Sun and Moon

Sun and Moon

A Chapter by Fabula

Hayen, the golden city


Smoke full of rich odours swept through the dark room. The moon was barely visible through the thick, black clouds that guarded the empty sky from any spectators. The candle light danced in the room and created constant shifting shadows upon the walls. In the flickering light an old face could be observed. The Grand Maester spoke with his typical low voice as he rumbled on about the subject the boy had been instructed in for the whole evening. The boy had a clear arrogance in his character and showed no sign of interest as the aged man rattled on about the Dragnii lore. "My prince Rwahin, can you possibly repeat anything I have spoken of lately or would such question better be left unanswered?"
"It would be better if you did not answer your own question beforehand... Grand Maester. Why not take a healthy rest at this late hour and leave the matter for another nightfall. I will not have my personal tutor work too intensively and consequently damage his health." The Grand Maester released a deep breath before rising from his chair and grapping his wooden stick for support. "I believe rest would benefit both of us after such a heated session. I wish you a fine evening, my prince." The boy simply held his gaze at the table which was covered with many scrolls and books. "Likewise, Grand Maester, may our next meeting be as productive, goodnight." The crippled man slowly turned around thinking to himself


When the heavy oaken door closed the young prince stood up and quickly ran to a corner of the room. In the dim light he retrieved a small leather bag from the ground and dropped the contents on his hand. However, there was no object to be found on his hand. Instead, a small living creature moved. The creature was no bigger than the boy's hand but when the creature spread her massive wings the size was more than doubled. The boy spoke with a soft voice to the creature. "I am sorry Atelfa for keeping you locked up for so long, but there was no other way. You are free now, as a true wyvern deserves to be." The prince was right to say that the creature belonged to the race of wyverns. They could grow to be twice as big as the largest horses of the Southern Provinces. Yet, they had not been seen for over ten centuries. The last eggs had been frozen and deemed lost when the eternal winter had struck the Northern Provinces. Rwahin had somehow managed to find one during his frequent adventures in the woodlands of Atel'Alore. The egg had hatched only last evening. The wyvern had sky-blood, meaning the creature was created by Phaedral himself. Phaedral had shaped the creatures similar to the dragons but less intelligent and physically inferior. Moreover, wyverns are unable to breathe fire.


Rwahin did not know how he would keep Atelfa hidden from the many servants and members of his House Forqar. He had taken great care in protecting the egg and keeping it warm during the cold nights. Meanwhile, Rwahin had visited the library on many occasions to find out what creature would hatch from such a large egg. The result had been both stunning and thrilling. Considering the fact that Rwahin hated anything that had to do with the tales of the ancient dragons, more commonly known as the Dragnii lore, the wyvern had fascinated Rwahin from the very first time he had read about it. But by accepting the wyvern as part of his life, he also accepted dangers to seep into his life. Destiny would play a cruel game with the young prince.

© 2012 Fabula

Author's Note

The second chapter of this tale.

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Added on July 1, 2012
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Hello! I am a 17 year old male from the Netherlands and have been writing poems and short stories for only a very (VERY...) short time. If you have any critique you are free to comment on whatever y.. more..

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