My Beloved

My Beloved

A Story by Chellie

Picking up the pink roses, her favorite, I made my way to her grave. Even in death our love only grows stronger.




































My footsteps echoed through the dark and cold night, splashing in the water from the rain. It had stopped only minutes ago, but still, I could feel the cold wetness of it.


The village was quiet, asleep. Candles were out in most homes, and even the lanterns seemed to dim as I walked past, their flickering lights twinkling in the black night. A thick fog was descending upon the small village from above, consuming, trapping all who resided in it.


The gray trench coat I was wearing clung to my body. I thought about peeling it from me and tossing it, but decided it would be too much effort. It didn’t matter what I was wearing anyway.


My frozen feet dragged more and more with each step I took. Water sloshed against my ankles chilling me to the bone. But I kept moving. My hair clung to my forehead, droplets of water falling from soaked strands.


In my left hand I held a bouquet of pink roses, in my right a vile of poison. I turned at the next corner and began a slow walk to the end of the muddy road. With each step I took my body shook more, my heart became heavier, and my breaths came quicker.


From behind I heard the cries of a new born babe. I jumped, startled at the sudden loud noise in the quiet darkness. I turned to the sound and saw a lantern be lit in the last house on the road. The cries of the babe stopped, probably feeding from the breast of it’s mother. I turned again, making my way to my destination at the end of the road.


The mud beneath my feet became thicker, making it hard to walk. I had to take slow, calculated steps to miss the thickest part of it, and almost slipped more than once.

Finally it was in my sights. I had arrived at my final destination, my final resting place. Walking up to the wooden entrance gate I traced a lazy finger over the small stone plaque that read “Village Cemetery.” I sighed a long and heavy sigh, and threw my head back to look at the heavens above.


I whispered to God. “Please Lord, please may I gaze upon her lovely face once more. Let my fingers tangle in her soft honey hair, and let my lips brush against hers. If only once more my Lord, let me tell her I love her, tell her I’m coming home to her, I’m coming home to you. Lord, please, if only once more, let me gaze into her soft brown eyes and see her undying love for me. Please my Lord, please.”


A voice suddenly filled the air. A high pitch voice rich with happiness and laughter. My pleas forgotten I fallowed the familiar voice into the cemetery. The fog was still thick but I could see gravestones and the soggy grass beneath my booted feet. I spotted a lantern hanging from a post a few feet away and made my way to it, digging a match from my pocket to ignite the flames. I stuffed the poison in my pocket for later.


Within seconds the lantern was lit and I was once again walking amongst the gravestones, fallowing the voice of my beloved. A cold air whipped around me, so strong it almost dried my wet clothes. My beloved’s voice stopped it’s beautiful melody and I turned in circles holding the lantern out, searching for any trace of her.


Then she stood in front of me, like she had been there all along. Her honey colored hair fell in waves down her petite body, and her soft brown doe eyes seemed to smile at me with a happiness I had never known. She laughed, a sound that made my heart stand still.


Her hands reached up and cupped my face. Her touch was cold, hands freezing, but her skin was still soft as silk. She moved in closer to me and stood on her toes. Her lips met with mine, and we kissed, the softest, sweetest kiss we ever shared. But underneath the gentleness of the kiss was something else. It was urgent, and full of so much love my knees went weak.


I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her closer to me, dropping the pink roses I held in my hand. Her soft breasts were pressed against my chest, her hands still on my face. I squeezed her as we ended the kiss. I brought a shaky hand up to her face and traced my thumb along her jaw. She smiled softly at my touch and brought one of her hands up to lay on mine.


She leaned into my touch and closed her eyes, savoring the contact. “I love you.” She whispered softly. Her voice was shaky, on the verge of tears.


I felt my own eyes burn with tears. “I love you too my beloved. More than words can tell, more than pictures can show. My love for you will never waver and even in death my love for you will grow.”


