A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin

Many deal with anxiety and depression...


Sorrow in my heart like a heavy stone;
weighing down every happiness and joy
Storm clouds above my soul;
darkening shadows full of tears and woe

I hear thunder in my mind; pulsing electricity,
leaving me breathless and weak
streaks from showers of misery; flowing, striking,
trickling down my cheeks

If my sorrow had reason I could venture
to understand. If my pain had cause
that I could wrap my thoughts or hands around,
I could strangle or subdue the enemy

There is no reasoning with the rain;
no bargaining with the storm
It comes and goes as it pleases
like the sweep of a hurricane, overpowering

It whips the sails of dreams and snaps the mast
like kindling; laying waste to every plan
What is man? What is he good for
when crushed beneath the heel of God?

Only a husk of my former self remains
like the chitin of insects
left behind in death, so easily crushed
beneath the expectations of man

Will God pursue me to the grave?
Will I be brought down in grief
to the very depths of hell?
Only suffering time may tell.

I cried but no one could hear me.
I mourned but there was no comforter.
And I could not lift my head heavenwards,
the light of day blinded me.

The passing of the wild geese
Seemed only another shadow
Their calls in flight, undaunted,
taunted me and haunted the vacancy within

What is my sin? I eagerly repent.
I admit I have sinned against God and man
I understand my punishment
But what good am I, crushed beneath His hand?

Such an agonizing sense of loss
but is my burden greater than the cross?
Should I throw myself into the sea
of endless depression and be lost?

Darkness overtakes me and all my thoughts
are gloom and death with every breath
I struggle with the treasure, heavy laden
with the measure that is life.

There is no joy left in me for even
dreams are poison; a cancer
that rots away all light
left or let into my soul, I know

Left in the sweltering desert
where nothing grows but sadness
upon the sands of anguish
the dunes stretch forever and away

My heart has been abandoned;
dried in a swell of swirling dust
And I have no respite, nor rest
I must believe that this is justice

When the streams ran fresh and clear
I did not fill my cistern
I never thought the drought
would overtake me.

I see on the horizon where I cast my eyes
the Angel of Death wrapped in shroud
the beckoning cloud comes closer
and looks so much just like...a friend.

© 2019 Fabian G. Franklin

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Fabian G. Franklin,
Your above words show great contrast of twinkling joyous reality and the other side of this complexity that can only be human. We people are so complex and life is a intricate treasure. I am hesitant to say a whole lot because the times of sadness and darkness is a hard time and place to be but we have to keep going, keep moving. Sometimes within the 'black dog times' taking a second at a time is the way to keep going.I wish you all good, all support of life and a motivation to live and function in your own life. Intricate and wonderful you are.

Posted 2 Months Ago

it is obvious that the pain and depression are overwhelming when we find ourselves thinking of the Angel of Death as a a who will take us away from all this suffering...from these "sands of anguish/ dunes (that) stretch forever and away"---
powerfully sad write.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

Boone, NC

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