I love you

I love you

A Poem by Jynx

I love you so much,

Much more than words can say,

But I can alway try to describe it,

For you, my love, every day.


Imagine each hair on my head as a lifetime,

A lifetime loving you.

Imagine every word,

Ever said, Ever written, Ever read.


Now imagine all the planets,

And stars, the space in-between,

The rocks and trees,

The birds and the bees,

The fish in the seas,

The vast empty space,

That which we call the universe.


Now imagine all that,

In one tiny speck,

One tiny speck of light,

And now, perhaps, you begin to see,

How I really really love you.


Now imagine that speck multiplying,

Till there's hundreds of them flying,

Coming from me to you.

Filling you up, from head till toe,

Flowing into your room,

Filling your house,

Everywhere you have been,

And everywhere you will go.

That's how much I love you.


But each speck holds the universe,

That which always grows,

So every time you read this,

My love for you has grown.

The extent of my love for you,

Will be much harder to explain,

But it's enough for me for you to know,

That all the time my love for you,

Will grow more, and more, and more. <3

© 2013 Jynx

Author's Note

Not sure what I should put this under but it has poem-y parts so I guess it's a poem? ^_^ please feel free to point out any mistakes and comment ideas that I could add in :)

Much love
Jynx <3

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Added on August 7, 2013
Last Updated on August 26, 2013



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