The Domino Effect

The Domino Effect

A Poem by T. L. O'Neal

The Domino Effect

Written by: T. L. O’Neal


Does anyone ever think about

all the choices that they make?

How it affects other people’s lives,

what they will be when they wake?


Does anyone ever thinks what happens,

when they abort a child?

All the generations that are lost,

the souls that are exiled.


Or when one is murdered in cold blood,

gone from their families; lost are their words.

Will their soul be damned to hell,

and their thoughts never again to be heard?


What happens when you breakup your family,

and the different paths that you take?

Is it a good decision or bad,

will their sprits grow or will they break?


When a bird’s egg is broken,

in time what will be lost?

Will the sky go barren,

Is it all worth the cost?


If you break one’s spirit,

and take away their dreams.

Does it make you feel better,

and lift your self-esteem?


Break someone’s will,

and puncture their soul.

Do you take the responsibility,

for your part in the role?


At what cost are your decisions,

when put into play by hate?

Does it make the world a better place,

and your life easier to relate?


Everyone has a choice,

in which direction they go.

The path you choose is yours,

to make friends or foes.


Sometimes in the choices you make

you can’t change things back.

Life moves on without you,

see now what your life lacks.


What good is it to gain the world,

if you lose your very soul.

Is it a good trade off,

what is your spiritual toll?


Choose wisely your path,

from now till the end.

Because it affects everyone,

living in love or sin.


If something good happens to you,

do you pass it on to another?

Make the world a better place,

and that person a brother.


Everything that you do,

or everyone you neglect,

has reactions… good or bad,

it’s called the domino effect.


© 2008 T. L. O'Neal

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Very thought-provoking questions and ideas.

I am quite amazed that you have not been the cyber-equivalent of dive-bombed by angry vultures over the abortion stanza. Any time anyone calls me on my beliefs in that regard (I am anti-) I just quite simply say, "Have you ever had an abortion? If not, shut the hell up because you have no idea based in reality of what is the actual cost."

Everything we do does affect others. Choosing one avenue ends the possibilities that a different choice would have afforded. Careless words maim relationships. Selfish decisions maim hearts. Everything interacts.

Very profound, my friend. ;-)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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I love it!! The good and the bad that we do affects for generations to come..that is very profound....

Posted 8 Years Ago

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I really like this write makes one to ponder.

To tell you the truth a certain part of this takes me to that one commandment I just don't agree with.
'Thou shall not kill" - I mean what are we doing when we send one to the eletric chair or lethal injection
we are killing. We are no better because we are doing the same back. Anyways that is just my opinion.

I really like what you have penned here makes one think. Thought provoking indeed!

Posted 9 Years Ago

i really need to get to it now, i need to see the lines which reflects your inspiration on writing this...

"What happens when you breakup your family" - and this perhaps speaks a lot of your story here, i can't see this is an impossible situation, a weak foundation of a family is a good reason for it.

this man, i believe has the best thought i ever read so far. putting up a domino topics relates a lot of science to it, but you emphasize the reality of the supernatural and that really made it more interesting... thanks for sharing!

Posted 11 Years Ago

Words of wisdom and concern fill this poem. You mention many great examples what we should be worried about in our society, as it calously discards all of it's values for imediate pleasures. Nicely wriiten with great advice

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Our thoughts and actions have an effect as you mention so eloquently here in this masterpiece of a poem. This has a feel to it as of one of our greats--Elizabeth Barrett Browning--who I admire so. Lessons and wisdom beyond years dwell quite expansively in your sensitive poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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it is too easy to forget that what we do can effect so many...especially, now, when we really don't have conversations (in person/face-to-face), and hence a GREATER chance of misunderstanding

Posted 11 Years Ago

There's a lot of soul searching going on in this piece.. maybe if more people asked these questions of themselves, and considered that their actions, their decisions in life effect so many different aspects of life, they'd be more careful..

Good rhyme scheme.. you kept that up really well .. Awesome :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

T, great thought provoking piece. There's a simplicity to it in the rhyme and rhythm but it's a perfect balance with the other great aspects of this piece. I'm in a very introspective time in my life and this really connected with me right now. Great write.

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Hi T.L.:
Not bad, but I thought a lot of the stanzas were commonplace thoughts and that you didn't go deep enough. I also think you strained a bit on making the rhythms. For example, the abortion stanza. How are the souls of the aborted exiled? It's a poor word choice because from your political stand-point, I'd image that you think these unborn are innocent. Exiled expresses guilt and punishment.

I also thought it was a bit long. But you do get an "A" for effort -- and for excellent flow. The last two stanzas were the best part, especially the last one.

Posted 11 Years Ago

1 of 2 people found this review constructive.

You are a complex being, I love it.Do you ever use the saying ..."me thinks too much?" I ask this because after reading what your wrote so poetically, it reminds me of my run-away brain. At times like this I must grab the pen or it becomes destructive. I loved seeing my thoughts through another's eyes. It makes me feel not so strange. I often wonder what I would become if I did not have the gift of writing to vent these hard cold facts about this world we live in. Your talent continues to amaze me! Thanks for being you! ~Roxy

Posted 11 Years Ago

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Added on February 19, 2008


T. L. O'Neal
T. L. O'Neal

In the sticks, NC

I started writing as a way to work out my feelings and found that I enjoyed it very much. I enjoy humor and feel that you can find it in most things, even though it may be hard to find at the moment. .. more..


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