Chapter One: Undesirable Tears

Chapter One: Undesirable Tears

A Chapter by Christian Lebron

Leandra graduates from John Marshall High School and Finds out that her home is under an inferno.




  Come on Leandra; don't back down; your special day is only two hours away. I stared at my torso closely from the reflection on the mirror that shimmered from the fluoresent lights aligned to each other. I patted my blue gown and then held it with a firm grip, waving the silk texture like a dress.


  I could remember the pleasent and most wonderful events of my past; when I rode my two-wheeler, lost my first tooth, going to those extrodinary adventures, camping with my dad, Michael, my mother Wendie, and my partner in crime, Charley.  Now it's the time to look to the future that will lead me to the next stage of my life.


  "Leandra; Come down sweetie, we need to take a photo before the big ceremony", mom yelled out. I rushed down the wooden stairs and merged quickly to the kitchen. It was a clever decision not to put those ugly pair of black-strapped heels mom wanted me to try on, which I resisted to fit, since I prefered my nearly-ripped navy blue Chuck Taylors.


  I just find them comfertable and quite stunning. Luckily the gown covered the bottom half of my body. "There you are. What were you doing", mother said, setting up the digital camcorder.  "Just making sure I'm ready".


  I could see the water that almost poured onto my parents cheeks. My sixteen year-old brother on the other hand had a grin full of excitement, I guess because he was planning on using my room to make a arcade, but I didn't care 'cause I've been accepted to the college of my dreams to study music, since my talent was writing songs and swifting my fingers through the keys of the piano.


  My patience couldn't handle the eagerness that I gained. Just three months and I'm off to Barkley University, even though my dad wanted me to go to Juilliard.


  Supposely, he hates the Boston Red Sox's, but loves the New York Yankees, but I believe B.U. is the school for me, even if it's located in Boston. "Wow, how much you've grown. I could still remember the time when you were just five running around the lilies of the garden", dad murmured in a soft tone. I laughed to myself and gave him a warm hug.


  Charley setted the timer on the camera for ten seconds, that way everyone is settled and looking decent for the photo. The flash of the lens nearly blinded my pupils, leaving a dark shade for everytime I blinked. As everyone was gathering all their items, we began to leave for my family to get good seats for the event.


  "Charley do you have the camera". "Yes-s mother". "Michael, do you have the tickets and keys". "Yes-s honey". "And darling, do you have everything". "Yes mom I have everything". "Are you sure". "Yup. I'm sure". Mom fixed my short-brown hair and rubbed her palms against my gown, soon grabbing my hands.


  "Your fathers right. "You've grown so fast. It's like every parent. Soon there will be a time when you have to let the child you love go out to the real world to start their own future and later, their life". I clasped against my mother as she kissed me with her soft lips on my head.


  We all sat comfertably in the BMW and parked out on the lot of our home. From beyond the neighborhood smoke drifted through the blue sky with dark-puffed clouds. "Do you think there's a fire at the woods, dad?", Charley wondered. "There's always wildfires in Cali Charley. It'll be gone by the time we return", dad explained. The graduation ceremony for John Marshall High School seniors, was held at the Staple Center in Los Angeles.


  Dad dropped the three of us out of the car in front of the center, so that way he can search for a good parking space. I led the way inside to get everyone arranged. Of course the arena was crowded with people shoving each other and snaping photos. Twenty minutes passed and dad was still out of site.


  "Do you see him", I projected outloud. Both mt brother and mother swayed their heads. We tried using cellphones, but there was no signals. That's when I heard a shriek in my ear from someones loud whistle. I've heard that whistle before; it was him; waving his left arm. He was at the front double-doors of the arena itself.


  We quickly bumped our way through the chattering crowd to head to dads position. "Dad you have the passes, right". "Yes honey. Now get yourself ready okay". I then nodded my head in return, also telling them that I should be caoming out on the left side. "Good luck", dad hollered tapping my arm. I ran towards all the seniors in midnight and moonlight blue gowns.


  I soon ran into my friends Kimberly and Chris, who had a conversation with each other that didn't seem to guy well. "LEANDRA!", they both shouted at the same time. Kim glared at Chris as her eyebrows lifted. Chris shrugged his shoulders wondering what was the problem. "What", he questioned. "Mothing, anyways, we can't believe the three of us are graduating and going to the same university". Kim responded. 


  "Hhm, I should switch to another", Chris laughed flipping his fringe-styled hair. I shoved him to the chest and chuckled, while Kim lightly punched him on the shoulder and shooked her head, smiling. "So, did you rehearse for the ultimate performance", he asked. "I pretty much drank caffeine the whole night, making sure I hit all the right notes. Hope the nervousness inside me doesn't ruin the show. "How about you Chris did you practice you valedictorian speech". "Aha. Got the flash cards right here". Kim widened her eyelids and moved her lips saying wow to herself. 


