A Story by Taylor Harder

part two <3 Nemy is part one for those who want to know what's going on.


     "Launis?" Nemy reached out a hand with a confused expression and Launis just shook his head, lowering her hand gently. "Don't worry about it, it's nothing."

     Launis continued sketching a little quicker than normal, his eyes distant as he was deep in thought. Nemy watched, her eyes following his movements and studying the scratches and marks of  pain on his hands that she hadn't noticed before, her eyes widening in worry. Catching her gaze, Launis swiftly folded his stand and stood up in a frenzy with his poster.

     "Launis how-," she began before getting cut off with his rushed embarressed words. "I'm sorry Nemy I just remembered I have to get home to help my mom prepare the fire for lunch. My two little sisters are too small to gather fire you know, so I'll see you later." Before even finishing his sentence he began briskly jogging to their small path that lead to our small cluster of homes called Forestview. Nemy stared after him in surprise. "Launis!!"

     Launis paused and didn't turn around, the poster in his hands showing some writing on the back of it that threw her off and lost her train of thought. When Nemy didn't say anything he turned around and watched her anxiously to be out of the situation he was caught it. "Be careful ok?" Nemy was able to choke out as her face became fearful.

     "Nemy it's nothing like that... I promise," Launis smiled nervously and continued quickly on his way. Once he was gone Nemy sat in silence and watched the trees wave goodbye in the wind. Even the deer left her here all alone. This place is no longer her sanctuary if Launis wasn't here, and even now Nemy knew he had been chosen for the fights, and he had only just begun. She despised the fights intensely, it was a cruel joke some women from the Estates play on small towns, though the chances of one picking Forestview out of so many blew her mind.

       When a rich Estate girl finds two guys she takes interest in in any 2 small towns of even the same town, they participate in "the fights" until a champion is remained standing. That means pain and torture for those who lose, sometimes in manys disappearance. The victor is forced to marry and live with her in the Estates.

     The thing is now in these times there aren't many men and most don't surive because of war and famine in our small towns. The only rich places that exist is the Estates and Highland Glenn, which fight constantly for complete power. The Estates rule over us, and both have so much money to spend that they force and bribe men to fight from small towns so that the Estates will send money to their family in turn for their service. It's the reason Nemy and Launis didn't even know who their father was.

     Nemy swallowed hard and bit her lower lip again. If Launis doesn't participate in the fights then they'll aim to harm his family and will recruit him to the war....


There's no way he will survive

© 2010 Taylor Harder

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Added on October 3, 2010
Last Updated on October 3, 2010
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