become them
Breast implants and a bald head
Better than the alternative
Who wants second best?
Spill blood for you
Beg and steal for you
I would die for you
One woman choir
All the oohs and ahhs
Monsoon season
Small break
Sick at myself that I can't go for more than a day without calling your name
Never saw it coming
Frosted face silence
Maybe this is endemic of something
Say fine I don't want to fight
Too late now
The pessimist in me says that ship has sailed and it was never meant to be
Foolish of you to put trust in he
Should have known better crossing oceans and the sea
For she
The one on the limb
My eyes spy high hanging fruit
Resolved convictions to do better next time
Pull your dick between your legs, you pen a*s
What writers think themselves auteur?
Arbiter of real life
Lavish thoughts of happiness and freedom
Villain spoke such sweet words
Don't be a hero
We let you down
The sky falls
Even atlas shrugged
Tea watered down with what it mostly began with
That one gets lost on the cutting room floor
Live long forget about me
The pessimist says desire the inevitable, for goodness sake were all dying inside
Outside on the streets it's no better, not with this weather
6degrees higher and were living in hell
All is well in heaven
Birds chirping, dogs barking, people are outside watering their lawns
Getting better at walking backwards
Trick pony
Thought it was a good idea
Best laid down in writing so you don't back out on your word
Want to be murdered
Thought she would be happy to see me come back now I doubt it
Life keeps on going
Let alone 40 years from now
Said those magic words meant to know how the story ends
Ride off into the sunset
Hide my eyes behind glasses

Melody for the broken hearted
Guys like me don't get girls like that
Longing to think about forever
No future
Just a good f**k and a night cap
Lights on or off it doesn't matter
Girls like that don't get guys like me
Heartless marauders thinking heavenly
That if it all should end tonight rather light than dark should fill my sight
Fair weather is appetizing but not filling
We want the same thing but don't know how to say it
Blame it on the old folks, they made us this way
Undeserving of a hot hand
We should have to work for a living
All is forgiven, merely an issue for some other fool
See you around

Didn't wake up this morning to do this
Kiss my hand contemplating
Should I get me ears lowered?
Mother told me to spend my money on leisure
Let it be
Gotta ask dean for a bailout, better not get behind or the ACLU may make me over
Gotta cut that out
Crew thirsty along with me
Be a better captain an afterthought
Scroll marked one
Three actually
Sent a cell phone photo wishing you were here
Hello honey
Told my girl friend that my girlfriend was my metaphysical teammate
She liked that and told me I was smart
Said we should collaborate some time
There's that word again
She wakes up to watch me work

Hair cut low to expose my scalp
Head scratching, he told me I was full of latent energy, at the time another word for s**t
Looking like a tomato he sits in the sun, ripening
Trying to get a charge I rub my cell phone battery on my chest
Lazy eye, the scar from glasses gouging my face
Flesh wound
Round and full
Back to the way I used to be
Full of it, you know
That noun that makes the world go round

In the 21st century
26 years old
Self-defined love poet
Textual artist
Handy man
Jack of all trades or Mr. fix if it is in my powers
Has a hard time being alone
Has a hard time being asleep
Gets restless
Brings you flowers on Valentine’s Day

Let the church say amen
This is god's country, little g and white Jesus, OxyContin and methamphetamine
It's better than being depressed
Chronic pain
What they pump into the looking glass
That guy gets around, white Jesus
Saw him on three billboards and in a Waffle House
What a day
Answer all my prayers, 1001 nights, cheese eggs and raisin toast
All the good ole boys are gone
Replaced with men your grandpa would spit out
Keep me movin through the Waffle House
Ground Chuck Norris down to white powder and take a sniff
Hi karate
Boogie man on the highway overpass waiting to pounce
What kind of smoke is that?
Must be fire, fog on the everglades, evangelicals and Lutherans, get a long little doggie
Road kill mint jelly spread across 8 lanes in the mall of America
Ant no half stepping, ain't no high siding and definitely ain't no hand holding
Can't take it with you, can accrue experience
Different every time as part of the experience
Raised hand
Is there a doctor in the house?
Hallelujah let the church say amen
Praise white Jesus for all his sins
Neon palm trees.
Sweet science says its true
Second amendment clause
Citizen as first responder
Dot organization
Salt and vinegar
Sure answers life's tests

Two ways recipes like over easy or hard boiled or just fried, scrambled, soft
Watermarked with milk or butter or cheese or curds
Classic like old fashioned or newfangled or new school or the news without Huey because he had prior engagements that would be a shame to miss, really
Time of our lives
Always available like on call or without a doubt or your lucky day
Trunk rattling where it's at
Bass shaking where it's at
Earth quaking where it's at
Minute made permanent, pertinent or another word for long lasting

The eggs over medium grits sausage and bacon and a diet coke
Don't be a wimp now, m**********r, you look like dried toast
Can you believe that?
No baby, 3 over medium, bacon toast, deep fried, come on now
He tries to be a true southerner
These sons of b*****s
Where you raised at?
Where in the f**k are you raised at?
That m**********r
The duck ain't huntin
Did what the man said?
Super jelly
Is one form or another
I'm not fancy, I don't need no straw
Just coffee
They got some help
That's some pretty good s**t
I hope you know who's gonna pay for this

