My Wishes

My Wishes

A Poem by Earthy Mumma Soul

I love it <3 Come love it too and add your own :) :) ;P

I wish for little cute birds to come and visit me 
and sing their songs to me 
and I will send them love and healing 
then we will say good bye and go on our way 
I wish for spiritual creative healthy friends 
people I can spark with 
create with 
laugh with 
cry with 
hug with 
get groovy with !
I wish for healing , gentle nurturing healing 
from the hands of a loving woman 
with a soft warm touch
and a warm heart 
I wish for healing and forgiveness 
between me and my old love (s) 
that we may find peace as common ground 
and a wish for each others happiness 
even if it hurts
I wish to forgive my mother and father 
they did what they could
I wish for self confidence and the confidence
to be honest about the little things that hold me back
to be able to move forwards with positivity and grace 
and smiles and connection with others 
knowing we are all one 
I wish for my cats to be happy as they can be !!
I wish for sexual healing and body healing 
to enjoy my body to the full in every way 
and with joy and expression and trust
I wish to be the best I can and share myself with others 
knowing my special ways and being bring happiness 
joy and laughter 
I wish for travels across the world 
and lots of money to spend 
amazing food , meeting awesome people 
who will become friends for life 
to give back with love where I can 
to sit in silence and enjoy the wonder of nature 
to really fulfill my souls desire
to live and be alive and to learn
in all ways 
and to becaome more confident and happy 
as a result of such courage 
I wish for positive change in my attitudes 
towards myself and towards others 
may I be the best I can be 
for myself and for others 
we are one 
I wish for community living 
with like minded happy 
light joyful souls 
and to meet a mate one day 
and raise a little family 
when the time is right 
I wish for my family to find peace and healing in their hearts 
I wish for my friends old and new 
to be true and happy and free 
and laugh very very often 
to play in the park, sing in the street 
and live lightly
I wish to be free 
I wish to be free 
F  R  E  E  <3 

© 2014 Earthy Mumma Soul

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An uplifting, compassionate write here...Thanks for lifting the mood for a moment here.,..I guess that life would be great if we all had this at our core, and cultivated it each day....:)

I liked the ending too.....I wish to be free, wish to be free...wish to be free....happy as can be...:)
Me too...:)


Posted 7 Years Ago

Earthy Mumma Soul

7 Years Ago

Aww hey Buddhist Boy :) I been feeling so low to be honest - so a friend said about watching the Sec.. read more

6 Years Ago

Cute made me smile. Thanks

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Added on February 2, 2014
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