Worlds, Lords, and Keyboards

Worlds, Lords, and Keyboards

A Story by Chellie

Sadie needs help writing a school assignment and calls on her friend Kaelee for help. Just a funny little story that I came up with. Enjoy.


My fingers glided over the keyboard as fast as they could. Hitting each key precisely as they went, forming letters into words. When the short sentence was written my right hand moved to the mouse and guided the arrow up to the send button. I looked over the short message one last time to make sure there were no spelling errors.


“Instant message me as soon as you get on here and read this. Phones broke and I need your input on something.” Good, everything was spelt right. I hit the send button, and my message was on it’s way.


After the message was sent I got up and cleaned the room a little as I waited for Kaelee to reply to the message. Two weeks ago my teacher in Creative Writing class gave us an assignment to write a seven to ten page story. It could be about anything she had said. The only rule was that you had to create your own world. And creating a whole new world was not as easy as it sounded.


It also didn’t help that I am one of the biggest procrastinators ever. So, like usual, the seven to ten page story was due tomorrow. And had I even written one page of the story? Shoot I hadn’t even written one word of the story. I was pretty much screwed. And with my brain fried from classes all day and then work after, coming up with an idea all by myself just didn’t seem possible at the time.


Suddenly the computer beeped at me, letting me know that Kaelee had written me back. I walked across the small room and sat at the old computer chair that I took with me from my parents home a few years ago. It was worn down, but still so comfortable.


KaeleeHearts: Hey Sadie lady what’s up?


SadieLady: Hey Kaelee. I need your help. I have an assignment due tomorrow for Creative Writing and I haven’t even started it yet.


KaeleeHearts: Sadie why do you always wait till the last minute? Ok don’t worry, I’ll help you. Just tell me the requirements.


SadieLady: I’m sorry. It’s not my fault that I have had things going on for the past two weeks. I have school and work everyday. Besides, I haven’t been able to think of anything good for the assignment.


KaeleeHearts: Well that’s what I’m here for silly. You should have let me know sooner. By the way, how did you break your phone?


SadieLady: It’s a long story that involves a toilet and a fishing rod. I’ll have to tell you about it some other day. But back to the story. It has to be seven to ten pages long and has to have a whole newly created world. It can be about anything.


KaeleeHearts: Ok Sadie, anything is a lot of options there. You need to narrow it down a little. Lets start with what you want. What do you want to write about?


SadieLady: Hmm……well romance is always a nice touch. I mean to me it’s not really a story unless it has a little bit of romance in it.


KaeleeHearts: There’s a start. So what do you want your characters to look like?


SadieLady: Don’t you think we should build a universe for the characters to live in, a world for them to live on?


KaeleeHearts: Where getting to it, don’t worry. Just trust me. Now, what do you want your characters to look like?


SadieLady: I don’t know. Maybe the girl could have long curly red hair.


KaeleeHearts: Yea there we go. And her eyes can be as blue as the sky.


SadieLady: Freckles can dot her face, and she can be small, petite.


KaeleeHearts: And her skin can be as pale as the moon. And she can fall in love with a hot warrior guy.


SadieLady: That’s a little cliché don’t you think?


KaeleeHearts: Yea, but who doesn’t like a nice strong, well muscled warrior?


SadieLady: That’s true. Ok well lets put some kind of twist to him. Like maybe he is a fallen prince trying to make his name. Trying to prove to his father, the king, that he is worthy of the throne one day?


KaeleeHearts: Nah, too used already.


SadieLady: Ok here’s an idea. What if he was a lord. What if the girl, lets call her Gwen, logs onto the internet. She sees this add for a site called Lords of Sexy to meet hot warrior men. Thinking it’s just a joke she clicks on the add.


KaeleeHearts: Yea, yea this is starting to sound good. And what if Gwen, being lonely and starving for affection decides to make an account on the “dating” website the add takes her to.


SadieLady: Then when she sees a really delicious looking man she clicks on his picture and is sucked into the computer screen where she is rendered unconscious. And when she wakes up she is in a really futuristic bed and there is a half naked guy on the other side of the room. He can have short, kind of shaggy, brown hair with gorgeous green eyes. And a smile that could melt the coldest of hearts.


