A Story by Christoph Poe

(No, not "outer-space")

Nothing moved. The world stood disturbingly still in a sort of lingo, may it or may it not have been a purgatory--which I often contemplated as well. An eyeless angel cushioned my head--my dog chewed the cheap buttons off it's face--as I starred into the ceiling.

"That crack is going to kill me," I spoke so blandly that I bored myself.

Work would arrive in only thirty minutes. I'd perform the same activities as the day before. Sall would sit in the chair next to me, and chart and ramble about what her annoying a*s kids had done that previous day. I'd have to document about the patient in room 631 falling out of bed again. She fell every day, and I highly doubted she was discharged at this point. Mary Winkleblack was her name, a woman with everything wrong, but nothing legally documented. I think it's illegal for me to reveal her name? Hell, what am I saying? I know it's illegal.

I'm not worried about getting fired though, because for Pete's Sake--whoever the f**k Pete is--look at my lazy a*s sitting on that couch?! I'd have to get in my car soon. I'd have to drive. Driving terrified me at times, but at night, I loved it! It's so much easier to find a set of headlights in the dark than it is to see around the corner of a building in the day time.

The sound effects of the buttons on my cell struck a nerve, and I flipped the vibrate switch nestled on the side. Pure silence as I pressed the buttons, and then the speaker rand back to me.

"Three East, this is Sall speaking."

"Why the hell are you at work?!" I asked.

"Damn, I was about to jump down your a*s for talking to me like that! I didn't recognize your number. Did you change it?!"

I heaved a breath in the mic of the phone. "Yes, that Jordan guy wouldn't stop calling me. I forgot to text you."

Her tone fell a lighter: "He was desperate wasn't he?!"

The chocolate mint ice cream in my freezer called to me. I left the phone sitting on the counter as I searched beneath the expired bags of frozen vegetables.

"I wouldn't say desperate, you B***h."

© 2013 Christoph Poe

Author's Note

Christoph Poe
Well, I'm working on some character sketches. This is Serinity, a nurse who hates her job, lacks romance, and just wants something so big that she's lost it.

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I like this, for some reason. Your character is revealed slowly, with less of an information dump. She's clear and consistent. I'm not the biggest fan of the last word, but it's understandable why it's there and actually makes sense. Just because I wouldn't use it doesn't make it any worse. Simply a personal preference.

Posted 10 Years Ago

Christoph Poe

10 Years Ago

Thanks for reading it! I'm still experimenting with the character but I'm not entirely sure if I'm g.. read more

10 Years Ago

You're welcome. I don't cuss, so I don't write cussing. It's just me. If you feel it fits the charac.. read more
Christoph Poe

10 Years Ago

Most of the time, I describe the levels of cussing rather than directly writing the word out, which .. read more

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Christoph Poe
Christoph Poe

Tuscaloosa, AL

Laughing might be my weakness, but my humor is the only characteristic that drives my positivity in this damned world. I'm a bit blunt at times, but always respectful >>and to be blunt, I expect respe.. more..

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