I've only seen one race car
You spell it the same either way
9 and the time is 3:24
Kids got moxy after midnight
Might have sold himself with that one
Ripped jeans
Sleeping pills
The arbiter of our time
Sharon takes tablature while a cab comes
Equivalent exchange
Strip clubs close at 4 in Daytona
What comes next?
After the second wave

Sunshine stakes, round placed, smooth makes our way westward
Where the sunshine state
Violet hour, velvet color lavender and white
10 point buck men working on the side of the interstate
A little fresh air never hurt anyone
Somebody driving on empty, shot nerves elate lives
Hot water but the frog jumped out
Crabs in a bucket caught up in the amusement
Nowhere to go not for some time
Shredded tires
Call box, striped lines on the overpass look like kids with sticks
on my cheek
Will not sound
A day to the week
And the ocean breeze
Images singularity
Anniversary and the station says 57000000 murdered
Law says the drug war is modern day slavery
Savor the taste of your doctor pepper
Death and the other thing, right lane closed ahead

When the songs come on the radio you can't help but smile a little bit
Directions for when I'm a bad dog
Be a better boyfriend
On again off again lovers
She says she’s training me for my next girlfriend
Third husband
Always hoped we would make up the difference
Girls just want to have fun
Split ends, splitting hairs
Too big and too small at the same time
Practical turned pop and I've got ink on my hands because this isn't any more difficult in a moving vehicle
I guess some things are harder than others
Too afraid it wouldn't make sense if I tried it blindfolded
Stuck in the middle
One direction if you lose relevance then you can make a difference
Stop and say you saw that coming

Black American misfit
Jewish American princess
Baghdad church of Christ
That's what the war was about
I had to do a self-assessment

Provokes mixed emotions and I'm just confused about what girl I like
That was on purpose
Rapidly approaching the age where I got to give a damn, already gave two f***s, some s***s and multiple orgasms
Writers live forever it seems like I made a good choice if I want to be immortalized
Don't want to live forever necessarily but want to see everything
Perspective that I'm not the same I used to be and that I should be settling down and holding the pen of another man while the tipping point is in my rear view mirror
Clearer images
Used to be able to close my eyes and wake up ready for combat
Force of habitually living on a timeline
Shelf life
When she asks me what I'm doing I say the same ole thing and most of the time that's what I'm thinking
Road signs should make me a better driver but I get distracted
Such is life
Signed and dated
Mile 35 mobile

Dogs barking in the distance
Down below base camp
Because these gnats are just a misnomer for a number of species
Redistribution of the wealth is a scary proposal
Minds merry go round the breeze barely making moving flags in the distance
Last pill didn't make it back
Scars on the earth
Sick uncle calling for me to give him a little something, something to make the pain go away
Sunrise thought I should have been born a woman, they can be anything, bleed for mine as it is
I'm getting tired of this lifestyle used to think it would take me to missing noun
Soup for dinner, soup for breakfast
Bobbing for apples but no sex
Said she's saving herself for someone else and I agree because I'm doing the same
Sleeping with an ex I'm still in love with
Never give up attitude
We were just getting used that
Winter soldiers on
Bone dry below the mountain fog
Out for
In a place I've been before

Sitting lakeside a bee landed on me and after a once over exclaimed I was not honey with a lift off buzzing away for to find whatever it was she was looking for
Funny, I thought, I could have
Stumbled across my Hell outside of the island and only a few 100 paces away was installation art
Bald tires and burning furniture
That was after I had already decided that to recreate this would be blasphemy
I was an atheist at eight years old because I knew when I had to wake up at eight am on a Sunday to go sit with a bunch of people I really didn't like well God was probably make believe under those rules Bismillah ir rhman ir raheem
He likes me because I've got moly
There are birds across the field from me and they look happy
I don't know what happiness is to a bird so sitting on a branch breasts out seems pretty entertaining
Is that what happiness is?
I don't think so
I get a kick out of soap bubbles when I do the dishes so that must be sublime
Pattern migrations and string theory when the waves hit you can't tell the difference
The devil is in the details like all good things and I'm Jewish so I don't believe in that
Ratta tat tat
Sounds a lot like gunfire
My desire to be left alone doesn't take precedent over you
Screw the formalities
With these birds and these bees
Eight letter hang ups.

© 2013 CharlyeMonroe

Author's Note

Give it all you got

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I'm very impressed by this. Well-written, and that hard-edged style of yours manages to soften itself enough during the middle to keep the reader's attention. I think the beginning of the last stanza is a little bit too much of a break, but it really doesn't detract too much. Very well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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8 Years Ago

Thanks, I had trouble with that bit, breaking it up into lines that didn't feel artificial when I pu.. read more


I'm very impressed by this. Well-written, and that hard-edged style of yours manages to soften itself enough during the middle to keep the reader's attention. I think the beginning of the last stanza is a little bit too much of a break, but it really doesn't detract too much. Very well done.

Posted 8 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


8 Years Ago

Thanks, I had trouble with that bit, breaking it up into lines that didn't feel artificial when I pu.. read more

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