Bitter Sweet

Bitter Sweet

A Poem by Sad Girl


They ask me how I am doing 
I say just fine as the blood drips down my arm.
They don't know how much I am hurting.
To all that lied to me did you see it was killing me 
Did you think I wasn't going to see it.
I got my hopes up to be let down
But I still stand tall as the tears run down.
Life is a Mary go round
you just keep spinning around and a around.
The fake words that come out of your mouth they taste so bitter sweet.
So bitter because they are lies.
But so sweet because they make me feel wanted and loved.
But how am I going to go on if you're the only one left to heal my heart.
But your words are so bitter sweet.
So bitter sweet.
And they keep hurting me.
Your smile it makes me go wild
so I cant stay mad at you long.
But you got that look in your eyes and it making me fall in love with you and everything you do.
But the past is hurting me it taking my will love truly  so I just break more each day they all lied to me and I was hoping  you were not going to hurt me this way.
But as the tears run down it was because you hurt me with your words. 
How can you say that  why we are even together.
I cant help but cry as the tears run down.
Blood all over the letters that were ever given to me as I ripped them up.
Now they need to burn as my heart does right now.
Flashbacks from all the pain I had.
I thought you were the one to change my broken heart.
When I look at you I feel like lighting show full with love.
But are your words bitter sweat.
As I look into your brown eyes and I just want to never let go or give up on this love.
But that tear that you made come down.
Made me feel so empty and alone
 I feel if you leave I have nothing left in my life.
I want this so damn bad I do anything to keep us together.
Who cares if we have not a lot in common if you loved me you wouldn't care.
Why would you  hurt me with your words.
You should of known I am already numb so why would you numb me even more.
I thought you were the one to save me from my broken soul.
Are your words
bitter sweet?

© 2013 Sad Girl

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Amazing poem keep them coming

Posted 5 Years Ago

so amazing ..the title attrackted me alot ...
thats well done :)

Posted 6 Years Ago

You are a talented writer.
"But I still stand tall as the tears run down.
Life is a Mary go round
you just keep spinning around and a around."
A true and deep poem about love and life. Words can be bittersweet. Thank you for the excellent poem.

Posted 6 Years Ago

Sad Girl

6 Years Ago

Thank you.
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Added on July 9, 2013
Last Updated on July 9, 2013


Sad Girl
Sad Girl


My name is Christie, I am 21 years old, I was borned and raised in Maine. If you like emotional poetry and stories then this is the writing for you. ❥♡ more..

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