He is  you .......  ( How long the rabbits hole, how dark how deep )

He is you ....... ( How long the rabbits hole, how dark how deep )

A Poem by Earthy Mumma Soul

Shallow breath, mind
to a memory of you 
and still, you take up far too much room
in my fragile head space

I dont know whats going on anymore
my broken caged child 
with broken wings that wanted to fly to you 
to someone or anyone...
made up an image of you
which just didnt fit the dark glove 
of you 

dark hearts 
getting lost in the ghostly mirarge 
of broken fantasies 
reality shattered me 
of the dark heart of you 

your crime that you hide so well 
making me feel guilty for your shame
making me feel smaller 
lost in a glass bowel 
im going to die here 

a rage bubble as a last grasp attepmt to gain power
or control of which I seemt to have none 
your sick smiling cups getting fuller 
for knowing this so well  
using my weeknessess against me 
but you know the truth 
  you still
    play the cups 
       holding them out 
through the energy fields 
draining my reserves 
an ubilicle cord leading to the glass bubble
i'm trying to scream but no words
seem to come 
i've been screaming 
as far as I can remember 

this larger thicker gray umbilicle cord is long 
snake like
it seems to control me
this tale is darker than I thought
violent breath covers me like a misty fog
I dont understand 
I cant breathe 
mind shuts down now
the gates firmly closing 
I attempt the put my hands through the gates 
to keep them open 
but im far too small and weak for that
I wont give up though 
maybe tomorrow I 
will get a chance to go deeper into the rabbit hole 

( feel like alice in wonderland )


Who am I  ??? 

© 2014 Earthy Mumma Soul

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Okay.....for starters... I have to say.. This is SO good..so well written.
I'm not sure what's it's about though. I think I have an idea, but I'm not sure if I am right.

Posted 11 Months Ago

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Added on November 1, 2014
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