Circles of Gray

Circles of Gray

A Poem by Fabian G. Franklin



One summer morning, with the fae

dancing the wood, in circles of gray

where fog had risen from the stream

I walked into a forest dream

Beneath the mossy, wooden giants

there live things unknown to science

goblins, elves, trolls and fae

leprechauns, gnomes and pixies

O, there is magic in the dale

beyond the ivy’s verdant veil

beyond these gray and broken stones

from some vast castle, now, unknown

There, the ancient worlds collide

like sand and sea with wind and tide

but shrouded beneath these mighty trees

there abides a realm of sorcery

And there, my early morn was spent

The foggy dawn would not relent

as questions whispered through the trees

chilled my heart like a winter breeze

And I stood, frozen, in my tracks

my mind, forsaking all known facts

Indeed, I thought I’d gone quite mad

to see things there, I never had

Fauns came walking, hand in hand,

looking like the goat-god, Pan

From where the sun was being born

touched by the horn of a unicorn

Centaurs splashed by mountain light

marched along the distant height

in this world within a world, here

half was wonder, half was terror

A one-eyed ogre stormed around

pounding a club against the ground

And from a sky of turquoise blue

a fire-breathing dragon flew

The gateway in the wood was faint

I thought to stay. I thought, I can’t!

So, turning back and stepping through

it disappeared before my view

Then, there I was and quite alone

Standing among the castle ruins

Wondering at things and how they seem

What is reality? What is dream?

Where man with logic and science fails

There begins the stuff of fairy-tales

Dancing with fae these tales are born

In circles of gray on a summer’s morn

© 2021 Fabian G. Franklin

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Who cares about logic and reality??? Your adventure (in a dream or not) is fantastic....I love your faes, your ogres, the foggy dawn,a unicorn and all the magic that dreaming can bring. A very lovely poem with nice rhyming and very excellent images...I felt as if I was right there ....

Posted 1 Month Ago

Very imaginative. Well done.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Reminds me of something from the old "Twilight Zone" show. On the other hand, who's to say where conscious reality ends and the paranormal begins? Perhaps we are always occupying but part of the whole of reality. I've never seen a UFO, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.

Posted 1 Month Ago

As I was reading this, it somehow morphed, somewhere between third and penultimate verse into a spoken word by Vincent Price, akin but not quite as sinister as the vocal part of Michael Jackson thriller.
I tried reading it a second time and could only hear his (price') voice and without any medical aid whatsoever, the drawing at the top came to cartoonesque life in my mind.
Love the rhythm of the piece and if I were you, would get in touch with Netflix to sell the idea as the next big carton series....or anyone else that still makes TV shows, so Netflix it is then 😊

Posted 1 Month Ago

A wonderful poem my friend. You know I love nature and myth/tale.
"Where man with logic and science fails
There begins the stuff of fairy-tales
Dancing with fae these tales are born
In circles of gray on a summer’s morn"
I love the above lines and thank you for sharing the amazing poetry my friend.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Good to see a new post from you Fabian. A delight to read. Your stanzas so well narrated and rhymed. Loved where your imagination took this reader. A magical read, so colourful so Hans Christian Anderson. Hope you are OK. Your little girl must be growing. I very much like your posted artwork accompanying this piece. All the best.


Posted 1 Month Ago

Fabian G. Franklin

3 Weeks Ago

Thank you, the art is hers.

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Fabian G. Franklin
Fabian G. Franklin

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