KaeleeHearts: Wait. Describe half naked.


SadieLady: You know, guy with no shirt on.


KaeleeHearts: Right. And then she looks at him and feels so much desire that she gets up, pulls off the remaining clothes he is wearing, and they make sweet love all night long.


SadieLady: No, no, and no.


KaeleeHearts: No? Why?


SadieLady: Uh Kae I don’t know if you remember but this is for a class paper. It may be college, but I don’t think that even they want to read smut. Not that I don’t love me a good erotic story and all, it’s just, this is kina important.


KaeleeHearts: Yea, yea. I get it. Ok fine. How about this. She wakes up in a futuristic looking room with a half naked guy on the other side of the room. She is scared at first but his kindness and soulful eyes soon calm her. Learns his name is Denny(love that name. Sounds so sexy.) and that she was chosen to come to his world to help save it.


SadieLady: Ok, I only have up to ten pages. You do know that right? That’s like a whole books worth of information right there. Not that I don’t absolutely love that idea, it’s just pretty hard to fit that into ten pages.


KaeleeHearts: Fine, fine. What if she was teleported there by accident. Maybe it was supposed to be her sister.


SadieLady: We already said that she clicked on the add out of curiosity and loneliness remember?


KaeleeHearts: Oh that’s right. Hmm…….Well what if she wakes up and Denny is there(half naked of course) and she feels an instant connection with him, but when she learns about the new world she is in she is fearful and wants nothing more than to return home.


SadieLady: There we go. Now we are getting somewhere. So Denny helps Gwen get home, but as the weeks go by it gets harder and harder for him to see her go. Gwen also starts having feelings for him, and she has fallen in love with the new world she has been thrown into. And in the end right when she finds a way home she chooses Denny because she realizes she loves him. Still might be hard to put into ten pages, but I will just leave out small details.


KaeleeHearts: Wow this is sounding so good. I cant wait to read this story. So do you have any idea what the world is going to look like? I mean how are you going to describe it?


SadieLady: I have it all planned out. Once we started talking about it, it all just fell into place. I’m going to leave it a secret for now Kae. After I turn in the paper I’ll let you read it and tell me what you think.


KaeleeHearts: No fair. I want to know now. Why wont you just tell me?


SadieLady: Because it will ruin the surprise. I have to go. I have a lot to write before tomorrow morning. Talk to you later girlie.


KaeleeHearts: Fine but I expect you to send me a copy of that story when you turn it in. If I don’t see it within the next two days I will be over at your house.


SadieLady: Yes, yes. I know. You will see it tomorrow after class. Can I go now?


KaeleeHearts: Yes get to writing. Bye Sadie Lady Girl.


SadieLady: Bye Kae. Have a good night.


I logged off before she could write me back anything else. Quickly I opened up word and began typing. The ideas swirling around in my head were brilliant and I couldn’t wait to get them out and let the whole world see them.


A few hours later I shut off my computer and climbed into bed. I smiled thinking about letting Kaelee read my story tomorrow. I knew she would love it. Boy was I glad that I decided to ask her for help. Without her I would have gotten an F on my assignment.


Letting my thoughts drift away I felt my body give in to sleep.

© 2010 Chellie

Author's Note

Just a quick story that I came up with. Thought it was kind of funny so I decided to put it on here. Tell me what you think. Let me know about grammer, spelling and all that great junk that probably needs fixing.

Also, I was thinking about writing the story that Sadie writes in here. What do you think? Should I write the story for her?

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Woven with a true art the struggles of a budding and very creative writer put off by procastination and a classic kind of writers block.. well presented and developed, short comical and sweet . Loved it

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.


11 Years Ago

Thank you so much. I am glad that you enjoyed it.
I love this. You captured the moment when a story falls into place and you're jumping in your seat, itching to write it. Great job. I didn't notice any grammar mistakes either.

Posted 12 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

Great story! I really enjoyed it! You did a fantastic job with formatting the messaging conversation, it was really fun to read. A ton of personallity showed through the dialogue. I loved it!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

that was a fun delightful read. I loved the conversation they had. Great job!

Posted 13 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

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