Chapter Two

Chapter Two

A Chapter by The Pain Stays Fresh

Katherine arrives in Pennsylvania and finds out that she is to be a servant in Mr. Carleton's household.


Chapter Two

Mr. Carleton is his name, the man with the small, piggish eye. He’s back today. Papa says he’ll be escortin’ me to America. Pennsylvania, he says.

“I don’t want t’ go Papa!” I sob. “Please don’t make me leave! I want t’ stay here with you and Mama and Ryan!”

“Katherine, hush yerself now. This good man has offered t’ take ye t’ America with him,” Papa says to me. “It’s fer yer own good, darlin’. Mama and I can’t raise ye right here. Ye’ll see.”

I cross my arms and stamp my foot stubbornly. “You can raise me just fine here, Papa. I don’t want t’ go with him. I don’t like him!”


“Well, I don’t! He’s greedy lookin’! You see the way he’s always rubbin’ his hands together like some kind o’ miser.”

Papa grabs me by the arm and drags me int’ the kitchen.

“Katherine, this man has given us money! Enough t’ buy ye some new clothin’! Clothin’ for every day o’ the week. Ye won’t have to wash every night!

“I don’t care, Papa! I don’t care if I have t’ wash every night as long as I’m here1 ‘Tis home to me. I don’t want to leave!

The day has come. My new clothes have been packed in my new trunk and carried aboard. Mama and Ryan are tearful. Papa stands in stony silence.

“I love you, Papa!” I cry as I throw myself into his stiff arms.

He softens. “I love ye too, darlin’,” he says quietly. “But ‘tis time for ye t’ go.”

I bury my head in his bread for a moment, takin’ in the familiar smell of home. Then I move on to Mama.

“Goodbye, Mama,” I whisper with tears in my eyes.  “I love you.”

She nods silently and wraps her arms around me, stroking my hair. Ryan clings to my leg.

“Don’t go!” he wails.

“I have t’,” I tell him as I take his wee face in my hands and place a kiss on his forehead. “But I’ll see you again. I promise. Be good for Mama.”

He nods and lets go, clingin’ t’ Mama’s hand instead.

Mr. Carleton clears his throat and I am ushered on t’ the ship.

~ ♦ ~ 

We arrived in Pennsylvania today. Though I miss home terribly, ‘tis good to be on dry land again.

We are bumping along in a carriage now. Mr. Carleton says I’ll soon see my new home. It does not put me at ease.

“A lass after me own heart, ye are! I looked just like ye when I was a wee’un.”

A large woman bustles into the little attic room.

“I’m Margaret. The cook. ‘Tis good t’ know someone from me homeland again.”

With a good kick, she sends the heavy trunk under my bed.

“I hope ye’re comfortable here. ‘Tis not much, I’m afraid, but we are the help after all.”

“What?!” I cry, tears welling in my eyes. “Th-the help? I-I thought-”

“Well, don’cha know, darlin’? Ye’re our new servin’ girl.”

I let out a strangled sob. “B-but Papa said....”

“Don’t cry lass. ‘Tis not so bad. Ye’ll see. Now come with me. Ye’re as thin as any twig.”

© 2012 The Pain Stays Fresh

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Great dialogue, you're characters have so much integrity and life; it's very encouraging. I've been planning a historical fiction for a while but I'm still struggling pathetically with the start. It seems to involve an impossible balance of being true to the setting and to today's time; realistic, but also 'new' in its own way.

I'm taken with this story. Next instalment please:)

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Pain Stays Fresh

7 Years Ago

Lol. Thank you so much. I'm struggling a bit with Chapter Three. I can't seem to finish it. If I eve.. read more

7 Years Ago

Thnk you! :)
The Pain Stays Fresh

7 Years Ago

You're welcome. :)

Posted 7 Years Ago

Ok so this is awesome. I like font change. It's for the better and I like the direction of this story. Well done.

Posted 7 Years Ago

The Pain Stays Fresh

7 Years Ago

Thank you for the awesome review! I think I already thanked you. I'm not sure. I'm gonna do it again.. read more
This is really good! - Can't wait to hear what happens next. ^_^

The narration is great; the Irish accent really comes across well.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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The Pain Stays Fresh
The Pain Stays Fresh

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