Beauty, and sweetness

Beauty, and sweetness

A Poem by peter Duggan

Love is the answer







Peters phrases


Beauty, and Sweetness


Oh, beauty, and sweetness

They are something so real

Seems love is the answer

How wondrous the feel

It’s where babe did come from

From the breath of the high

Where Heaven it be

And all beauty lies


Where does love live?

It’s so easy to see

It comes from that space

Where Heaven it be

It’s the beauty of life

And shines like a rose

Where strife is no longer

Then everything glows


Where mystery be

That’s the way to the truth

Where it’s peaceful and free

It does not need proof

The art of sweet beauty

Is where wisdom be

It’s a wonderful place

Of pure ecstasy



Beauty and sweetness/Where Heaven it be

Peaceful and free/ Where does love live

/The beauty of life/Where mystery be

Phrases From Peter

© 2019 peter Duggan

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Added on April 20, 2019
Last Updated on April 20, 2019