A Poem by Choco

Having a headache and strongly contemplating is like walking twards a tornado, A case in which im guessing, being sweap off of your feet would not be a blissful experience. At this point I feel helpless and words are my only arsenal, but they do no harm to an unreceptive ear (more durable than tephlon). Does this make any since, no not realy, but who said that things had to make any since to be true......because if sense was made of every play then what would'nt be common. They say when someone dies a baby is born, do they mean literaly? Or do they mean that those of us that are close to the deciesed become like a new born, constant tears, confusion, and the need to be held. They also say that when one becomes saved by the Holy Spirit that our flesh dies and we become like new borns in Christ....our eyes are open for the very first time, we begain to hear things more clearly, and we have faith in the things we can not see......By now it must seem that Im drunk or under the infuence of some substance, but my greif is not from abuse. At some point and time this all makes sence, at some point and time one might lead to the other...........

© 2008 Choco

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Added on November 9, 2008



Dallas, TX

Im Choco, Ive always like to write; poetry, short stories, whatever. Some people have told me that I have talent but what does that mean right, they're my friends. Anyway I would apreciate any feedbac.. more..

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A Poem by Choco

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A Poem by Choco