There's a ghost under my bed...

There's a ghost under my bed...

A Story by Christopher Paul

“C’mon Tommy, times up.” Yelled Mr. Johnson from the dining room

“Just five more minutes”, a sweet little voice said.

“Tommy, listen to your father” said Mrs. Johnson in a stern voice.

“Okay mom! Daddy, tuck me in?” little Tommy stood by the dining room door, in is pajamas with his teddy in hand.

“Sure bud, get in bed”. Mr. Johnson said getting up with his plate.

A minute later Mr. Johnson entered Tommy’s room. It was dark with a small red light burning by the bed. He could see Tommy in bed under the sheets.

“Daddy?” Tommy said.

“Yeah! Buddy” replied Mr. Johnson

“I think there’s a ghost under my bed” Tommy said in a slightly nervous voice.

“Tommy! What did I tell you? I said not to wrap your mind around those ghost stories and movies” Mr. Johnson said angrily.

“But daddy, I’m sure” said Tommy with his sheet up to his face.

“Alright!” Mr. Johnson said with a smile

He came to the bed, got on one knee, placed his hand on the edge of the bed while he moved the sheet with the other.

Mr. Johnson froze still, his eyes wide open, his face became white.

Under the bed, shivering, almost crying lay Tommy clutching his teddy tight.

“Daddy, there’s a ghost” he whispered

Before Mr. Johnson could think, his heart nearly stopped as a cold hand fell upon his.

© 2014 Christopher Paul

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Great job! I wrote a story using this concept as well, maybe you could review it if you have a chance? Thanks.

Posted 4 Years Ago

Good one... :) Can you please review my story "While you were asleep". I think you will like it.

Posted 5 Years Ago

Well, good thing I wasn't planning on sleeping well tonight. This is scary and chilling. Good job, a great scary story!

Posted 5 Years Ago

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Added on March 11, 2014
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