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A Chapter by Fabula

A great many years before earth was formed

There was only mist soon to be transformed

In this empty world there came three of one beast

Three mighty dragons, godlike at the very least

"We are the dragons, masters of flame, sky and sea

This world will be our home, and belong to us Three."


Forth came the first of three dragons' nests

The oldest dragon crafted and forever there rests

Graug, master of the flame, and his colour blood red

His love is fire, destruction and the sight of evil dread

Upon his burning throne Graug's reign has begun

His home the flaming star, which he named Sun


Forth came the second of three dragons' count

It was the dragon Zlaaq who descended at moon's ground

His colour purest black and master of the sky

His love the cold night, silence and the will to fly

But the pure white eyes couldn't see moon's creation

The visions of his dreams the only salvation


Forth came the third of three dragon's flight

The youngest of the kind in all his modest might

Phaedral, master of the sea, and his colour green

Unlike his brothers the young heart wasn't mean

Love of life, harmony and peace made him create

The small earth with oceans at a lesser rate


The beauty of earth angered the other dragons' mood

Graug wanted to end the mortal world for good

Huge meteorites struck the planet's peaceful land

But from the ashes grew new life at Phaedral's command

Next came Zlaaq who blew with his foul breath

In to the planet the evil Black Death


Yet the lesser beings were saved again

Phaedral sacrificed himself for the race of men

As a last attempt to protect mandkind's fate

He breathed his fire into a magical blade

The mortal able to hold the sword without death or fear

Would make Phaedral return and reappear...



Extract from A complete Study on the History of Earth -
Ulwin the Monk (imperial calendar 1387 - 1469)


© 2012 Fabula

Author's Note

A short introduction as to how my story's world has come to exist. Feel free to comment!

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I love this! I think you've got something here! Please keep writing, even if not here, and finish your book, get it published, and I will buy it! Amazing start!

Posted 8 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on June 26, 2012
Last Updated on June 26, 2012




Hello! I am a 17 year old male from the Netherlands and have been writing poems and short stories for only a very (VERY...) short time. If you have any critique you are free to comment on whatever y.. more..

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