Bubble-Gum Lip-Gloss

Bubble-Gum Lip-Gloss

A Poem by Cherrie Palmer



Today I found little bear 

crumpled beneath the bed.

A bitter sweet knowing

 across my heart did spread

He was her bery bestest friend. 

Her little sleep time pal

that kept her darkest secrets

and listened with a smile

But he was replaced today

I seen it in her look


from her little packet 

an object  she did bare

bubble-gum lip-gloss and glitter for her hair.

Forgotten in the corner a tiny heart did break 

as his only true possession the girl did forsake


She didn't seem to notice, she didn't seem to care

that he was watching from the corner

as at eyeshadows she did stare

he watched her eyes sparkle 

while choosing the right shade

and with

that coy smile beguiling

his cotton heart she did break

he knew this day was coming

 he knew it from the start 

and now

he'll wait here in the corner

until a new love seeks him out.

© 2019 Cherrie Palmer

Author's Note

Cherrie Palmer
funny (true) when I woke her for school today she was sleeping with little bear

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Truly amazing, Cherrie.
Like the way you express it, and the composition is a wow.

Posted 1 Day Ago

Told in a child's voice the tale of growing and leaving baby behind. A necessary phase in the development of an adult but one that brings mixed emotions to a parent. Sweet little piece of poetry Cherrie.

Posted 1 Day Ago

Cherrie Palmer

1 Day Ago

Thank you little bear and Peyton end up in so many of my themes, poor kid.
I really like this. Its nice how you write about something so childish in a sad manner, but its still sweet.

Posted 2 Days Ago

Cherrie Palmer

2 Days Ago

Thank you, the funny thing is little bear was such a big part of her life he feels like part of the.. read more
This is just so wonderful, i love the line about "his cotton heart she did break"
Wonderfully written.

Posted 6 Days Ago

Cherrie Palmer

6 Days Ago

Thank you the funny thing is for 8 years he was her greatest possession. I have even give him time .. read more
The sweetness that comes from your voice when it comes to children is pure deliciousness:)
I love the tone and tempo of this poem and your feelings are so lovely in witnessing her growing up a hint of sadness of course but an acceptance of its inevitability a true realist but not one without a heart of gold

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 1 Week Ago

Cherrie Palmer

1 Week Ago

I rearranged the furniture and altered the cadence , i got fix it
It'll make me crazy till I.. read more
Warning.... Old git complaining ahead...

Ach, the youth of today, in such a hurry to grow up and don't realise they will spend their adult life wishing those halcyon days back. Not me though. I sing and hum out loud when I'm wearing my earphones in public and don't give a s**t.
Now if you'll excuse me, I think I remember where I hid my pirate treasure when I was six. Where's my shovel? 😀

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 1 Week Ago

Cherrie Palmer

1 Week Ago

And thise that don't write wonder from where our ideas come.
little teddy is so sad today....replaced....
and then later in her life...one boy will replace another...and maybe one man replacing another.
and then sooner or later, she may just turn back to Teddy...and be quite glad he stayed with her all those years...
love this...

This review was written for a previous version of this writing

Posted 1 Week Ago

Cherrie Palmer

1 Week Ago

Yes, in the end there will always be little bear, who may keep secrets for another little girl somed.. read more

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Added on August 13, 2019
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Cherrie Palmer
Cherrie Palmer

Oakland, AR

I am a published poet and love poetry. My husband and I live near the White River, and love trout fishing. I find my surroundings a great inspiration to me. I also have two books on Amazon Kindle: O.. more..


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