Chapter Four The Serpent

Chapter Four The Serpent

A Chapter by Christian Lebron

The kraken wasn't their first encounter. Now they have to face the serpent who lives in the shadow island caves.



  We got off the ship and the man in the black cloak was standing angry in the middle of the road."Who are you?", asked Emily. " I'm Barthalomae, assassin of my dark master Siruxes, which I will awaken by finding the Pheonix's Medallion, now I shall destroy you all. The cops rose their guns and told him to put his hands up. He did, but the cops turned into ashes. He then took the sword but i raised my hands to the center of my chest and rolled him like a ball with water. Then I dropped him down and surrounded him with fire. Chad ran to the man and snatched the sword from him and gave it to me. Barthalomae stood up and dodged a black force at us, so I the grab the sword at a angle and blocked the force. "Diiiieeee!" Barthalomae sceamed outloud. After he yelled that out, glass from every building shattered down to us, but I made a force field that protected us from the glass. "Why don't you ever die", said Barthalomae confused "Because I have a purpose to live". I threw the sword and cut off his head before he could say or do anything else. All you could hear was voices as Bartalomae floated up in the air with darkness and fire tearing out of his body. He vanished into thin air, but his remains were forming back together into black pieces of dust. The griffon suddenly slammed him down as we climb up top of the bird and flied away. "Where are we going" wondered Emily." To the Shadow Island Caves to take the Pheonix Medallion", Chad answered. It was a rough flight. It was thundering, rainy, and there was lots of wind gust that made everything alittle bumpy. We later landed at the Shadow Island Caves. We left the griffon outside as we enter the deepest part of the caves. Bones and skulls filled the dark ground. The caves also smelled like blood and human flesh. "Great" I said. There was a picture frame with a snake and the medallion on a boulder, but things shouldn't be a hassel, if it awakens out of the portrait, it would probably be small. I took the medallion from the boulder. It seem to easy but the serpent awakened out of the frame and it was enormous then I would expected to be. The serpent had a soft echo voice when it said,"Give me the medallion". I started running and then the black snake with red eyes slittered to me snapping its mouth. I threw the medallion up in the air as the snake tried to catch it, but the griffon grabbed it with it's claws soaring away. He then dropped it to Chad which changed into a wolf, taking it with his mouth. The serpent was catching up on him, breaking rocks to stop him, so Chad hopped side to side on rocks, then did a flip while changing to normal, throwing it to Emily. Emily climbed up the rocks. The serpent then used his mouth to attack Emily. To keep the snake from attacking her she kicked the rocks, so that way it hits its face, but Emily fell down. Th serpent viciously tried to bite her feet. I saved Emily by cutting one of its eyes. The snake wacked the sword away and was ready to kill us as we were trap in a corner and Chad came in the way and got biten by the snake. It was venomous, so chad had minutes to live. I ran up to get the sword and the snake began to attack me, but it made the mistake over turning since Emily showed it the medallion. I climbed up the snake and finished it off by cutting its head off, but it wouldn't let me. I then stabed it at the back of its head and sliced it off clean. The serpent was dead. I went to see how Chad was doing; he was biten on the side of his body. He was sweating and his bite mark was turning purple. " Wait, I believe I have olive oil in my backpack from med camp" said Emily. Chad was screaming repeatedly, then Emily spotted her the olive oil and pour every single drop of it on his bite. Chad screamed louder because of the burning. Emily bended down and was sucking the poison out while spitting it out at a time. I should've known she was doing a survival technique to resque Chad's life. The olive oil is so that way she won't have poison in her mouth. She sucked out the last bit of venom and spitted it out. "Chad are you alright", she responded."Ye-ee-ess", he anwsered her back. I guess wolves heal quickly as I saw his wounds fading away. There was a bigger problem the rocks started collapsing, so we all jumped up onto the griffon and tried to get out before the rocks squash us. Finally we escaped and flew to our next destination, The World Of Portraits Center.

© 2010 Christian Lebron

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Ah-mazing. :] Keep it up.

Posted 13 Years Ago

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