The Waters Rising

The Waters Rising

A Poem by Gionelly Kiss

Poem about an abusive relationship...


She sat on the pedestal of shame and waited

Just perched upon her prison’s door, expectant

He played with emotions, made her silly

She whispered kindly that he desist

While profusely bleeding blackish pain

The beauty of her face did drain

His madness only greater shone

By such glory come to nothing

To this dame’s free spirit broken


As time flew by, her eyes ablaze,

She broke the rope in two

The ties that bound her to the weasel

That now before her humbly stood

Himself a broken animal

Upon the pedestal of shame

With freedom but a safety call

She fled with much assertion

Leaving him in desperate deep disgrace


Yet years of arduous struggle

Had left many tokens on her

As weakly now she stumbled out

Upon unfortified foundations

Pitching forward she saw her world

A hopeless hole that pulled her in

Her prison, from which unable to escape

She found herself still tied to the man

Quite ill, she’d come to love and hate


So within a moment’s indecision

Found between two realms of hope and fate

The two lay free to go but powerless

As he bowed to her so

She did to him

And there they waited for eternity

For the choice to be decided

As two supernatural beings intertwined

In their shame and frightful power


So was the pain yet vigor each possessed

That the very world around them

Ecstatically acquiesced to their every whim and way

And with decision they both decided

That with precision and immediacy

Both should receive their bond immaculate

And from above be cleansed

So commanded they a torrent

And their pleas were recompensed


The lightning flashed unpunished

And the thunder clapped behind

In rapid succession the winds picked up

Dancing to and fro

The clouds in horrible tangle

Were rushed only to comply

With the two that lay together on the floor

Waiting to be purified

And to throne of glory restored


As sheets of water fell upon her bosom

His chest and hers did rise again

Twice together in heartfelt rhythm

With thunder’s boom they followed

And floated on the waves of rain

Then once more they beat

As slowly then they rose

Approaching the grander power

In gratitude overwhelmed


The rain harder pummeled

The sin-filled couple’s skin

Her spirit no longer broken

His insanity turned sane

The rays of sunlight almost pierced them

From the broken wall of clouds above

One’s wrath upon them turned then

And slowly they sank, their glory gone

While the waters kept on rising…

© 2010 Gionelly Kiss

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I love your writing style, this an incredibly moving piece.

Posted 9 Years Ago

1 of 1 people found this review constructive.

thank you for participating! well done i love it.

Posted 9 Years Ago

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Gionelly Kiss
Gionelly Kiss

Columbus, GA

¡Hola! Soy una Boriqua que le ENCANTA escribir poemas tanto en Español, mi lengua natal, como Ingles. ¡Por favor, disfruten! Hello! I am a puertorriqueña (of Puerto Rico) .. more..