Chapter Two The Attack

Chapter Two The Attack

A Chapter by Christian Lebron

Nick and Emily headed to her uncles house to find out what actually happened that night, but then, they're trapped by the man in the black cloak while he awakens one of his beasts.

  People usually say that dreams are just a figment of your imagination; that they are based on someting you thought of during the day, but they're others whose dreams aren't figments, they are known to be psychic. Then there're people known to be insane. I believe i'm part of the insane clan, for the fact that I visioned picture frames staring at me, but it all made sense to me. The dream that I had at the hospital wasn't a dream, it was a vision. Thats why i'm taking Emily to her uncles house; to seek the truth. It was odd that no one was there to investigate, but it was easy to sneak in. After entering I ran down to the hall with the shattered glass I had visioned. 'Nick wait, where are you going!", shouted Emily, running out of breath from running. 'I remembered this place, I visioned your uncle attacked at the hall!", I shouted back. There I was, standing infront of the hallway with windows. I saw a picture frame in the middle of the floor. You could hear the crackle of the shattered glass breaking into pieces. The picture had a pack of vicious wolves, then I hear a glass piece crack. The man in the black cloak was standing with a wolf behind him moving left to right growling. My heart stop beating, then I hear Emily coming,' Nick wherrr ar you" Emily said with a slow frighten tone. I raised my hand telling her to stop. "Ahahah, and your the hero. Where's the sword", said the man in the black cloak. 'Wha-aa-t are you talking about", I responded unsure. "The philosopher's sword!", the man said angrily. There was silence in the room. "Fine then, if you're not going to tell me, then you shall die". He then threw fire from his palms to the ground where I crouched and I rolled to the left. Something was shining in the closet behind him, so I  quickly ran to it before he trys to kill me with the fire balls. He suddenly turned off the gravity of the house and I slammed myself against my back making a dent on the wall. Everything was floating, even the house. All I could hear was Emily screaming. Electricity bolts then launched out of his hands exploding the walls, but everything was in slow motion. the roof from the top of the hall was glass, so the man used a powerful force of black smoke that made a big burst from above. Sharp glass came down like bullets, but I flew side to side. One long piece of glass suddenly scrap part of my leg and the man turned on the gravity, so I came down hard and the house fell down as well."Hahaaa, and you thought you were slick', laughed the man. I rose my hand shaking, then the closet opened with a sword that quickly striked the man to his chest, but he put his hands toghther and disintegrated into black dust that flew away. Now you guys are probably wondering what happen to the wolf. Me and Emily thought he was dead, so we walk close to it to check. I had the sword with me just in case. It's eyes was was open, ten seconds later he woke up, terrifiying both of us. I drop the sword, but the wolf started chasing us. I toke the sword, Emily's hand, and started running to the front door as the wolf was trying to bite us, but the door was stuck. I should've known the man in the black cloak summoned the house so we won't escape. The wolf then slammed his snout towards the door as we ran up the stairs. The house was then breaking apart, the stairs were falling down, but the wolf was still on our tails. The wolf stopped and stared at a picture frame of a tornado and place it's paw on it. We then paused. There was a train sound somewhere in the house. The house began to shake and a massive tornado funnel formed out of the picture frame and sucked every furniture from the place; then a sofa almost killed both of us, but instead flipped over us into the storm; we kept running. The wolf did not stop though. We were trapped afterwards and had no place to go. I looked around and saw a picture of a  grey-white griffon. I thought I knew what I was doing so I grabbed the sword and placed it upon the photo. Nothing happened. We were stuck in the house forever with the wolf infront of us still growling and ready to attack, then me and Emily were swept away and zoomed above the glass roof from the griffon escaping the hazardous house. Of course we sighed with relief.

© 2010 Christian Lebron

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Added on July 31, 2010
Last Updated on August 11, 2010
Tags: wolves, kraken, fantasy, drama, action, pictures, ship, man in black


Christian Lebron
Christian Lebron

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