Exclusive Ending The Red Poppy Field

Exclusive Ending The Red Poppy Field

A Chapter by Christian Lebron





With eyes open sighting the golden sky, noses inhaling the essence of fresh air, James, Charles, Rosabelle, the Livett’s, and Milo appeared on a rather peculiar red flower bed. Over thousands of red poppies overflowed an entire meadow. They had no aroma, but their image is pure beauty.                                                 

James pulled up his shirt noticing no scab or wound from where Artavius pierced him. He sobbed excessively; knowing how hard he tried to defend his brother. Everybody encircled him, except Rosabelle, who firmly embracing him.                   

“You know, you did your best to protect Michael, but it was his decision to give you a second, chance”.  

“I know, but it happened to fast…he was too young…he’ll never enjoy his days of life”, James sniveled.

“We thank him for helping us all, for you; we will always remember him”, Isabel added.                                         

 “Now he’s safe with your mother and father”, Milo stated.                                           

“You all go in and rest. I need time to think”.                                       

Charles pats James’s back, moving along with the rest, entering to the English cottage.       

Alex on the other hand, looking back as James laid his face on his knees, with his arms wrapped around his legs, thinking that all was his fault. Alex, sitting with crossed-legs, stared at the many poppies with a grin on his face.                                                

“Michael told me of this place. Such beauty I haven’t seen for awhile”.                                  

“My sister says that everything happens for a reason and that we have to accept those reasons”, Alex mentioned.                                                      

“I’m sorry, for everything”.                       

“Why apologize, I’m just glad we got through this. Look you did all you could”.                   

“I just wish none of this happened”.       

”When Artavius died, all the murders he had done flew to the heavens, but I spoke to my parents, one last time, I believe was your uncle and father”.                                         

“My father was there?”                                        

“Mhm. He told me to say to you to lead the way; that this is your destiny to fulfill. He also mentioned to always protect me”.                                      

“And I will, till the end. To me you and your family are my brothers and sister. I never let anyone hurt you three. I feel inside me that you all have something special that none other has; love and strength.                  

“Is it a coincidence that we are located at a field of red poppies?” Alex pointed out.  

 “Why’s that?”                                     

“Doesn’t a red poppy symbolize sacrifice and bloodshed from fallen men and women who risked their lives for others?”        

"Ha, yeah; what a coincidence it is”.                                                  

“Yeah; you know what though, those men and women who risk their lives should be honored and their families should be honored as well. Knowing that anyone would do anything to do worst and harm to others; brave people that are willing to give their all to not let it happen”.                               

“They and my brother will always be in our hearts forever, especially our parents and other family members”.                   

“This "This battle is still not over”.                           

“And I know we will always be there to help”.                                       

James resumed gazing at the sunset with Alex, until a monarch butterfly flew in-between them and circled around James.                 

They both laughed and James caught the butterfly, cuffing his hand. He slightly made a gap with his hands, releasing the monarch, who fluttered in the direction of the sun.                                            

“You know what Alex? I think Michael still with us”.




© 2011 Christian Lebron

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