A Story by Cheryl Ann Welch-Davis

A story of the seven realms of Dragonsheart about Ninn the Dragon and her Gable


Magic is the heart of this story, of Ninn the Dragon in all her glory.


     The legend of her reaches forward through time, and is heard throughout the realms in song and in rhyme.  From a far away place so old where stories of her are legends and myth.  Time passed, and the story was put to rest, there were those who thought it best.


     Now a young girl sits reading a story written for her so very long ago.  The secret is no longer at rest, though the origin is yet unclear. That is till now, this time, this day and this moment of this exact year.


     The words are written in a language she's never heard.  Scriptures and symbols from an ancient word.  Known through the ages, and proclaimed to be true.


Now this is the tale I will bring to you...

© 2010 Cheryl Ann Welch-Davis

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once in far back time
There was a dragon Ninn in rhyme
A scaly twisting thing that flew
On wiccan leather wings so true
Twas in the simric hills of old
When all the oaken leaves were gold
when women ruled their men so bold
Before the world grew once more cold
And truth a word that could be told

Posted 11 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on August 23, 2010
Last Updated on August 23, 2010


Cheryl Ann Welch-Davis
Cheryl Ann Welch-Davis

Sulphur Springs, TX

Hello, Where to start? I always have trouble with this part for some reason. So here goes. I am a half breed, yeppers a pure blooded half breed. Through my ancestors I am half Powhatan&Sioux, the.. more..