Chapter Five The Wave

Chapter Five The Wave

A Chapter by Christian Lebron



  "So you're Bartalomae's twin brother, your sister is Abegail, and You're the son of Aroa and Siruxes. Why aren't you, well you know, iniquitous", Emily questioned Adam, wondering why he doesn't have any comparison with his family. "I always enjoyed my days with my uncle, Crogar.


  I ran away from my family; so sick of the way they wanted to seek the highest of authority. My uncle always taught me to never let darkness take you in, because there would be no way of returning back. My father always spend time with Barthalomae. More than me. They locked in my room with no one to talk to for years. Crogar managed to send me letters from the wind. Of course I would answer in return.


  That's why I left to start a new life. That's when my uncle send me Hoodjinx, his griffon. I then started to live like a human; independent. And that's when I met Victoria, but she was kidnaped by the Ringondal guards from beneath our waters because she stole a precious stone of light that was supposedly given by her by someone wearing a torn murky cloak.


  She couldn't recognize him though. It was a trap. From that day I never have gazed upon her face again. I tried searching for her, but no-matter where I start, I would give up. At light fall I can hear her lullaby her mother use to sing to her, Golden Slumber.


Golden slumber kiss your eyes,

Smiles await you when you rise.

Sleep, pretty baby, Do not cry,

And I'll sing you a lullaby.

Care you know not, Therefore sleep,

While I o'er you watch do keep.

Sleep, pretty darling, Do not cry,

And I will sing a lullaby.


  I've lost everything and yes I heard of Crogar's death. Adam couldn't resist but to cry. I could've imagine if that would happen between Emily and I. "I'm sorry about that Adam. how long has it been since you both were apart?", Emily asked. "Not so long; maybe five months, but it feels like centuries". "We can find her. Adam whoever gave her that stone was the stone of light. And if we find this map that leads us to the three stones of balance we may have the chance of saving her", I articulated.


   "So where is this map. Crogar said you knew Adam", said Chad in a sure tone. "Crogar did tell me something since the last day I saw him. He told me, B.L.G. in the depts of the forest", Adam recalled. "B.L.G.?", I responded. I took out my IPhone and searched up B.L.G.". All the options said Burlocks Graveyard. Maybe there's something hidden there. The map. As we drove to the graveyard Adam parked in a gas station. With only a mile away.


  "We can get caught easily by driving into the graveyard with this car. Plus we need to find the map quickly before the phantoms catch us". We exit the car and entered the forest. Chad checked to see if anyone suspicious was headed our way. The black crows flew past our heads cawing. The forest was dark and full of mist, like a blanket. Then we saw the entrance to Burlocks Graveyard.


  We spreaded out searching for anything out of the ordinary, but nothing was found. Adam stop and stared at a gravestone. I took a glimpse and the stone read. Cornelious Adam Marvalette 1935-2000. Adam said that he was his grandfather and was humble, never evil. That map had to be in there, since Crogar was his favorite. I casted a spell and broke the tomb open.


  Cornelious had smelled very revolting, well he has been dead for years. "Do you see anything Nick", Adam replied. "No, I don't". Then I saw a paper sticking out of his hand, which I grabbed out gracefully. The Map to the Stones of Balance. "Our first destination, The Lost City". "You mean Atlantis", Emily answered. I tried reading the rest of the map until a wolf jumped infront of me barking loudly. Emily screamed and Adam pushed us back. It was the monster that kept transforming into many creatures.


  Chad came running and charged to the monster ripping out of his clothes morphing in a wolf. They both attack each other aggressively. The monster changed into a brown raven snatching the map away from my hands. "No!", shouted Adam. Then Chad turned back to himself. Emily gasped and placed her hands on her eyes as Chad was naked grabbing his boxers, covering the lower half of his body. "Sorry, but do any of you want to spare any clothing?", he asked giggling. Luckily Adam had clothes in the back of his car.


  "Nick we need to split up and find that beast and retrieve the map. I'll partner with Emily while you partner up with Chad", Adam planned. "Alright we'll walk. You take the car". "Okay Nick, just be careful". Emily ran to me and kiss me to the lips. "Don't anything okay", she said. "I won't. I promise". "C'mon Nick, let's hurry", rushed Chad. Adam drove off to the streets. Chad and I walked on the sidewalk. Then I hear the raven flying over everyones head with the map stuck to his claws. "Nick we have a problem. The phantoms", Chad blurted out.


  They were in male form chasing after us. We bumped through many people running for our lives. Chad suddenly pushed me into a food shop. The phantoms entered as well. Chad then yelled out, "Everybody move out there's a bomb in the building!". Eveyone screamed out of the shop, but we were lefted by the phantoms. One of them raised their hand and the shop started to rotate and swirl everywhere, it sorted looked like the place was lopsided.


  Chad and I fought the phantoms one by one, punching them to the faces and also casting spells. The shop kept rotating all of us kept falling around. The last phantom escaped from his human flesh gliding towards but Chad took his head and twisted it's head. The shop stopped spinning and everything fell to the floor. "Well that was close", whispered Chad. Then as we walked to the front doors, they exploded infront of our faces, making fall back. It was Abegail."Found you Nick.


  Maybe this will change your mind of leaving me". She rolled her hands and blasted a blue bolt at me. "NOOO!", yelled Chad as he pushed me over, getting struck by the face. "Chad!", I hollered. I crawled to him while Abegail ran towards me. We both escaped from her again. Chad and I transported to a park, though he was still petrified. Suddenly, I could see Adam and Emily.


  They were catching the raven or as I should say, the monster. Adam had a good target at the bird and burned it down into flames. The map fell down and Emily caught it out the window. "We got it", she said quitely. Adam drove into the Golden Gate Bridge even though it pacifically said it was closed. Then Aroa appeared out of nowhere at the end of the bridge.


  The cables of the bridge ripped apart and the beams fell over into the water. The bridge galloped up and down and half of the bridge collapsed. Aroa floated up in the air and the water from the river raised up to the sky and no long than five seconds it dropped down. The water started to roll into a humungous wave. Adam pressed on the breaks and drives in reverse. Emily was almost panicking, but Adam was calming her down. The water flooded behind the car. Everyone in San Francisco began screaming and running. I can't let these people die. I had to do something.

© 2010 Christian Lebron

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Added on December 11, 2010
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