She Made It Without The Pumpkin

She Made It Without The Pumpkin

A Story by ChinAllen

“I will slap the gloom off of you, rat shagger,” Jodie said with a smile that was just a few degrees below being warm. “Now pick up that rag and keep cleaning, you orphan!” Jodie waddled back to her loveseat and dropped her 500-pound a*s on the cushions, making the floorboards creak.

            Stella looked up at the fat woman; her face was turning red from Jodie’s palm. The rag in her hand used to be white, but now it was gray from the grime and dirt she had been collecting with it. She started scrubbing again.

            “Mother, I’ve been meaning to ask you-“

            “I’ve said it once before! I am not…YOUR…MOTHER!” Her chins jiggled wildly as she screamed. Her fourth chin almost flew up, trying to slap her nose.

            “Sorry, uh, ma’am. Anyways-“

            “Bring me those damned cheese puffs, I’m nearly starved!” She set down her plate and reached out pleadingly, her pudgy fingers wiggling wildly. Even her fingers had chins.

            Stella brought over the two-gallon jug of cheese puffs and watched her swallow four or five whole at once. “I was wondering if I could go to the dance tonight? Uh, ma’am.” She looked down at her feet.

            Jodie looked up at her and laughed, spewing chunks of orange goo from her powdery lips. “A dance? Who would want to dance with you, you little orphan b***h?” She continued laughing and turned back to her television program.

            “Well,” Stella paused; almost not saying what has been building in the back of her throat for ages now. She didn’t notice the anger in her fists. “There is this boy that I have been eyeing lately and he asked me to meet him, ma’am.”

            “Well maybe I should cut out those two little w***e eyes so you can’t undress anymore boys with them.”


            “I SAID NO!” Jodie was breathing heavily, her arteries trying to push too much blood passed an inevitable heart attack. She stopped her puffing almost instantly. “You are done cleaning. Take your bread and go to your room, before I beat you again.”

            Stella’s nails started breaking the skin in her palms sending out little trickles of blood. “Yes, ma’am.” She could hardly control the anger in her voice. She was shaking so badly, she almost forgot her bread. She quickly walked up to her room and locked herself in. She started throwing a fit, screaming into pillows and banging her fists onto the mattress. She couldn’t calm down.

            Her tantrum usually only lasted a few minutes, but this one was uncontrollable. Tears were rolling in every direction, soaking her cheeks, ears, and nose. She started slamming her fists into her pillow, popping feathers out of either end. Her leg flew out and kicked her lamp, making it fall to the floor and shattering it.

            “HEY! YOU STOP YOUR DAMNED RUCOUS UP THERE!” That was Jodie’s muffled voice.

            This stopped Stella cold. She ran to her closet and threw it open. A few white shirts and a single blue dress were hanging in the dark space. She started ripping the dirty clothes she was currently wearing off of her tiny body. “’I’m not your mother,’ she says. ‘Clean the stove, mop the floors, wipe that f*****g look off that ugly face!’ Oh sure, Darcy and Mia get to go, but Stella has to stay and clean. Just cleancleancleancleanCLEAN!” She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eye was blackened, and her blonde hair in a terrible mess. But with the dress, she was a princess. And princesses deserve to go to the dance.

            Stella walked out of her room and headed back downstairs.

            But not without grabbing Ma’am’s walking stick out of her closet.

            Stella stood in the doorway connecting the living room and the kitchen, waiting to catch Jodie’s attention. Finally, the fattie saw her and looked up in disgust. “Well isn’t that just the ugliest dress on the ugliest girl I have ever seen! I mean if your parents weren’t dead, I’d feel sorry for them. They sure did spawn one…ugly…little…bit-“ Jodie felt a jolt of pain shoot up her thigh and down her calf as Stella brought the walking stick down on her fat knee. “AGH!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

             Stella brought the cane down on the other knee, feeling Jodie’s cap shatter under the force of the swing. Blood splattered out of a giant gash. “I think I’m going to go to the dance,” Stella responded. “I think I’m going to dance with that cute boy.” She started swinging the cane again, this time connecting her pool-sized stomach and chest. Her sternum was broken into pieces, sending fragments of bone into her lungs. Blood started to choke Jodie, making her cough it up into her jug of cheese puffs. “And I THINK I’m going to let him take this lovely dress off of me, if he should ask.” The cane connected with Jodie’s jaw, tearing it from the two hinges it hung on. “And you can’t stop me.” She smiled. Not this time.

            She brought the cane down on Jodie’s skull.


            Her skull caved.


            Blood and brain flew in every-which-way.





            Stella walked ten and a half miles, making it to the dance just as the big clock struck twelve. She walked in, smiling a wonderfully bright smile. The rest of the student body stared at her with horror.

 Her feet were raw and she was still clutching the cane in her right hand, dragging it on the ground. Her beautiful dress was decorated with splatters of blood and bits of gray chunks.

            “I am a Princess.”

© 2012 ChinAllen

Author's Note

My girlfriend and I started doing writing prompts to help us get back into writing. This was one we took a random line from a book the other person chose and started with that line and then write the story to mimic the other person's writing style. I can't quite remember what book mine came from, but if I saw it, I could tell you. I hope you enjoy!

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whoa! this was an awesome, awesome modern twist on cinderella.

Posted 8 Years Ago

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A Story by ChinAllen