Tears streamed down her face, mirroring my own. She smiled that peaceful smile of hers and looked into my eyes. Her brown eyes, dark with sadness. Lashes wet with her tears framed her beautiful eyes, casting shadows on her face in the dim lighting.


“I know you do my darling. And my love is the same for you. But I must go now. The angels are calling to me. They tell me that soon we will be together forever. Nothing will ever come between us again.” Her face was lit with a light of it’s own as she spoke the words. She already knew I was coming for her.


“Go now. Be at peace my love. I will join you shortly.” She gave me one last kiss before stepping away from my body and vanishing. Her voice sang in the air and for a moment the souls of all the dead rose and danced a lazy waltz. I watched as they swayed with one another to the sound of her voice. Some laughed with happiness, some sang along, but all danced.


Their bodies glowing a ghostly glow, translucent in the dim lighting of the lantern. My eyes blinked and when they opened I was standing in an empty graveyard, alone. All sound stopped and all was quiet again. I smiled knowingly.


Picking up the pink roses, her favorite, I made my way to her grave. Leaning down, I watched as the lantern light illuminated her gravestone. I reached out tracing her name with my fingers. I laid the roses on top of the stone and turned to sit, leaning against the cold grave.


My hand dug into my pocket and dug out the small vile of poison. I popped it open and quickly swallowed the contents before I had time to think about it. My eyes closed in surrender, awaiting my death.


I felt my body get weak, my head got dizzy, and my throat began to close. I looked up to the heavens again and whispered my last words. “I’m coming to you my beloved.”


As my vision went black I felt the arms of my true love wrap around me. Her voice whispering soothing words as death began to claim my body. There was no pain, and no suffering. There was only love and peace. I smiled one final smile, meant for her.


And then I passed on to another life.


© 2010 Chellie

Author's Note

**Warning** This story does contain suicide. I do not support suicide in any way. This is simply a work of fiction. Nobody should take their own life, no matter the circumstance.

Well on that note, I got this idea from reading one sentance. "Walking among the gravestones he could have sworn he saw her face." It was from a story on another site about a father walking through a graveyard searching for the soul of his dead daughter. It is a great story.

So please tell me of any errors, spelling, grammar, punctuation. Feedback is welcomed.

Thanks and hope you enjoyed my little story. I know I enjoyed writing it.

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Featured Review

I'm reading it now- it's well written, it's powerful and has a good sense of movement(if that description makes sense) well what i mean is it has a good pace the way it is written, it has powerful imagery, it is beautiful written and unique. Well done it has a strong use of language and I enjoyed reading it :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

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i loooooved it it was realy good but im not the person you ask for telling of mistakes i was so involved in the story i saw nothing but words. bthats what im like

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is so amazing!!! I can definitely feel how the character was so in love with her. It's definitely got potential!

Posted 9 Years Ago

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This is brilliant!! so sad but emotive, great structure and language, a truly great little story!!

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is so sad and touching. I love how you captured the sense of loss and pain. And the happy, yet sad ending completed the story.
(Ps: I had my music playlist on when reading this, and the song Flowers For A Ghost by Thriving Ivory came on as I read this...It was pefect, coz the lyrics relate to the story. you should check it out.)

Posted 9 Years Ago

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i love it it was amazing in every way so sweet

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is very nice, Chellie---a tale of love that is greater than life.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is a beautiful story : )
I loved it, it's so sweet

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This is soooooooo sweet and I am glad you don't aprove of suicide hahaha :)

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

I loved this story, it was one of my favorites, I'm so happy you put it in my contest, I loved it so much! You drew me in with your descriptions, but I was confused, when he entered the graveyard, I started to understand, and the ending was so sad, but sweet at the same time. Amazing write.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

This was beautifully written, with a Bronte-like atmosphere (I was thinking of 'Wuthering Heights'). You manage the graveyard encounter, creating the atmosphere and the re-kindling of the love that transcended death. The finale was appropriate - Romeo & Juliet-like! Wonderful writing.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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