  As the friends and families filled every single seat, Mr. Phillps came walking over to give a word out to the seniors. "Shoosh, everyone. You all know the drill, so line up in order behind the doors behind me. Two people at a time. We will queue each of you when it's time to head out. Once everyone is at a seat, please be seated. Now guys, I beg of you not to fool around, alright".


  Mr. Phillps lifted both of his tumbs showing of his pearly-white teeth. All of the seniors quickly lined behind each other. Kim and I were located at the back, since our last names. But hey, they saved the best for last.  Chris was all the way in the front smiling, waving his hands. "Hello! Can you hear me from back there", he yelled, laughing. I began to smile, while Kim rolled her eyes, crossing her arms together.


  "We all heard our principle, Mrs. Cambelton, reading her introduction of her journey with the students of John Marshall High School who are now graduating today. After her words. Vice principal, Mr. Johnson Went up to the podium and started annoucing all of the students names. As he called my name and Kim's we began walking slowly out to the arena, hurrying to our seats.


  I spotted my family and friends at the thrid row, flashing their cameras. Mom blew off kisses, holding a Kleenex tissue to wipe away her tears. Chris stepped up to the podium along with his flash cards and began reading his speech.


  "Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and seniors". All of the seniors shouted outloud in happiness. Chris continued.


  "My name is Christopher Hernandez and I'm the valedictorian for this years class of John Marshall High School. Back then we were all young having fun and also beginning to learn many aspects of life. We have experienced bad times and also good, but that was the past. Now we are all grown and headed to the gates of success. Maybe becoming a doctor who will discover the next cure, or even a astonishing musician who will blow everyones mind. All of our dreams though, will take many risks and hard work in order to become who we truely are. But only take a step at a time to climb up that highest mountain. And yeah, there will be barriers that try to block our way, but we always have a backup plan of getting around them. All it takes is dedication and positivity. Hope all of your futures you've dreamed to have come true. Thank you".


  Everyone gave Chris a standing ovation from his outstanding words of wisedom, Chris smiled and his dimples showed. Chris sat down and gave out gestures to me, if he did good. I nodded and pointed up my tumb. He smiled once again. All of the students from row to row names were announced to recieve their diploma. "Kimberly Uvincsky". I'm up next. I was expecting shouts from the family and friends. "Leandra Olivia Vail".


  Dad filmed the whole thing and mom and Charley both shouted. I kept walking, recieving my diploma and shaking the falculties hands. I stepped off the stairs and gone to my seat. As everyone was finished we all sat down. "Now a piano solo from Landra Vail. Many clapped their hands as I went to the shiny, onyx piano set. I closed my eyes, trying to not forget the notes. I pressed all the correct keys and felt the beautiful rythme from the soothing sounds.


  I opened my eyes and tried to find my folks. What happen to dad trying to get a good shot of me?  Did they leave? My heart began to pound at a fast pace. I thought I was losing my breath. Where are they. Am I losing my sight. Questions swirmed all over my head. I see dad on the phone, looking surprised, but not the good surprises. My family rised from their seats and lefted. I was still dicombobulated about what was going on. I had to follow them.


  I paused and removed my finger tips away from the keys, running pass everyone. The crowd gasped and were curious of why I stopped playing my tune. Kim stood up from her seat and houted my name. "LEANDRA! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" I refused to answer her and exited the arena, worried.


 "Mom! Dad! What's going on". "Our house is on fire", mom yelped. "We have to go, now", dad replied, in hurry.


  It was a quick drive to our neighborhood. Most of the homes and plants were under the inferno. Ashes and debris drifted throughout the atmosphere, while the dark smoke looked exactly like rain clouds. My life at the moment had gone slowly. Was this a dream? The firemen parked their trucks from a distance away of our home. My mom cried on my father's shoulder and my brother stayed in the car, also crying.


  All hope was lost. The glass of the windows exploded and everyone ducked. "Back up! Back up! Sir you need to get your family out of here now!", one of the firemen hollered to my father. We all aboard our vehicle and started to leave. I could see the house collapse  and the water from the hoses that poured from the sky. Undesirable tears left from my eyes and my face changed into a cherry-red tone.


  Where to now? One of my glorious and most remembered days now turned into darkness that light could not help to shine. Meserable memories that will haunt me for life. Memories that will never leave.

© 2011 Christian Lebron

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Author's Note

Christian Lebron
This is my first dramatic teen romance book, so please rate and comment. hope you guys like it.

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I will defiantly keep an eye on this one. It sounds like it's going to be a great book. :D
Also, a fire in the first chapter. O.o

Posted 12 Years Ago

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